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statement, and then I can ask you some questions afterward. I think it's a sad way to celebrate this nation's bicentennial and a sad day for American democracy. The Supreme Court of the United States which is supposedly dedicated to protecting the rights of all Americans today, and now its refusal to listen to the legitimate appeals of hundreds of thousands of citizens of Boston who opposed forced busing on constitutional grounds. The Supreme Court in my opinion. are a pack of flaming liberals who are definitely out of touch with reality, out of touch with the people of Boston and out of touch with the times. I would expect this type of judicial oppression, from the Soviet Union from Cuba or from China but not from the Supreme Court of the United States of America. I shudder to think what effect this latest and most insulting decision will have on the people of Boston the parents are frustrated. The
children are frustrated. Today's completely shocking decision plus the harrowing experiences of the last two years will result in the greatly increased escalation in white flight from the city which I consider will be the downfall and the demise of our beloved Dame Boston. Apparently the Supreme Court of United States is more concerned with the grievances of criminals than with the legitimate grievances of the law-abiding citizens of this country. All I can say at this point is God help America. God help us all. In your opinion or in your near certain knowledge, is this the end, is this the last attempt through the courts. Well we still have in Boston in the First Circuit Court of Appeals
an appeal on the receivership of South Boston High School. They have not heard that yet. I hope we will get some relief and that the Court of Appeals will find for the people and vacate the receivership at South Boston High School. [unintelligible] [unintelligible] But you say for the immediate future it appears as if the federal court at least the Supreme Court has decided not to take this case any longer. What do you think will be the reaction of the people in Boston? Well anything I can say at this stage of the game is pure speculation, I'm sure the people are frustrated and they will resist. What form of that - that resist- that resistance takes, at this point I'm unable to predict. Uh, as an anti-bus-er and as a parent of a child in the Boston public schools. I am totally disappointed, disgusted, frustrated beyond belief and empathize and sympathize with all of the mothers and fathers out
there. I think it's time for the anti-bus-ers in this city to come together once again, and to demonstrate their opposition to forced busing in whatever ways we have legitimately left open to us. One of them I see as being the legislative route. The ballot box. Elect those that will reflect our philosophy. Throw out those who do not. And finally come in one great voice and say we've had enough. This is it. We will not take any more we will not. That our rights as Americans and sovereign citizens of this country and of this state be trampled upon by any branch of the government whether it be the judicial, legislative, or executive. [unintelligible] ran anti-busing ticket. Yes I did, well... and you know that people voted for you because of that. yes. Do you feel now in light of the fact that the people voted for you because you
had that expressed feeling and yet you still haven't been able to accomplish it, do you feel the something wrong with the political system, or the governing system? Well I think there's something definitely wrong when it's no longer a government of, for and by the people but government to the people. We and we have to always be aware that our liberties were hard-won and that eternal vigilance is the price of maintaining that liberty; we have to always be alert and aware of what's going on with and within the government, so that we can submit legislation to affect some change for us. Now you speak of legislation but legislation - it appears is not going to change that... - That's because we have people in there who are not representing our philosophy. But if the courts can override any legislation that's passed doesn't it appear as if the route has to go through the courts and if the courts won't hear, what recourse is there then. There has to be a groundswell from the grassroots people to support
to unite throughout the country. The entire process and those who are conservatives tonight throughout the country to put pressure on the elected officials. What about the case in Wilmington which involves the suburbs and you think the people in Boston if that [unintelligible] case is entered, if the Justice Department goes into that case, do you think Boston will go in on the side of the Justice Department to keep the suburbs from having to integrate the schools with the cities. Well Chris I am am very opposed to Metropolitan-ization I am opposed to forced busing for anyone, whether it be urban or suburban, I think it's wrong, and it's wrong as it applies to me and it's because I live in the urban city and my children and the children out there. It's also wrong for the suburbanites. Forced busing should be abolished; it is a social experiment that has flopped and it has not proven to be what it was intended to be, an educational boon for minorities and poor
students. In fact it has greatly diminished any educational advance that had been made in the past and it has polarized the people of this city and of this nation. You indicated this new, when, I believe, I can't remember which news person it was that asked the question but that the same question I asked you before about the response of the people you indicated that you thought there might be some disruption because of this and that you felt in a sense or you said that you didn't really think you would blame them if they did that. I can't blame parents if they're frustrated and I am opposed to violence in any way shape manner or form. I don't know what they will do at this point. I did hear from Akron, Ohio today from Tulsa, Oklahoma, from many other states, who called and asked "What can we do? Can we help you? Can you help us?" We want to get together and see just what actually should take at this point; I'm very interested in doing that sort of
constructive whatever. If there were to be any disruptions in the city as a result of this - I wouldn't be surprised, I certainly wouldn't be surprised; I don't know what end it would accomplish, except to demonstrate their - our dislike with the federal court the liberals that are in there. What do you think the response of the anti-busing leaders will be to that if it happens or to know ourselves specifically? Myself specifically? what would my response be? I'm sorry but... Perhaps we're going to be called again to be the Patriots. And save our democracy. I want to move legitimately. But I can see that people should demonstrate their opposition in every legal way. Pickets, demonstrations, we're still allowed that under the law I don't know how long that will last.
If it goes beyond that. I have never done an of violence in my entire life. [unintelligible] But there are some who are ... gone beyond belief to put people in South Boston and Charlestown who've had no relief. Then nothing has been forthcoming from the courts for them. They are poor people by and large; they only want to send their kids to neighborhood schools with good people. I can't express my sorrow enough at this stage of the game. Do you feel a conflict, now, of being a leader of an elected political leader too. A feeling that you have to encourage people to obey the law and yet sympathizing. With her. I'm not, I'm asking them to go out and to legitimately demonstrate their opposition to forced busing, I'm not asking them to
do anything that's illegal and [mixture of voices] legally. They have their right to picket, they have their right to demonstrate and use it, use it. They have their right to lobby for legislation; use it. They have their right to go to the ballot box and pull that lever for the person that's going to be in there and pitch, pitch in with them and help them out of this terrible situation. Some of these mothers, their students, their children have been out of school for two with three years now and it's it's horrendous that these children are losing gotten a good education but I can't blame them I fear for my own children's safety. I can understand that said they they have that fear, for goodness sakes, I worry when my my son isn't home after a half hour, I'm looking around for him, and their mothers are still the same they don't want anything from this country other than to live their life in peace and to bring their children up as they see fit.
That's all they want, that's all I want for my own. And if they think this government is going to deny us that. Well I think the government is wrong; I think we have to do something about it. We have to get rid of those people that fail to listen to us. The Supreme Court or a faceless pack of bureaucrats to me they mean nothing. I could care us about what they decide in the Supreme Court as far as my children and the children out there, their their parents want to have the say, they don't want the Supreme Court making the decisions where their child should go to school. They want to make that decision for themselves. I want to make that decision for myself. I don't want the court dictating to me that because my child happens to have white skin he can't go to a school of his choice. Then there has to be some ridiculous balance to ask me some ridiculous numbers game where your child is black or white is denied a seat in the school of his choice because purely based on the color of his skin I think it's it's reverse discrimination. It's the most
blatant case of discrimination in the entire country. The situation we have right here in Boston. They say that Tip O'Neill will be the new speaker of the house. Is there going to be a big effort to try to convince him to to come to the rescue of his local- He hasn't been very receptive to us in the past. But of course now is a lot more power than he had or theoretically so. Yes and he has not been very receptive to us in the past, I don't know. I don't know if he will change his mind I think we have to bring pressure on him he's certainly up for re-election and it would be up to those who are at the [unintelligible] [unintelligible] philosophy to bring that pressure to bear on on him and make him realize that he's got to represent the majority of the parents of the city of Boston, and the majority of the parents are opposed to forced busing. Well. I think we've covered it. Of course the politicians like blood is their vote. And if you're denied their vote
then you're no longer able to function as a politician. I think that's that's the point we have to bring across. I don't know how you vote as a normal voter in the regular election. But if the case were Jimmy Carter against a Ronald Reagan this coming up time and Ronald Reagan would have come out strongly to do something about the busing situation. You know I'm a Democrat I have very traditionally voted the Democratic ticket. I think you'll see a lot of Democrats becoming Republicans this time? Yes, I would generally myself support that one who supports us. And I think that's what we have to do. In other words, that issue is the paramount issue right now. Uh huh, forget about party lines and vote those who would reflect your philosophy. That's exactly what I would do. So even after all of this and even after all you have been through and all the people in Boston have been through you're still talking about doing it through the electoral electoral system. I think that has to be done and we have to always keep the pressure and be out there demonstrating
our opposition. Yes, I' for demonstrations and I'm for pickets and I believe that people have to be heard and that's the way we have to be heard, well that's what we have to do. Now do it. If tomorrow, it turns out that some people have gone to the streets and demonstrated and then things got carried away, and there are people tomorrow saying, "calm, cool," will you be one of those people? Be calm, be cool. I am I would say, "Don't do violence. But demonstrate your position." Thanks very much. Respect tonight's program getting it.
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Palladino reacts to Supreme Court decision
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Pam Bullard interviews Elvira "Pixie" Palladino about her reaction to the Supreme Court's refusal to hear arguments against court-ordered busing in Boston. She is angry about the decision and calls the members of the court a "pack of flaming liberals." Palladino urges the anti-busing movement to continue their protest through legitimate means. Palladino says that the anti-busing movement will pressure elected officials to redress the grievances of the anti-busing movement. Palladino notes that she is more concerned with a politician's stance on busing than with his or her political party; that she would switch to the Republican Party if the party came out against busing. Palladino says that she is opposed to all forms of busing, including a metropolitian busing plan. Palladino accuses the courts of dictating to parents how they should raise their children; she says that forced busing in Boston represents "reverse discrimination."
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Ten O'Clock News was a nightly news show, featuring reports, news stories, and interviews on current events in Boston and the world.
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