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you can it is twenty seventeen it was discovered on campus is a projection of divergent views concerning the tens and millions of university students and demonstration moving in and out of a confrontation with us to want to introduce the evening's presentation it was bp owes executive editor that
evening several months ago on the tide of rising campus turmoil he'd yelled set out to study the crisis of the american university we selected stanford in palo alto california as our focus admittedly unique in ways that will become clear in the course of the evening stanford seem broadly representative of the elite university bursting with intellectual accomplishment beset by student restlessness feeling the pension rights commitments and inadequate resources stanford like it's great sister university's was in transition between a glorious of simpler passed an uncertain future and a lot of care since we're all either specific issues employer and uncluttered what has become clear to us however is the continuing evidence of breakdown in the underlying sense of community on the campus i shattered consensus concerning functions purposes and methods of university the conflict over the proper commitments of the university as an institution with inescapable connections to the broader culture of which it is a
part of this agreement over what constitutes civilized behavior in the university setting tonight as the last original broadcast of our two year series he'd yell presents two complimentary phone messages these filled seek to project the perspectives of two sets of actors on stanford's singing and most profound disagreement an heir to understanding of the reasons for the unrest and sharp question will on all our great campuses first reform before revolution the views of key administrative guardians of the university tradition by producer fred wartenberg then after a one minute break fathers and sons a statement of a radical challenge to the liberal university tradition and a portrait of those who advances by producer don lines are now part one it's a common complaint of university administrators around the country i've heard from all
my colleagues over where we lack time to think about the most important problems have to have your gender is always getting in the way of the important an impact is very difficult to get any sustained periods in which to think rule the major problems higher education and spend so much time dashing from one urgent matter to another i don't think that necessarily will only show you a new office and when all the city i'm not known by god knows what romney would be much know that wouldn't be here and the president yeah to be evil lot to have some people in reserve so that camara come a major crisis of some sort an hour just mean construction projects but any any kind of prizes such as the one we had last year that it was someone forward with the nsf
and when something like that happens the military's university it only comes in any large scale prices in addition the universities stanford university and for many perhaps it's still as that sanctuary since world war two the american university has been changing in the process and becoming something fundamentally different than what it was twenty years ago stanford's operating budget has soared from eleven million to one hundred and fifteen million dollars in twenty years research
contract in grants and a loan from seven hundred thousand dollars in nineteen forty eight to fifty seven million dollars last year only him it out like stanford and defense department contract stanford leases land that its own industrial park to about fifty companies mainly electronic and aerospace manufacturing firms in stanford research institute a wholly owned subsidiary as twenty five million dollars worth of research and development business in yemen american university has become central truths i think far beyond its attention and for the same reasons that has become a central part of the radical armed
every university and forty administrators and faculty to find those increasingly complicated these men the liberal custodians of the modern years find themselves engaged an enormously difficult work simultaneously running university reforming it and defending the liberal principles on which arrests impulsively i favor a response from you know they are they so that there so that this movie yeah it was a week in which people live this film we want to get a sense of what the university means to those watching them in the act of changing an end to funding and we hope to get a picture of the university they have made in nineteen sixty nine and to discover what manner of vision informs them as they look into the future are they want
more university like stanford with eleven thousand students and a thousand faculty is a complex political body and no one man determines its future have cancer became stanford sixth president last december he is a nationally known scientist and director of the rand corporation owns illinois glass and has just finished a term as a member of the president's scientific advisory committee as the former pres anna rice university is well aware that a university president presents a highly visible target to all quarters shortly after he came to stanford he address the student body began with these remarks i know i'm an evil the only question is that am i a necessary evil as your own chancellor was sterling as often observe society's a rally expected as much of universities as they do today and what is true of society also throw students' the accolade of that caliber attracted to stanford one of the
great attractions of stanford to me and i daresay to a great many other newcomers is the sense of creative restlessness about this institution without that may and we know our progress particularly from your perspective seems to come at a snail's pace suggestive of a chairman's remarks the beginning let me assure you that you're not alone in this in patients presidents sometimes feel that progress comes and do it slowly also very you've hit on a question that i think is that the heart of a great deal of public misunderstanding mistrust confusion about the universities and what they do and what they don't do and the peculiar what the people who supposedly have responsibility in them canoe and cannot do and important reality that confronts the president is the location of power within the university provost richard lyman explains i think
as misunderstandings base for a considerable amount of tehran is the extent to which university is the centralized the extent to which decision making goes on many levels on in many different parts of the capital sun is not concentrated in one point but it has become increasingly clear in last two three years the most powerful single element university when it chooses to express itself coherently is the faculty the administration and the rise and most of what power it has and even that of course is only partial of dust the crows of budgetary decisions are conditioning than buying all sorts of pressures it's not accidental worked
for example well it's been easier to build science departments and technological apartments in the last twenty years by parliament has been to build humanities and social science departments because riley university ministrations my control money once it's on the campus they control over how much money will come for work purposes is very largely outside the university the federal government has been one of the most powerful moments in this your ability to realize your ally oh boy the congressman is representative jeffrey cohill one member from berkeley and a member of the house science and astronautics committee subcommittee on science
research and development there were much rarer than mantle i hear with regularity is very serious fortunately it has now more years longer than you will legit but still significant vote we can we can run a slight deficit according to a particular accounting procedure billiard cue too much concern even firm re define one's accounting firms that was billable hours but now we're going as a doctor substantial increase in violent months of iowa campaigning jewish landwehr says he's very smart very organized
we're going to be well we'll at least know the guidelines norris says that say we get any revisions in the budget the administration chooses to make then of course it will be a matter of great crunch more or less between the legislature and the executive and how far we can go there it's going to be the story of the nine first congress in this recession shortly after world war two in an effort to hold together the intellectual capital would have been a major factor in helping us to win the war the federal government began to pump money into the university's through the defense establishment much of which had nothing to do with the fans directly at all now the system has grown up has tended to establish very strong links between the federal government individual scholars or a
scientific teamwork the university administration and to some extent the faculty as a whole has had very little influence over what happened in that relationship that is what research was done by june at what level and so one has to be concerned rightly concerned about not so much about the tale regulation and those with federal support not about the uneven incidence of federal support the difficulty of planning when federal budgets are often behind schedule and you can't really tell what it is you can't count on money and television in india but there is another dimension to this some regularity was recently in that has to do with the questions of more out of a hat why between stanford and the federal government is by now a permanent reality stanford had turned down all government research contract last year it would've gone over six billion dollars more in the hold on an actually did the morality
of that i was the subject of this as ts rally which to a counter demonstration from a conservative group in one of the rare instances that an administrator dealt directly with the charges of the radical student professor rambo took our best guesses demand that all faculty resign from defense department boards i've been doing this for about twenty years i have assumed these obligations undertakings made these decisions really they represent an extra time in the morning without being integration and i have two prime reasons for the first one is because i believe that any expertise that i might have that matters the agency government should be available to the government
the flag waving and the police today and i say only that reasoning or may decide it just like only a phonetic harangue that you can anticipate escalation step three is it it our nigerian want to get close
to the action one dark of their actual removal of that will rub off assume is the remake that's people you're welcome yeah it is b that they would go to the laboratory immediately four million after which they would regroup at three o'clock in order to know him at sri both of those plans were announced
as an invitation to disrupt ordinary business described as a melon or upon crowd ran over to the lamb it has been he's challenged anymore and
the peak my boy modern day louis ck mm hmm and i just imagined
i know very well and some of them i thought i really feel there's no other recourse but to do with the obvious they're asking us to do and that's not to talk with just to say we stand on the side and believe in university we think it's the best thing the society has been able to develop it's the highest institution civilizations anywhere have been able to come up with and of course america's universities are troubled by some of the american system as it were practical people and we have a business school in engineering school those things will happen in a practical society industrial society but the university i believe in an ivf or disagree with you on this matter and i will talk about but there are many others that ahmad great sensitive responsible socially responsible people in our
eyes fell that it was a shame that they were drawn into making really some of the very good idea they haven't some of the serious an important social responsibility they represent so easy to dismiss to the rest of the campus and what i'm going to go and try and get the hell on assad that i'm here i can i mean i can teach a couple classes and survive economically and why for him eleven or even what has to be done here and i just don't believe we should acquiesce to even allow us forces and that's what makes me so damn disheartened that it just seems like they'll be no end of that service then the only way you can get discussion well we went to groups that are canned can
meet is behind him showing that seems a little hole okay got assembly meeting today is to go through what i hope is the final draft of our report only government universally her packer professor of lawn vice provost of stanford is the chief architect of a siesta study of education at stanford probably the most thorough going university self reform project in the country for two years he in over two hundred others the students and administrators study the university and wrote recommendations for change and nearly every critical aspect of the university's life a major topic of the study was the reform of undergraduate education we asked her attacker for an example of the kinds of educational reform he expects to come out of the study i think the temporal at a in the social science of a problem in recent years because the social sciences have become law
increasingly scientific way of camden to shop or not their methodology you send become very rigorous about what they do and one consequence of this is then that at least to many observers seem to be getting more and more rigorous about lessing was important problems and i think that that particular student the undergraduate level may not really be understood only methodological niceties social titans re want to know what can we do about the pressing problems with lasers what we would say that i think that if they won a course in and they entertain the notion that big corporations and dominate the country and squeeze out competition we would direct and an economic support because economists are the ones that know about the corporation if they want to
find out about how the economy of cuba was room it to twenty centuries by it buy the sugar to asia rose we would drift into historian the thing we know about tribal societies in africa we were directed to an anthropologist it is just happens to be a fact of life of political scientists have not except in the field that usually of a defensive foreign policy had not been concerned with alternative policies which the government might follow and there are other performance university which whose members are concerned and right and that they may take the point of human very explicitly that this is set in iraq as the us of any base a criticism what's going on i question tonight and i think you would do but i don't think the tribes were based criticism and this kind of gap between students and professors who share many i'm an evaluation
the recession one or two worlds everything there is to say about the subject matter and somehow one has to integrate this into the intimacy of course the management of conflict on the psychology of aggression against someplace in an intellectual structure just to say that the police beat people in the back alleys and sometimes in the family's michigan <unk> us does not constitute intellectual endeavor commensurate with the purpose of the university immigration so last month stanford and crew were in all these questions and a lot of talking on a bike to learn to the thing into serious can she learn that and in the poet side apartment if not why not the answer would be like any subject matter so if you've been the only
other to occupy themselves for ten weeks thirty letters whatever it might be part of that knowledge comes in those kinds of packages necessarily have a government that might be a photographer stunning it was drilling crew is getting some assistance to a business in the spacious workroom train peruvian this is exactly two seconds if you're into that what you asked a question about every intrusive and what's an example but it is an example of the scarcity in countries like grew up the people who were skilled and bureaucratic management yes it probably is well we have all kinds of courses in this department and other farms university about the head kinds of societies which live such men with skills about the consequences of not having such american management skills about the organization of the economy's families villages governments armies whatever in such
countries we have lots of poor as in a different way he replied overcome these problems ranging from the commerce part of the catholic church of the alliance for progress that we have people who have been out in the field studying these things we all kinds of ways for students to get involved in setting them but that we think i think that it was an interesting question is i much <unk> the country in order to bring it from a condition of peru say the condition of a costa rica which is a much more about comfort the condition worldwide which is unlikely in a more advanced country and this is a question which has some generalized though in this is i think something that we've all been fumbling towards me that if you want to generate excitement and that is one thing but these kids and lived for fifty years and they get out of here and the idea we have that we were looking for love a lot of material about what what is being discussed in the first four nineteen sixty nine he wanted to give them
education which will give them some good for the rest of their lives and one component of that may be of course in the administrative development or lack of it in south america our strategy is to give the students a larger voice in shaping their educational program in the belief that when you create a little more of a free market has paid faculty members will be brought to city that there are things that they are not now building that they ought to be giving you can imagine honestly traditional curriculum to a year an economic system which is heavily protected by carrots and what we're doing ms reagan than the terror of their careers and creating a free market in which the idea of the consumers in the producers can have at each other and out of that
i don't know so we're about to spring <unk> you know the odds say so not the kind of power that the ds ds tighter on talking about an educational power the power to have a voice in the formation of their of the educational policies of their institution i think it's a sort of interesting to me that we've been making has come under very very heavy attack from radical heavily politicized students not like it's very understandable that would be so it's the old story being the real enemy of revolution but they see these effort to make the university a
more flexible more responsive but within roughly the existing framework as terribly frightening to their desire to bring the whole structure pressure now now it seems to me that that we really can't have a free university which is what us the us is somehow trying to move towards as long as there's a society around us is on firm and as long as anyone in the world is getting screwed we really care if you get if you're a human being you just can't sit here in the survey cricket crawl out of out of thought yes yes report think freely and think well that sounds awful good words words feel and we have plenty of people like mcnamara the brain trust in the defense department who think very freely very well and my god how many people are just what and somehow we've got
to get back in contact with human values and as anders long is her attacker came to this colloquial honestly as hoping to win student support for scs he told them it's designed to clear away the cicada required courses the chokes the life of undergraduate education and move towards a self willed and self directed education the radicals were there too and they shifted the focus to an attack on the whole concept of liberal reform if we just talk about like whether we get money for the freshmen tutorials on were just to lose sight of what the hell were the freshly tutorials for it make stanford you know to have to boost it up wrong on on the prestige latter of the great universities are we interested in making this place rove and other human beings to pay
more we're now reining in what i'm suggesting is that independent inquiry critical disinterested scrutiny of what is going on in life is a very specialized on a function that either takes place within the university or it just does not take place and for my money which i think on the current market maybe somewhat the value and that's what the university is all about a real it will open yeah i think we can as well that they were going to be receiving so some animal only the city it has to be political order from a
restored fishing only a semantic monster tale and i think that's where they get to choose and i just want to say one thing so to really update to stop leakage a second it could prove to lose weight loss of philip clapp surgery can consider the level of improbable our society in relation to the university that perhaps some other committee on a separate issue i find it i find it really important i find the fact that stanford research institute is doing bombing surveys of north vietnam a lot of those elements at one weapons or troubling you it's anti personnel on the scene as always speak to my mind always some particular laughing and i feel
about a particular jail studies requirement for a particular bill these questions are down to build the place of the universe as a whole educationally and in terms of research it until these are don't like to talk about sen paul ryan is known as the arabs have not all of the university it does not set its task of looking at everything with a little essay that you allude it is in fact the subject of another extremely controversial kind of decision making is about to take place now it seemed to me that when you were about sri you should be worried about us ally in the appropriate place we worry about right now usually really long as the city's killing people in vietnam that therefore let's forget that whole time are the issues involving beyond the undergraduate educational programs at this university
so trivial at they simply aren't worth anybody's attention now if a substantial part of the student body or a substantial part of the faculty wants to take a position that these issues are so trivial they are worth arguing about them ok we've put in love couple years of extremely misguided effort and the sooner we forgot although i don't really play that a substantial number of students and a substantial number of members think that way about educational issues and i use the word think roma word feel quite advice what the university is i think primarily an intellectual institution isn't it is an institution in which the process of intellectual inquiry is pushed further
and further and more on sparingly with a view toward discovering and court criticized for discovering the new and for criticizing the old that is not duplicated anyplace else in society it's the only institution we've got that can do that particular job and if those of us in the university are prepared to give up on their job then i think it's at a very momentous on the very same day for the human rights it was a disruptive techniques i used because of something's wrong with the university that's important to remember in their use because of what the student's be on stronger the society and universities therefore guilty having on society so we have to continue to talk about the rule on the university here is absolutely right that the whole thing to do is to convince people that the universities were having and make it worthwhile the highest once the civilization but
we have to live with some students who will continue to try to disrupt because the emergence of the american culture and i think that it really becomes an issue of looking long but if there is a small group who are willing to do anything to disrupt the university and they don't attract more and it just remains a very small group at some point every universally any any group in the country we just have to provide them with whatever works that have been disclosed and the other thing is that as callie a lot of other schools and start using force then the issue becomes the use of force not anything else and just as the students didn't like this violent destruction of the trustees meeting students wouldn't like wild use of force by the administration that becomes a very complicated that's why only one at a very small group of students who were acting disruptive can you really think about it it was
the only things that they really really do get things journal given the kinds of problems that you and i both have you know great university and i am a member of congress representing another great track and then and the war of course unintelligible i don't know if we can come back to a low level educational concerns again i'm a tomato bell then that's going on is the attitude and union members of the faculty who i think are conducting a very quiet very effective revolt of their own they're reporting against formalism their recording and sciences they're
evolving as the career is among the discipline orientation of their seniors i see i see them is as the real hope or very humane humanistic university of the future in which it i hope that the students and faculty members will see themselves not as in transit but there was really residents of a common community sharing a common set of intro so and using their their time to educate themselves and each other that's so that's what the university's for and i think that has been the case that we've gotten away from some extent and that we have to get back to
he'll second season and so it's a very different perspective than for the beales second season continues in one two others
project views and concerns a radical stamford students northward out of sacramento to some of la in truckee lake leland stanford help bridge a continent over the central sierra is across nevada to humboldt sank to the great salt lake six years it took to build the central pacific railroad six years three thousand irishman and twelve thousand chinese crew is working at a dollar a day and now a
hundred years later the ghosts of those who leaves are returning to haunt the culture that broke their backs returning not only as men of color but as the sons and daughters of the privileged and the well appointed him elena eight is
is and with this case it's both on
june eighth thank you
we do my prize
people vs policy for example this year and next year it's absolutely to medieval radicals poland and was a personality at us were discovered oh no seems inmates tip for scs or scientist is truly often something that's created you got into a community and took his winnings really lacking and society is sort of a community experience and that i give us the estimates that there's no community that there are people that come here and you know or or or say your views and then they leave but there is no real contact between individuals there and that big instance you know it's a really broad when they see something that they like
and i think khamenei something everyone really wants and that these kind of groups you know we could be a lot of groups like this come together once a week which is it was really demanding a radical full three minutes so it's really interesting because when my cell phone the community here is what i don't know is what isn't it personally for you to be revolutionary the words were you going to do how do you live and how you see everybody knows the words were
part of a community than you know intellectual ideas little discussion find basically are kind of have their use a mouse and i don't know what what kind of personal thing you have about the reaction he's very serious about it
yes that's right and in economic analysis of what's going on there it was much harder to to say okay that one as my college prison and gradually as radical i had a beard and i'm graduating from one migrant to do next year i don't know it i can't see myself going on and being a member of all the old ford focus corporation actually see myself right now becoming a professor at stanford university who could most of them felt so and i don't think i would do something that most of the people that i know they're getting to know this your family for are juniors or software doctors busy
some point i see myself going back to college in michigan which is where i'm from avignon of controversy with the local rednecks and try to convince them they're going to have long hair is in your query is the communist you know hippie or whatever else and now i have to make money i have to let me he was doing live and you know it's in charge aggressive to start saying we want everyone to leave the factories and ben start a gas station owner whose formal economy and abolitionists socialism and then that will just sort
of catalyst for this one this is the one hour in los angeles social as you know i've never actually seen a rising but you know that's a mile or less that iran but we use all of stones as tools the pope wants also the idea that to be a human being you know in america today means being involved in the struggle palestinian sentiment well my father's corp executive he's kind of in interchangeable parts the sense that he's and slowly moving up the corporate ladder so a lot of coca cola was a financial vice president at cbs the lever brothers as president now as with weyerhaeuser
large lumber firm and it's a very successful night he doesn't have much faith in other people and believes that we should be making decisions i don't know how much of an effect has had on me but it i found it really really mind blowing to read his diary he kept in nineteen forty when he was leading a stanford group of stanford students in an exchange with japan's was just before the war broke out and he would write about two or three hours every day every morning from nine to eleven or something like that you know really super intense and for instance using keep using crew at one point and he was interested in how korea and koreans differed
from their own so we do see listed one two three four five six eight nine ten eleven eleven different ways in which koreans that perkins and i just it's just very typical aware think his mind worked through organized national that's true it in a loaf that's a part of my class in our lives but certainly there's been a rule has a clap on emotions and thin and has been in my family and i tend to think that's true of other people from the upper middle class are from the upper crust will come from the upper classes or is just in talking to some of the cousin nastiest here who come from much lower middle class families especially jewish families was an awful a constant kind of bickering and unruly hassling things out of the dinner
table rather than that's all the polite smile on each other side i found young adult personal liberation in terms of feelings has just been essential for me and on my mother's because it was a nice woman but that has never has repressed her feelings to have been spent probably too much over time drawing up lists for the maids and gardeners to the point where her shoe hasn't been able to do much with her life she's going going back to school that but it's i think it's to lay its own saddens me to see to see you know not by parents have been beaten down hard labor at the top of the system but but to see their lives are really so wasted and they're so
unable to change november twenty fourteen silver wow i've suffered through on the fusion extended at recess gentle sound monuments are going to have a german or won't
be on within the confines of troy barnes will feature stonehenge classes optional since early hours of people thought you know what i tell a story because you are a three way to the airport going to the airport somewhere you know on society
and much lower than the job of form letter s artillery on the searchers total of everything force of will you agree on this no oil yes it has
and you know i can use all your safety is our family you know so i just talk to really can't leave you know like i was a recent little bit and he would walk in there you know day after i walked in there i saw hundreds he was a nothing to worry about yeah probably going up like some oil on the stone demonstrators
on the bachelor right right it's both
there's been a piece by he's nice
nice to meet you i'm keane no mind
i'm a man now
the pope it's big
i'm cool oh really the perfect college radical strike right now supporting the community support
radical issue basically requests that they will use the third world and lots of those of course are the community that is very strange from the whole atmosphere then there's very definitely a different kind of student who goes to state not because stanford has a harbor the western state is a state college but because of the class background of the students at stanford instances they are the first family went their his arrest the us army who initially taught me into more complex analysis but there was a beautiful goes right up to that those figures ornaments were just important characters in the business school now he said that stanford supposedly helped write the students aren't great education i guess the only explanation and what a business school and
how american corporations are harassing you don't do this it's that people know that mainly because of the father's work for big corporation the white collar clerks at a very low level people in the corporate hierarchy or what you do is you're typing from stanford including people from sps that your father isn't your father's run these corporations are oppressive and it's a lot more difficult to get a question do you have to go into a long winded and the houses are very pleasing you know bs questions why women the business wise the business school races no i would say that they don't teach a thing going to raise that people notice that the knowledge of people gain from their daily lives the great scents more profound than what a lot of the radical step for myself included get out of a box
thank you and i think that what you've got a change yourself a serious subject the existential question and then begin to pursue the field of political activism that are jumping into this change the world by killing the pigs idea
puerto rico as bait the path a
good idea but with the course the president outdoor cooking and smiling and smiling and it was pretty awful thing to get the value that tests really are you know a few of
the fees they are actually going to be the key thing ms ba as it's been
others and as a team you know i think one important mark political life isn't something that i've talked to the rest of my existence of the center of what i do and around that i'm very self discipline and something doesn't get done and i try to make sure that this is a lot of guns from my family my brother and every time something happens politically when we do well we
do poorly effects emotionally after that something good demonstration here that meeting i feel terrible and it's part of the thing is so important to my life off also in my lifestyle self discipline partially true that just as the world develop the soviet and grasso play football and that's there's no real explanation for that politically this is my life's ties involvement from animals that his staff and that sounds somewhat different poor as more cities and sometimes i tend to resent with the money with the idea that jesus sent tupperware that and i don't see much snow
tuesday are making it making it very clear that was that attack on the men are morally extension of our politics regarding our demands an original reasoning that is this is that beyond reasonable man whoa what abomination of the difference in those two men's clothes and also well billy because so few people
you see on that saying i'm against his role here right now for people are think that people think it's an attack on the man people say we're not giving them a chance to cancers coming and this is timely and of course the reason why is entering the school right now no weakness of the things they've been here for a month at a house and how genuine to go ha ha ha ha ha but the campus and i can be with this horse and they were in the finals will not have a lot of people with us and what i want to do is go to people and get them taken with the issues of the vacation she says just is it okay but we had we really got to talk about that you know and i mean that's what we're saying we're going
to stay isn't that gap isn't thoughts conception and that you know people were talking the talk and what we say vote we're joined live in our minds we know it's fine carefully use that word heart just because the liberals like that this is an alarm in the chapel is an arrogant levels of coverage would mean no visitors in the end the principal i told us this was the top of one of that were jewish or something about power about confrontation politics okay we sent that we've talked to people presented them and said what we felt throughout this quarter the action you know the economic exploitation and a militaristic planning is still going on here things haven't changed one by going in
here are showing kids are that we don't think that other talking is really solve anything and second of all the work is a threat is a threat and to be very clear about that because that's what it is and we should be honest is the threat that our demands are not matter dealt with you know him a near future of the wishes of the time all major at this point that's a technique in which of our incense desperation right now as we need to do that this is just as long and that some of us build the blue i'm not about the demands of all of stanford's doing we're going to do more so it's a rare and it's you know it relates what we got a rescue which has been talk and having a demonstration policy and i don't see how else would resent it beyond legalizing people in the budget we say were given it it isn't we're not as we are and he doesn't deserve want
everybody in this room every but an fda should be it was a very clearly why doesn't deserve a chance why there should be all right talking of talking heads it was still light pickup the communist manifesto in recent history is as a chinese people become well at a certain point i really really important question david now this one pauses a confrontation and joins us to put that there out a combination saying it's a combination in i'm leaving the project
clear they were going to present their living in a sense we're confronting a man like we're going with questions have to be answered are going at the mansour for our power of information at the university and is being misused by the society still lingers and planes land aboard the senators that makes those policies just why would the larger passengers
twenty odd people and things is it is it is
it has been
in the end i don't think that and you know you do what you want but the fact is that you can't do if you just think of the university is tainted by that the us is passing just wouldn't take our view of the universe young people in particular
he can't speak fighting at the moment that's the point you meet is american domination gigi sohn isnt a decision by comedian much less formal community as our eyes as its own government the individual senior members of the us eyes that have their rights and privileges in the world too
are you doing this it's been nice but thank you
it is as beans beans as the government was about twenty miles north of chicago the selected to present jewish some jewish in a non practicing at me the password and confrontation can sometimes take one measure shown that there were some kids in my school i was one of a legitimate and reasonably my increasingly become so my father's it now and seizes on an identity as being jewish meant americans second and asking human being has any spot in the list of priorities and since william that to
my father's has played i would say an important part in the way i turn them all his own i was a great great deal a mission is one that leading ophthalmologist eye surgeons in the country he wears three piece suits and he uses words alone in tripoli under ten syllables on this is likely that the legal cannabis dust came to double cross sticks and no time now to a lot of this that's ken admiration for him and going on and there are never really until three four years ago that we didn't really wrong on anything us know so much more about everything i was only until recently we recently that they discovered is something in the character's soccer isn't a lot of thought into everything in the partisan fighting everything a politics sociology economics
is it so important is it just doesn't work and this kind of shook me up to find my father wasn't all i have tried to motivate and this is as i said that it took off from their families i wouldn't even as in violence in the past were his liberal the sun breaks down the stent he calls navel as niggers was surprised me in an arena shows where we stand and i think if anything my offer that the elder my father committed and intellectual growth in a radical direction that i might undergo nearly a sudden it doesn't add in chancellor and that that combined the family can buy with it with a very i grew up in the high school that i went to which told you that you were being groomed into the elite and that was a good thing and a bad thing
mrs all combined i came i came out to him on a high school as your physics major needed to jump into that status with its terrific that his department thats freshman physics mr professorship whose leader in the field of quantum mechanics of the most common jump and so many years doing graduate in two outstanding work and make a name for myself on a lot and it was not until last year kamel listener question and change them at the science and reason and things that that the upper middle class back and i came from with the intellectual but liberal intellectual background i came to combine to delay a radical consciousness rising in me to the deal and i like that thing that you know it was unclear that it uses is way off base our freshman more listen to
the beginning of the year and i think they are in progress recently in getting more support an impression of the most aggressive and just up the southwest us because it makes more communication like direct communication are a lot more plausible i think that's what they were doing and i think you're correct in were trying to do with the way we think of a ritual that we're hearing right now
now today i think it's really a longer more worry than the invasion of those are the educational part and the various you know but when they're raising questions about his legitimacy that the legitimacy of the office itself of the president thinks this think questions about imperial consulting question until you're forced to the true assessment about what the kids are now asking this question why they don't come to see the trustees when they are their
fans i believe that if we aren't enough this week the day after we got it for you know for hours sitting in his office you invite people you know you know but the lesson we wanted to show him all because i'm pretty confident we can make mincemeat out if he's successful he licensed the last of the wrong times tobar because he did not try to reach that certain cells you try and through giving these demands are suggestions the pets are trying to reach other people
that hopefully the antarctic is that we all say that we have together to get those things all that only one when we really begin to act and become a new kind of thing and this is really all in assistant because we're active and that that then you can get basic supplies it's there is using his rights and senate as wright uses right to deny robert oppenheimer security priorities using his rights now on the rand corporation is right there to develop counterinsurgency measures to deny the people in thailand the right to determine their own life it's a question of whose interests do you support because there is a conflict i mean i have people that i consider my enemy david rockefeller's my enemy get answers my enemy they're enemies their interests or a conflict among the reason we don't have a smooth society loses it means to live
with wit with people with contradictory nature right we'll everybody else is doing it just you know going into that seems to working on the assumption that he'd you know that there's this sort of way that although i do you know if somebody goes into a job recruiting office job ok not isolated seasonal job and he doesn't worsen has gotten today a chemical factory gibney makes them at all and he possibly with the idea that many artists remember when you win the maid than they are
you know what about that that's their decision there that in fact it is their decision to go until the american soldiers like the window displays was it well it's the america's decision to go kill vietnamese as a vietnamese decision to go kill americans so what you're doing is you're imposing you know taking your argument which i get out of a value judgment you're opposing you will on me because i had to write because of my beliefs ago and thought that from going in there and working for dow that's contradictory to what i want and why you're voting on they are doing is saying god damn thing thanks alice b
i think he's in very secondarily again
we're going to stay
with you for a
i like it do over and you know i guess dr almond i think we should do the trustees can if they show up and they don't chase though whoever that meat is to present our demands and stay here at their meeting until they discussed those demands make sure they discuss those demands is the one thing that's happened is they just ignored us as adult that were serious as they will argue with all of us to talk about the implementation of themselves as
on screen prompts luckily for the season so you're saying this essentially it is essentially all states it's really think you come in here and say that it's really unless you let our people stayed here a spokesman to make sure that you talk about there's a reason to do it but i'll say that we didn't sit down to talk about the most important thing is they talk about not so much that we thought we should utilize the services of the ministry says we believe it should serve the people and the deal will serve as a messenger boy
and sell the trustees that if they don't want to come here and meet with us economy on this campus today in the saga of a larger lounge and hold an open meeting and there were even more violent even been more gracious to them than george was and that you know not to be the messenger boy too so they don't have to come back here and telling you come back youre at all that they won a gold float know sort of people my father says the losses at stanford are you well rachel i don't want to publicize a day in advance and we put that on the daily and so on but that didn't help was don't want to know them even though we did all the work for them in publicizing it ah i think if you're a good job i don't know what happened last night i found out that they really would be open i think without a qualified i think
that's a ridiculous situations will be interested in the way we're now i i don't think that that that the issue of closed meetings some ways to me is not as important as the issue of whether the standards in southeast asia and the two words there were three or four years stanford's robb at the entrance to the factory club there's a new roy just found out about these teams are allowed and the fabric love without a faculty sponsor and it's sort of like the dead ball and so by the professors from the english department to say i was his guests so when i got there are they were let me answer that road that something there that they didn't tell us of an open meeting that we would go they're
i think it's important to people in them people be really aware that if we do this i'm really shouldn't be judicial proceedings and expulsions are going to be brought against most of the people because the dollar and all the people from this committee there plus the deans and the trustees with the people and all the exits to me are the entrances and exits for the building the radio as a matter of fact was there a stamp were caught there another and they're doing some terrible terrible looking food and that's about a minute we would notify vehicle make sure that there was a really unsettling once and then you know we want a job so you know
a painting all right now it's been in the past he came
to propose to pass because blank ali
now right now no no oh really some called an empire builders rockefeller morgan gould carnegie in the east huntington hill stanford in the worst names of which american legends are made
they accomplished wonders far surpassing egyptian pyramids roman aqueducts and gothic cathedrals they conducted expeditions that put in the shade all former migrations of nations and chris aids you accomplish such wonders we are the sons of your sons and we ask at what price all that is solid melts into air all that is holy is profane and man is it last compelled to face with sober senses his real conditions of life and his relations with his kind next week the deal returns with a repeat of its january fifth program on the fed's decision making and new material on the controversial safe at and sit at her
it's business it's been nationwide distribution of the proceeding program as a service of the corporation for public broadcasting this is a high school in fort worth texas the students are in the army's jr are otc they are being prepared they too are being prepared will this preparation result in a violation house sound of the defense decisions being made here and abroad allege real
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University in Society: Do the Ties Bind?
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Months before the recent sit-in at Stanford University, Public Broadcast Laboratory had picked "the Harvard of the West" as a microcosm of the agony of the American university. Through the winter two PBL camera crews were filming on the Palo Alto campus. What PBL found at Stanford is seen in color on the NET network. The broadcast, "University in Society: Do the Ties Bind?" is in two parts. The first, "Reform before Revolution," filmed by PBL producer Fred Wardenburg, traces efforts of the Stanford administration and faculty to adapt to changing conditions and to give students a larger role in determining their program of studies. The second part, "Fathers and Sons," filmed by PBL producer Don Lenzer, follows members of the Stanford chapter of Student for a Democratic Society as they prepare a challenge to the university. "Reform before Revolution" follows efforts of the Stanford administration to keep lines open to Federal funds. Wardenburg's film shows Stanford president Kenneth Pitzer conferring with congressmen about funding. The film shows deliberations of a special committee set up by the Stanford administration to keep student confrontations within some bounds. In the film Stanford administrators comment on applications of a recently completed three year study of education at Stanford. The study may be one of the most comprehensive university self-reform programs yet undertaken. "Fathers and Sons" follows members of the Stanford Chapter of Students for a Democratic Society as they prepare a challenge to the university. Lenzer filmed war councils of SDS members meeting in "collectives" - small sub-groups or cells - and deliberating over what tactics to adopt and what goals to pursue. The film shows the Stanford radicals demonstrating at nearby San Francisco State College. Later the SDS members are seen in an encounter with Stanford president Pitzer. The film follows young radical on an outing to Big Sur., larking on the shore. Throughout, Lenzer's film focuses on the manners and the lifestyles of Stanford's radicals, many of whom are heirs of the corporate elite. Finally, "Fathers and Sons" follows the students as they stage a confrontation during a trustees' meeting, first occupying a board room and later challenging the meeting with demands hollered through bullhorns. (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
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PBL consists of 47-54 ninety-minute episodes.
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Producer: Lezner, Don
Producing Organization: National Educational Television and Radio Center
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