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If I let myself go that way then and. I thought nothing.
We're going to combine you know to be a mini was a problem when I was not as they were opposed to this but almost gives them a system not just say on the spot about oh yes but almost a consumer of Iraq a participant opinion is his commentary was so lost so much because that I was with the endo and musters the left us almost alone was all show seeing what they need the horse Bentley those yellow porno Cinco Quatro Oh no no way said or said oh I just lost it was a companion for some of the momentum are reputable but the candle is in the palace is not you know because he wanted to meet with one of the lodges. He said We thought there must be an over. He was going to say that I want it.
When Alice goes over the estate some of us I will say a walk up a compass you know to needle the rest of the Washington to muscle going to see an ad in the air on Sunday. But I must see the bus down to give us time to what they call much of a solution on emotional that look as you have long complained you know says a simple event a local stop a standard it an example of the blockade. Esm Alisson them in the US. Let's dump this in place opened up in a minute or so last year when we had lunch as the Tampa Bay in telesales mean this press yeah him whatever now inseparables. Lot better I'll try as I see it the same when dollars Halloween. Image will swell those temper under
little rancheros. Tori has only most Well that's because the temp on the other side the asylums ranchero Cee-Lo mental place to pursue core search or place you can see the minister and stars in the west stand this is for those poor a portrayer star around though spoke with a nice companeros companion as Stalinist other Washington OK co. and the Rancheros but I in California by a person wanted as a medical event in CONUS but answered in another narrative on the narrow list last night I don't see on the run no Solomon tickler sort of stuff but I am park once a year. He never saw on our low the like I said I'll go. I said I'll go for their storage arrows but you know what most
of us a year their hand. You know they also see how low they they will know Marcia Marcia case say about our car was the proxy war. Domingo had been the radio host to it but I was there a particular kid a whopper told Parker a whopper while a social of banana what'll come in a whopper toy stay around just behind me this. This young group of those courses over the movies took a little run just bit I mean in your own I will get a rope or raise Messis say those Domingo and say say oh no they were not around Moneta see and then they go to us said that if you call support down the road down to the Nancy element stand
personel meant they get it. I'll get there last a promise to save a world where part of the article ranchero Gastar pocket or the narrow in this quote on the Montana where are illegal principle. A minute second volatility at our center separately car. Hope is that well Marcia you know significant He was only a solicitor erupted I mean. So the normal rhythm of their use by most of the world where there are a lot of I mean we import a country is the logical thought. No. Yes there are no Metro in Mr. March other than the most inspiring as well the WHO's to almost Gaylord rancheros.
Hold that we're going to stop around the story. He could participate just between us by standing to says models and you know their skin and only these two we had on your populous supermarket was told by a Yakima or apply through a mass. That's a populist party told by allowed to walk and walk. Yes but I was just an assailant. Marsha allowed us to be starless. He had talked with her and told us through how this company that owns this is important take it was pretty simple. Nothing under our home and a lot of straw man I corrected no one academic and then in America
it was as important as companeros. Impressed almost in a martial use of March I know they were their parents compass you know they were good Marchand the Rancheros impersonal respect for our house or a stocking or a spread to a second source rancheros a proper location for the hose to the second story. Firemen on contract to combine your collective work you can the tallest tower is compass you know the Star Watch Internet and I wonder what her companion's quality was that then received their chose beneficials projects you want to lay it out was there what was in the most part at this concert where Apollo pronto as intense as they don't want to see that. So we're going by the hour or less than the Americans I don't know. Yet i haven't we haven't seen a Nazi at their lessons Eleanor.
He consulted well over the single word us say a local more they also got those who are stuck but let it levers on the less sympathetic you are going to where they would have a lot of Yani loyal and important and you'll see that I said something by her head as he thought this but not with what the law does but I'll proxy or whatever but as you know but what if they're going to combine you know may make him look or else will say something to their models immediately set on oil or other gear. Because it be instant compliment there Sarah. That's only on second but I met them a lot of years on my ass. Compazine most Domingo. Cannot deny you were the man but I guess he said but I didn't think they were stand systemic to her mother in law may be one of the very medically on the side of your political agenda
but here not wrong you have done well as yes a lot but I said well you know don't let this bed all of the parking lot then the programmer when I know it isn't that somebody else then I switch on their young girls not to look at it to know when I went up but it isn't one of them I was anything but when I see you then in a way that a lot in the way of us and we import Kunti importantly going to town much of it are not normal someone born in us. Just one is not someone to normal. Yes but as so much of escape a we were more repeat the repeat in the what I care is a star. But I get tons of time with this in the way that they also feel that are important to put chaos in those. So when you're on the ground there are seven
cheekily Mia Farrow mask another poor lass who put it out in a marsh just told him poignant is the almost you know without much just going to get it are good and will be courteous not radius. Yes it's important they are scary Think about how you are in it. I was under most mountaineering Alinea. They also in those times is not pulling your money or time implemented a callous you know promising that any of the drugs are safe. But also he was an important study or you can stand on the march or look at PNC and see that this will follow the law much as unimportant this put it. Our
own police are on lock and they say save AK you know phone the mulatto mask another that our How is the event Ranchos different this event. Yeah meta meta not element I think went on in the event that about how discussing when the new ranch will see an OK day foretold by you. The importance in America gave almost a laugh and take a stand. Take a study's poster which are yes or no Danny mortals if you have them but this was almost to say whether you love what they are there. Last year there were going to see the combine yet again then and which Ambien and other style with local more like the model that the legal high order.
Yeah I didn't ask this but if you want their flock what I see on the compass you must have but I love the Ohio Valley because it's the most of it and I can buy the ever be in the company of Heinz what that I that can buy New York at the NBN and what the Los Pinos Local have been met one another as you look at the angles but up where they'll look at their C at the end of where that I was the contract the owners wanted up on we have an interest and one other point that I brought up again. Mia. However there were a lot of what the yellow corn ranchero local not only on what we're going to set out of a loss you know to get to the level of the on scene and lot of us are in Watsonville to Iran and well got bored of the S.E.C. at the Mrs.. You're
female and I'm going to rattle you lot on VM. It was ever going to be your. The other Lower California in a manner that is on a margin literacy that is on a standing well body that in my lawn you look on the must combine the Alice up on the one throwing the gawkers at the hump or on us at The Living the single hour because many of the little mini mall this was there for most of the apple are like an untimely end. Now my ass was all OCV even in camp was in one of yours. By then those all of this. Listen let us in a lawn chair by the entresol of political media in want to sell a house and with this you have one door he said I'll handle this
year and the better but I see India's launches have got ourselves in a minor pent up that of a chance to pay their bills and on the last and on the on this journey toward the most unfair amount that number and the horse our gold medals are going on today I thought would help where there is a lot concern of your Bessie must be what I just got one and a new Terra area than most see what they think. But if you need a loan that's awkward but I only if you don't know what is your general need to see generally the larger generous only comment that he can buy his own look they're going to him is however going to stop lucky guess get support all of us. As you know I lost the you know a lot of the goodwill of Camelot season behind us well was there not a political comment then.
Our governments and the justice system which us you know as a compass you know not element in California and started watching it on I mean a nutty sauna in their house and what you're seeing in Florida you know how you I see scale but is it. But I mean this is just in the way as to how to compass you know on this is that no one come to campus you know we stand which on the eternal But on the on the locals. But then who am I when I'm not just you know what I'm going to someone that you don't buy you know and then I get. When I was agape you're going to see a moment you're now in a made up at all. Lawwell legacy a work I won't be able to overcome I said OK and the bicycle into policy and talk and move it is. You walk at all ground respectfulness I will go on the North
Pole in a debate about the US which will do what I most Patronus was able to support was all just part of this and then you look at history and I think I'm a communist. Last time I stopped at the park an all black and all of my sister and I were there was an address in town the last that I was that if you love that you know it's awful OK. Lucia he said will you assist in the messes Mrs. Minto. But as you know by going on also the Emperor in Seattle and that's OK. Then I see that terrible uppercase he said and said in a premade are doses that's going to have an hour or so unaccounted not but if you get enough of them. Well not just that. You know nuts are not your asses like
you see in terms of every important this common local laws that are not understood rattle their flock are going to see a lot of the compass you know that is tell you how you gotta use it I don't see it. But most of it was that they were nasty and Mandela complaining Campbells Alosi Daniels was it when they look at your excuses into when it was not the cause of a lot of video the man was there though Samuels went up to see him to tell us about how the scum proceeded to tell you how you travel handle those behold he was very lonely on the Rancheros This is continuous. Don't say this is the evil around or not comment on that matter. Gillis sense was that without menus in the samples. Lauren known blunder in
the salute. Sees a political use standard needles. So that means I must get almost what they are told the Emperor's problem as a whole compass you know no impresario not yet. CBS in Purcell Yeah possibly and my nana that story a lot of the source this but that's the only seller while our compass you know see also what I will need to almost start we're not going to saddles Master Brown Toploader most look at our laws met us see the numbers this past you oppose this passive almost hysterical and most important a massacre only that mass but also for their confront evil Horace's condition is that our one as well as Thomas the 100 mentioned I want to look a lot rancheros photos will be more than a stop at one of the most well you have to see our one or been in this combine Eurosport
Montana. Oh. What I get in a car so we want to type up on our process will come you know down the hill and you possibly zero dollar amounts and I went as ill as you want us. But understand whether you know what I'm going to handle on their own on the Taliban side on my land forces and as you know this has been used as on the single season the last year alone companeros rancheros were not in Iran when they were there said own pocket or they the needle the police tell you and I don't want to talk lolo was going to monitor they look at our AK No anyone or see the needle. Then it wasn't and they look about the Rancheros But the second one I said will be mostly on you. Yes it done yet then come down to the stem. Yes it says they can tell how to compass you not on the much of the narrow sort of get in that last month I went aboard us. Yes was Polaris on the staff there and they stopped protesters to manifest as your own. I get a little insight of what their surgical Torrence
ranchero Darwin was made on the US population they starve over the local mental zone the place you can live on Cheerios and I will point to Montana. Yes as popular as you think your children should also list but don't allow that in Montana. They think all a stamp on the role place your guilt but honorable. Not the normal US. You on the bottom and rich and they say it's because they seen go look at that mention on the scene unbearable at our house almost always say doubly or meant to be and this is silly kick it out of my ass rancheros elastically get that under the most you know. Yes this is all of us on a chart. You have your particular sense of a kid and I was a Masiello were not created by God in the same player will know whether or not you know their nature they say they do or the law.
Dinner last minute was you not there was telling us is yes or no what this company I keep on and where this month but are merely through how to compass you know computer noise is smear though I want to muse more than a little bit of the masses in me though. It's always in the minority has sort of like us or other like television only. What in what they're all need to know how to spot a lap dance on the employers who will talk and that there hasn't been the level of India covering dance in the US and that there are whole bed all the things I studied there as well that was the law merely spicier Konami that almost as your mask of sanity in the seventies about that. I see all of these in this one they're both elements on you're going to see in the
last item on Atlanta can be had in Montana and the other us what I've done when I saw a book was I had many thoughts. It's the political mother she employs a lot of you know as employers who last Monday night at our house. But I see him but what I said by the mother and I have a need to also look at him when they are only tell a lot of companies you know there has I see the mayors past. You can run between them which as you are my RC is but almost. I don't know her grandmother but it gave us an answer to her second list other washing the plant that is the Montana that's one million which I think the combine yellows mining would have us on board where the most commonly seen was in August you're less and less in a disquiet there are other central pressure to get em there but that has been more a lot of those who want to commend them. Yeah in a concert
ever I cheered him beat if you looked a little QM Betty of our order at that actually metal can but if you order the yacht it does go on the boat but out of on the Eloqua might have gone by the end of the mast in a water bowl of the medical center. Stand on a war our children to look at get a loan that is of course a part of a quote out of girls gas or skis or other he said. That's when I thought of when almost through jest but almost a little flame must not but there on the weather intercessor look at them said her companion of the normal component of feeding most animals gets here because you know it's not until no more no one of us air yet that's one of the top I wonder what they're going to sink or must get a handle. Course HLA I would up it up he's got a look he's had no one ever said that I think they think what I miss when I go yeah me away you look company human or not can't be the end of the interview in which all they are and that's the nose gear said
Lloyd going to the marital mingle the poem was I don't know when the guys who don't get knocked down who Landel because the most said US eco Aussie loo Chan the bottom of what our concern is that all combine us in thought as I did party but I think this temper some of Conway's who combine you know a lot of money and then in park a while but don't allow the note when I most Idea know what I want I will need. There but I said it. The most I see on this all of these are into little Compazine must go more in more detail. You have combined yet a court there and went to not just see the rearmost Cinco mil member of not then your money depends how to weld. Put a lot on channeling the really cancer scare meter you kiddo. I said before I said that I see freedom of contract unless I want to say this guy man number
Santa stockholders parliament are because I am a look when I want to really want to because when I really like them. You worked on her front of a particular person want to skate but I mean on the stand there are people that are going to run so it is a little bit like a train Tommy Lee Kuan entire musical rancheros means you're not saying it I mean that until the last Cherry down of the long run and I see that scene about how despite 11th elements and. Yes it's also right here a look at most personas Betto generally are not a meal. Santa said their minister to Syria somewhere out of L.A.. One who passed this suit of us and you can feel very much as this was when I was in the Rancho you know to rant you
know how it is after I sit and think what our how to respond but will say to their horse when those properties are so close to the process but on the where. Yes there's a lady I spoke with this in our race last Cherry case a tamper in the arch area and then asked our Congress Congress sisters to get in the bus a little rare. A programmer as heroes see Number 1 0 0 0 for solamente in camp are lucky scholar my son Cooper says. Importantly no tsunami was the Ranchero sail be on seven Look look a startled when he saw those you
Sinistar going to participate at NSA analysis. Our sources gentleman's And our sources are shown as have paid us a spot I get us a ton of needles put in a round hole place you put two bottles protests get under the needle. Scan for a service on which was a ranchero dress even locally. Socialism but we had no say on the narrow scale Mosport plant but no plant are more loss less share of the Regulus less compared on last back US auto. IBM which are set up will see into the mass close to zero for merely his last year in a skilled ranchero standard needles. Logan your water car will last compared to ski Iran must react to the artwork is it another one written and by the toasts the narrow the tallest apart almost acts as your own is but also in part on beneficial direct to the
logical thought proceeded. As you go over until 7 kill only the art underneath also is enough for some when you turn the foresight to say they respect that. Yes but no one particle to hold compass you know not they were going to sail for Casey. Our going to have a compass you know it was one of the now look at what are called mony one. 11:19 Eric a terrorist but he looked at myself possibly put our compass you know we're going to say let's Tennessee and they want to get us in the time that our compass you know in Tehran yesterday. Yeah yeah I think what in 10 years compressor will last you only what al Maliki's last hour how old you are how are your own your own forces CYNICUS entire NSA leaks Eunice in Ghana last Patronus lost in Belarus
I may was here see number was and there's no only no one probably he told the whole compass you know. SIMPLEMENTE illogical to the last I recall to this encounter is the lady is our compass you know. Not DNA. It's so good. So many pockets of a skeleton in the show rancheros companions can see an H1 taken by young companions around this a.a. Much like us. If you compare a piracy of any piece of work. Yes and if you can stand CHICO No kid in Palo mentor or mentor sold US policy and told the whole compass you know piracy we know it's dishonest courses almost can't be arsed you Solomon to town they're going to solve problems come below. Also the last course was late April where our compass the Provera
resources go south. Sunny tell us. Rest of the populace your own address to the last industrious for pro our second C and use scene and borrow a compass you know to this place you can see our new slogan art but I thought our compass you know it was this in the end if you put a prayer for our Lord. What life Webster politica it in Iraq heroes it's our Howard told the employees excluded the answer is yes the empire they came I said. Yeah California you can use the sauna that there has to Florida and Ohio. I just almost I mean I suppose and I started watching the combine Yes you pick a pocket or a musket ball the most can be out there or if you're lucky to get a compass you know say the porter says that you know you have them by the wrist. Logan was something new on his right. And they took most of the support there
were wells of Baltimore I don't know what the pinas here on the ice pick and yet they're seeing them are over there. Although. Lord over there don't is that a quantity in the can compass enough muscle pre-meal isn't looked up among men last Sunday in the winter yet the employer that I advised to combine yellow that our Hi Laura. Only when the letters on our hands a mussy mass is parked at the NBN. The hopeless induced debt is dumb but I and it's dumb but I am going and what it all meant and all of well those in the world are there that little moment of peace yours says understand gondolas stumpy and the clear policy then. But that's what his Gumby and the compass he know it is and one of the most at the Bell Company Not only will
muscle whether I want it done over someone Chamas local media. When was the local media the alarm as a companion must welcome either. It's one of three says a companion. We're not recess and you look at the overall job but I've seen those that understand it's not going to hold company of not almost almost group already if you also stumble Well Mozambique that a lot of that a little spark of Endemol sister support the mathematics at ambient but I sing out as one of their most fully commented the Compazine organised as you're honest when you're almost there what was in those days were. Yes but almost. The better your new company must see our longer they're there so Allison Eunice misses the way in Seattle. Three in a single represent
full of a lot of precedent is we simply see the secretary or even in this union is what I see out of the door in in move. The community knows your name will not only want to see you mentor we will need to tolo scared when this person asked for an honest supper server solution is a resolution is gone when we got to know where they live. I mean I said Mitchell you can do to all of members but I don't need no sandwich your resolution is but I knew that most model meant a concealment this was whether he was a US own or represented a lot on your own they lie other than decay. I can list other watching don't eat out of the long term and also in what I what is it describe almost disclose it to scuttle the
financial system much as possible to mingle the contact and though it was companion was a he was there with us and the only other one to many tea parties are going to talk to us or if they I said would want them or so must go and I would leave those they use but I must go there they all toss in the couples I just noticed I mean I can look at least a companion. Most of us had all they wanted talk even standing around. So little place. Well then most of what they read about the new owners were going to get you on this. Love where Issa has had a compass in no less a given although Seattle tech as a compass you know north west up in her party means more what IBM on the other encompass you know you have gotten a good look at it. It's the combined European and support that the compass in the belt the Nemesis i.e. But insignia Atlas but I see less income I never know when I use
that lead and there's no medals but this almost freedom is because the most serious and as the new chair or as I will settle into for total While most are where their last group of other Saluja most Aussie horse when I see last year's cassette but I don't want them to or passes me steals what was going by yet other than your theory in the world through to their granddaughter. Yes it did. Somebody was going to make yourself ill remember Mayumi employee it was it was the salon you'll come to see not but is it clear lassie the LTM style of course they just went last year like Jeron not there but I suppose I just thought this I can do what I thought of the upper body else you carry us or rather to mention undergo the killer in general but I want to set a goal of course healer Pora. Part of the time they get no interest on your own. You see a lot of populous hippie souls going to stop
us on the corner when you send your companion said Mitchell where there's a commune so they're going to put medicine but here we have this pain either walking or stressing was Russell never see how the rest on the bottom row rather than the less impressed I don't I said to our class or they were fair to us. We're not going to be on your stylus over here on the list. The narrow park of one of the square law was recently Siculus you and I could only square with her now. Suppose Eunice didn't really combine Yeah. So you know when I said oh look at him. It does this said Matilda. I still owe us young daughters more with it us by their own counsel can take a dump around the office into a special hour.
They put our Los Angeles at our hopper when I combine York a local say especially simple there are plenty of young say you know combined yet also London. Only a quarter mature also Procope I must post about how it is look at you or yours he said. But Atlanta with our knowledge we have a hard sell the line you pass out of most of our history and you can't or not as we are mental or get our heart but I could put the whole of it if you can test in our Heart of Midlothian that's what you know so and so miss us. No we don't then you go in and look at the hopeless played on a remodel. Or it doesn't listen and then when the need on that I see a lot of us were up it was implemented. Let Dunton in the ME THOUGH I say sounding calluses tak our sound effect to some
bs took a carry on which as soon as I get done is to look at their noses here and they can see when I want to. They also you know what I was saying and we chilled in a compass you know nor represent our lives so how does he know you want to supper but they all know you on the date that they see on the local scale. A loan you know not represent our last hour how this relates Eunice that you never meant that the metal lets you honest. He scores a good time in a serious crime which will alter the Rancheros not noticed until the nettle scene OK Ill get it then I suppose there is a control of most of how this would
implement our underwent out in Seattle comparable to replicate. A story they told us been a US dollar when it is in winter in in not arresting your sister and me you know he didn't maybe so your money your money or wanted over this occasion to send me a series went on as they want to do is get our from more than one dollar is taboo and you attack the room where the law was to see you on a sparrow. This human is you know on this your own is a line you parcel the last 11 us human is their LDL and you get a towel and you know in a stop to the new car get told we know where to send ritual. But I was brought up in a way rather provoked up above all look at popular got busy in astronomy said he could have called on me on the list. There where I left
I just want what we see what what will be a sign you are me on this I need to look at the answer. I thought I was almost a woodland in a hopeless case and not for them when the war there most if not almost go out on the ocean by Nia letal Saint-Michel Tambien these are not a lawyer but how impressed Somerset analysis that now most safety and that is that early on was blessed the going beyond this idea that in that settlement how important will neither look at and rather irrelevant to me honest. Sigmund You know where when or you can go in as a master. As you know white out of wedlock one of testimony in a court there for example in one accord as opposed units had set in motion of the new master when I was happy Guinness away no DNA no room but if you were not there when needed.
What are polite lies not one of me it's on this persona and I start in the US until you know it cannot start in the US and so how would you know how or a kind of yellow pole and with very little bit of seal close to the ass who was 20. Look it up it went up to a point where one can just brought them particles have them are a cause or other always to say learn your case. He once said list the meditation I study almost a little while. Look this is the BMA combine on this one coastal North Western when the weather is one for the host Oklahoma's going in would one tell us who are gone but are afraid of the sink was a solid hour DSA got daughters had been there months on Italy and they were stopped by land sea at Daniel's bottles and you know what I don't buy something about that I'm not full of folks in worship then you're
looking at don't be in the other bed or they must decide where this will need arose I said I sent that thought on to those. It's all my own mental quantities as an ascent under pressure bottoms out of the bucket. I went to one of my own homes they're going to he'll see a divine Peace Council be in the month. Wasn't Suborder boss for a while not a long one a little icon by the SL to look at her by that from the host of yeah you look at the Campania because you accept this the better low myopia one lender and go more care no monohull not already and really are thought of as and last se so about a legacy said no. Couldn't they think of me not to her but I said then I thought idea to me that I don't know what a king seminude looks so I don't I want an orthogonal. Then I will experience here that of course is
the squad that I hope you know got together last year one of the Army up well that took a look in that I'm a fairly new number one unless you have to reset my landie they hold the title. It's something I was strong especially solo so no bull on our world. OK so it is deplorable So you blame me sadder when I say you are 71 years and you know I mean listen study a lot and she was going to pull out of that but she is important to you as important I'm asking ranchero America most yelled out reconnaissance with rockets from their home. You know son I cannot be on the point I'm going to Norway says it eventually Singapore system which kind of families can solve
cases per turn and so they were there and I was gone. You cannot pursue Nicholas Brezik at the Old Country sign as a practical way that are harder to get an eye on those three races Nassau. This is what you have is almost Arlanda in a convention and lo the Cleveland one of them in there so you look at me as you and I combined yet of what I said at the alkali water almost have this quality get out of Wes if he says he was edited when together they had but not one that they said well no not that one either one of them but never carry a needle Mickey is the day of the month in court there despite all this and they said that I hold these anomalies in the court there not by a lot but I like I say Can Emma look a mic and say what about a one
and a plan to lock the equal of us percent by year's ability. Really off what I owed it to some was the end of support that I've come to see no female company no local member. Yes whenever they are going by us. If I throw course so much of this is no let me down was a part of the Obamas Well those are my choices to us. He asked leaning north central studios Yes our compass you know for a lot more mass than the mass of the Anglo-Saxon and with that he led us no noise no System 1 million to you and the land is the new one though.
Get down to the probe into the group wherein there is a reason I see men sit in the NEWSROOM understand what I want over the Camino like compass you know. The second one which was mass compassing most people here know better or because somewhere in combine your loneliness. Kerry says. Then one mass incident is there then in your skin I seen one of those scenes here then tears in yours because somewhere in the south side is often a sign and then I see those a little crazier security that then I see those wherein I wanted out. He just wanted some we see in place. Notices processors saw the need for silence bottom of the sea port lemme see that after our harvest they are out in the world to see justice it was and
course they went well though. No point in one service is probably barely seen this is it up on a person and this is taboo. Or not. Without opening up time you made a killing you know. Say on your side lovely. Is this coarseness. Yes of course and up when I was up in south. So dummy in the US kills multiples. I use computers like I keep inside in s so we import a country when the rest of New York where in their readiness either will see the same most posts. Yeah yeah yeah yeah this is real your seat or your seat top it all be in for part of the hour hand though and I just don't want to be and oh yes a and b empty
bottles. Needle CC There are some of these posters which are which you have the time in our thirst for media were there Mr seahorse little question that Mr S.. It was going to rain a lot of pressure and went in the gas cause haters in a spiral lose ya mostly see that in a good idea that Moss is one of those I don't that with a kind of a media when they need it or that the noise didn't cause a bit of cinematic Gokhan all of Ninos but in a medical exam one of the little guy in a gondola square love ambient Gonzales was. Beside me and what I saw another yet from a list a lot of victims were still his companion as they get almost get all of the horse and when Moses to get ambulances glasses stop being to say I'm one of them. The part of the couple that with the love of color that they were
set up almost out of nowhere that this plea deal HORACE Well the record of scrapple similar warden notice protects you unless. You want to see them of the law looked almost in the book I hoped I would have brought up well you know the whole name of the time being especially meant them a sort of family. I said going to get almost where I mention abducted no citizen really is the proximal main goal being to raise your voice to say about a car or LA Marcha he was proposing to scrimp on your ass since you are an oyster so leave the dad and mistress at a minus Williston's repeat on me you know what there is in the human sack of what they are owed rancheros they cannot tell me this post was a year when those models thought those bomb was safe in their prayer ministers rituals when the alarm was there the last good a man who will use just one headline nothing on a scale continuous I will go bomb a subset of the
the lower leg Esther says the Internet was here. Yes but almost a center said it was your superior skill on your own is that all of this into Montana. I don't know Korea most Guevara established close to our years ago up it or there is a searcher. We see the Nikkei continue to complain you're also the most thoughtful person I can to scooch or respect in a day in when I worked on the tender last day. But because somebody else on see it they were sure what Oprah told by Yakima said We important see being Kalyan and that our hard on Santa can also reason the important day can also be seen I think almost a year and I was
standing there on tele until a Paula when I wanted up with Colorado sorry standpoint I was complaining over the sale of a car which is when I choose one or the Yankee land or want to see another year. He asked again is in your lower Lancaster City and there and I was here said We important to combine your toes again Ningaloo know deckers can but look at them when I'm not. You know. When I see a player Your mother must have the seat up or I want to go that they lied in their program I would not use that as yes I see it more important day so they get there is more important than typical Luciano was here Solomon. Opal us through how it is a bunch of beat Army they have us here at our campus you know the tallest of the Washington or honest ones and it's our hope for the tallest Hello Norse
element in rancho. The ranch owner is then in the own contralto calling up one of the laws of modern chose one of his comments I want to ask you look at the most. I said what are ill remember what they spoke at all is a modern chill Obamacare he said and I knew that. I mean they didn't add up all the Paris terrorist I mean Lauren she knows them as one of the nurses corps such as you. But I on the yes I was looking about her and more importantly she adventurous upon the new part of Pierre can turn the whole divorce. I mean I was there I was on years but I said I respect that most of that age when you know so little of the body I want to live up to and I want to tell her that there's that material metal for her but I mean when I really see the bottle let them go. But in pursuit of a simple bright eyed bushy tailed little.
Said why don't you see us but almost in a cafe see Tori said this was a this is America. Yes Dando. Personas sort of represent seem to cut loose. Actually the they're sorely needed there but they seem to cut those very importantly So a lot of their local pride took a look at stuff. While this one will benefit is consistent PV and it's been almost in every aisle in it's by no yellow to no motioning toward a spaniel companion us here is a look a look a step in the
middle of a something that isn't there or something we need to just almost get in the top or not at all without any sort of a look at the economy that means what about the weather. When you have you and the NSA stand with us but almost get a better time in there most of us want to get on my part of telemarketers are also. We have been one of the lead someone on the matter. And yes you know like I wanted to know exactly. I mean isn't which important here also yet understands BIOS and combine you know Rafael stories
with theorists for use when they're quite early. There was talk you know Rafael theaters for one of those personas Caselli I don't impede I mean he is there for it will be on the record as to when they say well it up one of the most doors last bit was also Prezi us in five years you know you didn't see them in their face you know for me I'm a little on your own while NO PUEDO Sarah could be added to what I said with a reader. But all I want to see that almost I'm stuck on though the records are not on the side used but I use it where people just buy the rest. Person ask a simple yes in Corporate I cannot always be important to create a put on. See member of the new pope but you know so much that I want all of that I mean to come on their own dollar for it I also must see in Memphis. A source said sucess complain you know
better what I want to know what I would say they are Yakima asked of us and he was a card on the phone to stymie and sort of the nice units public a lot of the spittle stuff. He played us going to go see played on Monday when the letter said. My sentiment that I see the media as pilot is there are filed orders with the address on pittance it was a memory I'll open it in Normally there's a file folders with the address. But again people not so normally put also said in the least it was a wonder yes a lot of cuerpo were the sailors only reported the ARCA when I used to skate but don't tell you that on there when I'm on it all you want to keep on the little research I mean a low spot is ahead but ok SEPA decades persona skate a lot on UK that are not required for this concert Sue by a
Buenas Noches
The Farmworkers' Union
Producing Organization
Contributing Organization
KDNA (Granger, Washington)
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Other Description
Buenas Noches is a public affairs talk show which focuses mainly on issues directly affecting the Latinx community in Washington State.
Two representatives from The Farmworkers' Union offer a summary of current and programmed activities, along with the description of laborer's work conditions in relation to the laws and practices in other industries. Their presentation analyzes low salaries, employers' non-compliance with the law that guarantee benefits and protection such as providing water to drink and wash their hands, sanitary installations, and more. The Farmworkers' Union calls for participation of all laborers in the area to a scheduled protest to request collective bargaining contracts that guarantee just salaries and the same rights, benefits and protection that the law offers to workers of other industries.
Broadcast Date
Public Affairs
Spanish Language
Union de Campesinos
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Producing Organization: KDNA
Speaker: Villanueva, Tomas
Speaker: Nicacio, Bill
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Identifier: BN143 (KDNA)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Generation: Original
Duration: 01:00:00
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