Collection Summary

The American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB) Road Trip Special Collection includes local radio and television broadcasts that highlight America's historical, geographical, and cultural heritage. Selected programming from AAPB's participating organizations tells the story of America's nostalgia, national identity, and patriotism through raw interviews, newscasts, local documentaries, lectures, and more. From sea to shining sea, this collection includes interviews with cultural icons of local, regional and national significance. The collection also includes tours through, documentaries about, and lectures on America's landscape, main streets, and museums. There's something for everyone to discover in the AAPB Road Trip Special Collection!

Collection Background

To highlight the breadth of material available to the public, content for this collection was curated from AAPB's Online Reading Room. Throughout Summer 2018, AAPB staff will share clips of programs on AAPB's social media outlets, and you can view the programs in-full within the AAPB Road Trip Special Collection. Segmented clips and their full programs can be found using the AAPB Road Trip interactive map.

The American Archive of Public Broadcasting, a collaboration between the Library of Congress and WGBH Education Foundation in Boston, preserves and makes accessible historic public radio and television created over the past 70+ years.