This resource list is evolving, so please check back often.

Resources for AAPB Participating Organizations

1. Preservation Consultations

Do you have specific questions on how to proceed with your preservation efforts? AAPB’s Project Manager is just an email or phone call away! Contact the AAPB at

2. Archival Management System (AMS)

Participating organizations have exclusive access to the Archival Management System (AMS), where you can search and access your metadata, export records, watch/listen to your digital files, and download low-res files at Contact the AAPB’s Project Manager at to update or add your organization users.

3. Customize Your Organization Page on the AAPB Website

Each organization has a landing page on AAPB’s website, and we encourage adding a logo and org summary to provide more background on your programs! Find your page: Please forward any updates to Miranda Villesvik at

4. Grant Writing Assistance

Are you interested in applying for a digitization grant? Let’s collaborate! We can point you to a few grant programs and provide you with our digitization grant writing toolkit of materials that you can incorporate into your proposal. Contact the AAPB’s Project Manager at

5. AAPB's Preservation Wiki

For preservation resources and workflows used for managing audiovisual assets in all their possible formats and environments, check out our wiki at

6. Participating Organizations Communication Toolkit

The AAPB Participating Organizations Communications Kit provides guidance for spreading the word about how your community can access your historic programming that is preserved in the AAPB. Let your local community know about your archival content, and where they can access it online! Access the toolkit:

7. Transcripts

With funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), the AAPB has created computer-generated transcripts for every item in the AAPB. Contact the AAPB’s Project Manager at for more details.

8. Referring Licensing Inquiries

We often get requests from producers seeking to license content they found in the AAPB. We refer them back to the contributing organization, and we can also provide licensing information on your records and organization page. Feel free to send us some language and contact details, and we can update it on the website. Contact the AAPB’s Project Manager at for more information.

9. Connect with us!

If you would like to learn more about the AAPB, what your organization contributed, and where you can go from here, email us! You can also locate your organization's content on the Participating Organizations page at

Additional Resources

Funding Opportunities from Granting Institutions

The following national institutions offer grant funding for projects relevant to the needs to audiovisual archives, especially in terms of preservation and access.

Professional Organizations

Professional organizations provide venues for archivists and anyone responsible for preserving and managing historical materials to meet other professionals and learn about the activities, challenges, and successes of other cultural heritage institutions and projects.



State and Local:

The Council of State Archivists and the Society of American Archivists provide useful lists of state and local professional organizations.

Public Broadcasting Core (PBCore) Metadata Dictionary project

In 2004, public broadcasters launched the PBCore metadata schema as a way for stations to record and share information about assets within their stations and among other public media organizations. PBCore provides stations and other organizations managing video and audio collections with a simple data model and XML schema for video and audio metadata.

Cataloging Guides


Analog Preservation

Digital Preservation


Library of Congress Initiatives