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Darksome night and shining moon harken to the Witches' Rune, East and South and West and North, here, come, I call you forth. Powers of land and sea, be obedient unto me. Wand, Pentacle and Sword, hearken ye unto my word. Cord and Censer, Scourge and Knife, Waken all ye unto life. Powers of the Witches' blade, come ye as he charges may. Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell send your aid unto my spell. Horned Huntress of the night, work my By all the powers of land and sea, as I do say so mote it be. All the night of moon and sun as I do will, it shall be blessed be. [new voice] When i was at Troy at the Midwest Women's Festival and Z. Budapest was there from the Susan B. Anthony Coven in Los Angeles and she was talkin' about the need the spiritual need in people, you know, an and how that just really hit
me a whole lot and really made me think about it a lot I knew that I had tri, that I, that spirit had been but in s, different contexts um in different none of the me in other levels enough to get involved in 'em. They were always so everything else about me, you know. They would, they would promote the spirit but they would separate it fr [new voice] the women's movement is waiting for women to come together and be strong. - Em hm, build power. - Build power what it's all about changing things. It's who's, who's got more power? Who's, who's power gonna make the change or keep what we've got? still, the women really well as the ruling
people it's impressive type of rule its, its like natural power or as I say male power cause it has to suppress the female power in order to add in power i think oppression comes in, so I don't think that just more it seems to me too that whenever things are dying out, no matter what cause you know it's, you know, um, the men that rule the world or you know, technology and all that bullshit you know its like when there is a dying thing
female principle takes over culture, you know and that's why the female principle why is it old as disco you know, but it's the female principle that keeps everything going [Indistinguishable chatter] -it's a regenerative energy and force. - Right The symbol of the female, you know, the 'O' is like the first letter that they ever found, you know, that predates history and that's, that the whole symbol of everything, of the cosmos also i think that if you politically too that you feel stronger. -Mhm. - And you can give [Dog barking in background] you'd be a lot stronger when it comes with confrontations, and you know against things you really don't believe in, cause you know what you like, you'll know yourself a lot better you'll accept yourself. - It's a process
I guess like, um, I'm interested in witchcraft because I see it as maybe redesign part my reality in deal in symbols a lot, of the interesting symbols, like, I'm interested in old symbols or how religions have evolved and stuff like that and um part of my background is definitely not then you know how um female symbols you know transformed and stuff like that that, that's part of my cultural reality and like I'm just saturated with males symbols you know, of Jesus and everything, my whole upbringing Power. Right. It still surfaces, you know, like that that's been
Reality you know its constantly male symbols, you know and like I want different you know if it's real old mythology it's new to me you know -Um that mythology is um myths from uh Robert Greg's first finding of mythology and it was like, Athena, of her ways and deeds or manner in her deeds and suddenly here was a woman being presented like femininity, being presented to be as a powerful, um, as a judicious, as a strong as a good path to emotional
-Yeah, that's what, that's what femininity is all about, and I've been carrying around with myself for so long, that femininity was weak sniveling, um a vine that twined around this sturdy oak That I was helpless that's what I've always seen, that's what femininity is and something flip it, something silly something little brained and uh someone who is petty our whole concept of real head changing
I just remembered something that I had forgotten for a long time, but i was real into mythology, greek mythology when I was a little girl thought of this, and I remember seeing a picture [Indistinguishable laughter and chatter] cause [indistinguishable chatter] symbols of course were male you know progressively male from Ernest Hemingway that was one female i just remember when i was reading about that. What I like about witchcraft is like it puts women in the center of the religion, you know, like as opposed
Strength of Femininity
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A discussion between several women about the spiritual tradition of witchcraft and its relationship to the women?s movement. Topics include Midwest Women's Festival and Z. Budapest from the Susan B. Anthony coven in Los Angeles. Includes invocation.
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