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program delving into the world of books and they're all becomes like jenna leahy talks about there really was a hollywood euro's forward on words mr john sigg and boller publisher of the tennessee creating layers and m and once again welcome your own words seeming without have as our guest the person whose face is one that you will recognize that's janet lee welcome to world words to congratulate you on your candor an end her integrity and writing what is a book that the skin fascinating off a lot of people there really was a hollywood the i never doubted it but i know that they're not a lot of people around who never looked at the photograph and i'm rob who might not the might not among younger people in iowa now a generation will miss the excitement of that hollywood that
was the residual market but it's an autobiography that tells a story about a fan place that was linked not only exciting but also important to the culture of this country i think if you agree with that yes i think that also possibly the younger generation as you say who are may not relate to some of the pictures as though we were at war you know the events in the pictures but i i i think it chronicles a time that would be of interest because it hollywood has always had a fascination for everybody and everybody has two businesses there is and show business and one night i had hoped to do and i would like to think i did was to go to
talk about this time i'd whip out using the book as a weapon to either against a person or a place or where oil industry as i've i just feeling reading a lot of autobiographies i've come away with a feeling that there the way they had some axe to grind and this was their way of doing it and i don't and i that's why i think that maybe you know a younger generation will will get an idea that it really was like that i mean and the people who are in your art of gears of mine well a well that sort of feel it it substantiated that that what they believe that it was true i would you know want to was a howl in unison cents off peak this all blew her up and you know again you do have a
few illegal absolutely oh you know that's it i'm telling that the truth but i am trying to do and i do it with and with the experience and with the knowledge that was available to that person at that time not with the additional years that had been put on so you have to you know use strip away i think and all of those layers of years and he had to really get back there into the court to do in order to do that the right virgin territory in a way i know i have no way say that everything is ice cream and roses because life is not but they're certainly a way of looking at it and i certainly don't feel i have that if i've had problems that it belongs in i put it in the doorstep of an industry or others or the term luggage one is yourself you know and i think that through well when you say that i mean i
mean i'm on amelia turn our use the tv you can tell when one thing i mean you deal candidly with with our use an above knee his second book exactly what you think about a one point you say danny howard hughes wow i mean you know i i i ain't easy as tensions were unwanted and death but were always a range kind of like gag family to be a third place that added you're having a dayton ended with a unit of places that and there is you know the phantom hand strikes again the end and i don't think that i was on the unique in his own right by being the only one i think that he probably on pursued many many young ladies in in hollywood ahead and through several generations back and back down so in no way was i singled out for
special attention at it just that i was not ready to cope with that because i had the course hole by and now this sounds very strange but at the time you really belong more with my mother in five it with me i mean i had it all and i had no interest in you know i mean he would have been like my father kissing or any i mean i didn't you know with adam and attack this no i think i'm actually good looking over to the good people in person that all people like we went outside i mean that's how i felt so that's when i said you know in retrospect when he finally did lead up and you know there were nowhere kidnappings and know more than them appearing in the sky i think you realize when i started dating tony curtis that debt i guess that i had been given this was serious and that
you know he couldn't manipulate err is weigh in and i didn't i was relieved of that debt problem and that image is that and then i thought how sad i mean how really sad that a man with that kind of a long letter how are these intelligence could mean so insecure the fascinating to me is that you escape the trap so many people who came on the periphery of his wife found themselves drawn into it and caught and some even at the time his death was still suffering from that but you seem to have the years strength and will face in just to say it is a lot but am not the anonymous did to do it if that was the kurds see what went on it had made like eight or nine pictures and i
was in i loaned out to our deal for three which was a terrible blow to me except that they explained and wealthy like in the book so i said that they're well and that after all you know this is a businessman or an incident involving millions of dollars in ukraine he co starred with the biggest men in hollywood and an ironing true that he may have been using christie's in his personal life that certainly it will over lap into the business world and you know i'm sitting there because he knows everything in my mentor that was thought was the leader of the talented that at indian i was saying yes that's right a movie being stupid you know that this is i mean i think that i'm going to do you know that all is with the dentist and so when i was you know arabic at that i i wonder if it's because i had at least made those pictures and that it isn't that he discovered me so that i wasn't
under contract to him i was in the contract to mgm i wasn't he was responsible for me being there he wasn't sort of the one who i think gave me the chance at quote stardom so maybe that's why i was able to say i you know i when i do my job and an end we belong but i think that's the only and only ever about somebody else in libya have their own making star norma shearer just a chance meeting at the fact that there's been a lot with your father she took that picture back and still later you hear by letter that girl you wanted and she yeah she took great pride in the
us and this discovery and was only it was a true is it true that was only that brief encounter lehrer during that month when she was in iran and in that she saw a pig that is adequate services month this is in your faucet this is michael riley and she takes a picture back in iowa and on that basis she and a very real sense let's talk well it didn't necessarily have to have an outcome and i know and you didn't get a little help and a little hard work and you the cat lady about you know thirty years of training why did amanda and i would i would you know i certainly wouldn't say she hadn't made more important all she did was make the opportunity and i was really questioning the star apart or not the fact that he did it because she certainly didn't do it but i feel a little older but like i said you know a start you know when to get is not a star maid and it takes a long time in a lot of pictures
in and many years before i think you were in at that time so i was just i was questioning stand and i'm not in any arming and training in baghdad she is responsible for everything happening i mean it absolutely someone asked me i don't know where that was or two were going to have the widest and you know i thought because we i never really talked to her about why you know but i thought a lot about it and she had voluntarily retired prior to this and i wonder if it wasn't like a chance of having a part of it without actually doing it there you know she got one for five years and why it seems so yet that's a that is a good explanation for that there's a scene in there where they change your name given johnson played a major role models is that there's a scene in there which
and i guess it'll happen in hollywood they really tell you do that are synonyms of the family and one day all over this book it's chock full of anecdotes that ring bells what goes into who once you're on the screen and then they'll get movies and who was all wrapped up in that as a as a as a moviegoer didn't love is generally true it also replaces will but the thing that i am fun the fsa is that one scene where they bring in and tailings would be janet leigh for almost no good reason all and fila the fsa and then when the footnote about them about how later on you talked largely head about whether they even lay his wife reason to laugh at and it was many years later it was found during the filming of spartacus and we were at a dinner party at dead child's indoors the doors and and he was there
and you know that wonderful voice in that wonderful profile that wonderful vignette and i did and i gather up the courage to approach and when that subject tonight you know i said daddy always said that ever carson you know mostly any with lacy says to relay we found that any discomfort you know and that he said yes and i'd say it's awful and it is said that debt that in the beginning that she was you know paying that they're that they had given me you know spelled the same way that they've seen gradually because this ad remember was it was one man named the front end and they said the studio said and all this is without me knowing you know this is what went on between <unk> yeah that's oh they told me
that this is when a this is what went on behind it was that cat and i said because it's the post civil war story and generally you know janet leigh is a nice antidote will spell a belly it at to pronounce at me and they said oh no with this already a vivian leigh and down a great actors you know and he said yes and there's already a great actor named daniel playing so that was his answer and at that time whenever of anyone of any outlet for this business of changing names of the fallen bernard schwartz your memory as a dog won they've those lynchings is again anthony adverse year and end you tell me this but i wasn't there this was before i met in the town of history which at the slick itself and i am very vague nature
today when he signed a universal in an ad he was going to be called on his name is burt levin art schwartz and they said well we have to really change that supplies have a mullet over you know and they come up and they say anthony adverse and he kind of has like a stand i mean huckabee epidemic hitting many don't want to you know you know in that anyway it with with your big bosses and so it's kind of like a abuts big sur and you know i wasn't there and there was a ripple and their neck only now well into kurdistan with the lakers well actually i am it says something about hollywood that there was indeed outward and so when
you have the water things as programs about is that is how authors can drive you begin this book is talking about ginette in the third person almost as if she were somebody else and i wondered if there might be some psychology working there that said maybe you think about janette larsen says a different person that i use as your role as an actress so consumed do that is that vivian lee is a different personality sandy weill says you know she is was just a great great way so that's a pretty good company i don't know if that debt on that is not yet it would happen and it isn't at all that i like it generally has taken over
or that there wasn't there really was an engineer with no no what happened was that when i started doing this i started to write i mean it was never a plan that wasn't something up here that i said oh i would do this in the third person i'm delighted to be yeah i never even thought of it's just that when i started to write that's how i wrote and i just get that's how i did it and then i thought about that and i was a white and i know why that it was easier for me to talk about those days that way i guess it's still the stigma of what happened when i was a little girl who was a great deal of candor and most of those in the recounting of your early life really approaching the parents or the first marriage how you how you were moved ahead and glass eye it seems that you still a child moving train has grown up in some ways in the
thing as a grown up and reacting has grown so charlie in some ways and i guess i can understand that so many it was psychological it must've been because when you said psychological it was interesting that it had to be that because on that but that's just how it started and i just felt i still weren't comfortable or i was able to deal with it easier they don't see change there's something is it anyways you know the name of your teenage husband rusty who you those who rushed to the west it was a girlfriend and so i mean again i'm kicking kenneth was any good he gives his lifetime and i am i am i wondered if that was psychological must miss can probably venus cat no no it was b he lived in were said and and that was
why used to your grandparents you know a satellite had to move back as my grandfather says there was ill and that was a drop from putting time and you say that that to that kenny come to you and that your parents were really a pretty tough about that whole thing that won the marginal advantage well it's perfectly legitimate why they would be terrifying i don't think that they're reactions really were more unusual ii troy a fourteen year old girl i mean i think that you know that was not necessarily something der would throw a parent and i think that had they maybe just know more about psychology which they didn't you know that if they if we could've talked about it in a different way it would've helped me out a lot more i just
felt that's not a bad thing does that reason it says that that they're recriminations at that time seemed to haunt you throughout the story of this book i mean each time i take it that that there are a couple of horses thereafter from cinnaminson tony curtis i take it that that that that the guilt that may have been stacked on your shoulders at the time by your parents really i'm really got to be weighty attention is that fair oh i think so i think that that formed a great deal of a leprosy think that's why i was felt i had i was like i didn't deserve that was happening and then there i feel
good that maybe i mean you know i was so bad habit of these wonderful things happen or white i mean you know you just you just don't believe that you're worthy of your eyelid to libya now as i called out now you know relative balance having it on the counter and but what i know and i noted that they had at the time of the breakup your marriage with tony curtis year for birdie felt with her children into dollars and you went for advice on highland and again it seems to me that that is the most about your laminate having been through a promise of volume one that same solo trip you know the different circumstances to look for them and what that same trip on them and so you whenever there was any way to do to help and preventive and you say quite candidly that heard that advice for the year to the extent that that
that you contribute to making them psychologically psychologically whole people an end if they came through because i had been reading a lot and hearing you know we discussed a great deal today in their own shows with you about children and a voice and i do it it only goes a lot deeper than people think and i had it i don't say that they came out you know unscathed but if they came out relatively unscathed it certainly is due to the fact that i went and had council on the way to present it to your children and i i did it subsequently with with that with any problem that came up it's the way that it's presented and so that it's understood i knew like oh like
when when children they realize that their mother rather than divorce and i was it was explained to me that every there's a child alive who hasn't at one point in their life said the land was one would go way wrong was daddy would go with the guys they're upset because i didn't get a lollipop or something you know what if and that when this happens and whether it be debt or divorce that if i'm at the challenge that could say i did get i wished money away or i wished anyway and so it was all these things that i don't think i would've ever thought but it was it was shown to me how to to deal with it with the children and as i say i don't know that all scars where the way store or you know eliminated that i think they were at least help i think that the i don't know if your daughter senior
want to intimidate them and i read the preface which is lovely thing to me that really is a thing like jamie have you and tony curtis that the grassley is terrific jill carroll is a lovely lovely lovely an end and i take it that your now a un bar brand a tremendously unhappy now and i guess i guess this this book is really saw an affirmation that the that serve there was a hollywood but there is india life at the hollywood bowl and take you just in the hollywood master something i'm sure there were the world of redundancy and recognizes ask at least in their own minds when they got the guts to put the inaudible what i feel about psycho looking back on the day you say in the book it was wonderful renominated then to the ft get that accolade from you from bp is so close to home to ask her about and through and through
and bathing in that analysis team from from your colleagues in the industry but that apart was fascinating and for not a lot of people and i've seen in the shower not me because i fell from a year found ten rounds well but for many people cycle which is play again again again is going to be the way that i remembered gently ah i think that in my profession we we try to make an impression that's what we're doing is is putting images on the screen and we do the best we can and i think that if an image that has been put on the screen the two met at a performer has done is that known and that remembered that i only consider that a compliment to live feel to it to me and i cried well i am and i'm not surprised at all of those
things did that what you say about an eu will try to nominate you really had regrets that that hit states didn't like yeah because it was his fifth nomination and to act i just felt i was just hoping that he wouldn't even accounted for separate idea of the psych er would have been wonderful that tan well it's funny because cycling the beginning it literally did unbelievable business and everything i did it wasn't the classic a ride away as it never is a question right away that down i i'm sure that he knew in his lifetime that he had created a classic one among many that town because isn't merely been a long time it's when it's got this week for effective in there and having written this book would you be interested in writing i'm going oh yeah well and when i write a novel i haven't been a by
having a time and there's a light connected with a book that i didn't know what the uk and dad back when chicken is the writing trying to sell an iraqi hollywood ending it is the hollywood certain level of listening and so i haven't you completed the outline that have allied notes the night and i want to i want to bring are families like pat get families from different parts of the country and then one of their id they will need and hollywood well it's race than they are so high they were groups we know we are living in a bad turn and they'll come from all of the country at noon because that's truly what hollywood has a year sooner janet ley author of the really was a hollywood has been our guest
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