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Yeah but you think. You know. You're.
Right benefit I got get got out. Got it. We were not just almost since a program we're not just as the loon is the MBA they meet in the snow when we said well it would give US economy but then war. I'll continue to go. Course a
whole semester for the city when I see the number was the number of us that the stairmaster the most when I was important this. Your dishonesty on the matter important this but not the most important this just common summers going on when I can see honest blundered and when I saw my cares and I see that because I am and she can assist this newest I mean morass army. All men most understand the interest of us how they're going to throw by us to see no one with her but he can. Simple they're lonely on the compass Enos and the people they will need on the compass he must put the program is the girl I love the Compazine but will not going to most boys
top and programa elemental Jornada which will then sandal. Then with that us a lot of us our compass see now like it that our English give get in those figures those who need us better get their ass at me he can whiz by in your London porter the attic giving us his ruling where he is most of us are you almost sang to one of the little dress. This is simply of a sick. That was the initial form of the pencil. He gave the Emperor casino will revisit those plans are most that having a monitor but will see similar with steady eyes the there are a lot of book or amend the minister only on the compass in the lab or you are asked to see it there What will
yours or the sang Give me your so this raises is a sin due to your so this appeal more in the study of us is the. Import of their lies if I didn't ask a thing I must be in the van with us that neither of us are there is that only that we're going to talk to those who need us the numbers were there in total Novellus for that by stand their ground. Another What I see on is your god although we are not doing well are. Seriously I can make a measurement of us went to boiler boy said Mr.. I see that it was while many have said to me what he meant was that he is Sunita
but I never did and was only here and there are meant to get there and get a part of the war that most didn't fire a scene as for Nemo stalls Newport like the numbers of the really Huron SIMPLEMENTE the friends he was with were going to start with a lot of Thomas Moore in with a lot of dumb ass go to the sick get better or really that is the lonely that we will need to your regiment in north say good idea you'll keep with it I said but they will need is a hint that you need a software Sir Ross Compazine knows is the is the most of them know. This is perfectly normal but a sort of chair all US company as this is going to have meant the most honest I mean most
of that as a matter of minutes combine your services that are borderless the Fijians yes but also you know the video said no stock will settle for day one solid I would need up on occasion the most. Granted even for one comedian when I get on better that book and really that is the name was just over my sweater so the euro is the port in a society or in most of us a member of the law of us and I see that as one channels that really that is book was the center sort of thing I was told by NSA that gate not so well known and was told there was no sin will get a better man and probably must not get out and walk off and then I simply meant to say Meta in a most voyeur.
The part of the illness but it's on us. You could OK if as president I would be ample that me in to be out on the mental side of the border has this given us he won't get us to put out those little sort of battles he lament that the pedo see the numbers the numbers cannot divorce is there. Hint dick is not Iraqi It is by stand there by stand by stand where the the better your soul that our hand they get their argument put them will get their lackey. Yes he meant their well Fisi comment of a system infamous then we just one of us is there you are the last person to ask a modern OS because in the leaver mentee there is a bundle of Easter no import of us is our going to war. Your move was that I thought
US persuade us to get on board. Your Brendel. Yes look it up in there there was a massacre of them up in the lives we lead the garden of course are your psych I'm a bus or yeah the lemons you want to. So go ask a large hand the left I put on my skin or sand. Just as because 10 of which I'm a veteran and legalistically there begin granular but then the populace over 100 can predict when you're so young Nicky there they're going to be a horror of us it was the same man I used to Domingo meant of course that I can laugh yes there while hoping you wouldn't say this you're trying to see me every month when your little Iskandar are part of the ending many say this is going to organise Not that I'm lacking
for me I'll go. Could also only IMO stand a lot and say on local accounts the norm which actually they will sort of annoy some listening when I lay the scene look at you I will lay you you can swipe us have knowledge just a signal a while just what I handle the hell would I know you don't want something never bloody said rather your we you know make you submit there and not a problem but all seem am I stand a lot and see you in the law school openness. You size the home and I got the Neil boss will be there but as a message also enough for mark him and all the hope you can so positively calmly entitlement the US from an era of Darkover has one moaned all the damn was there seven. Look at that AM was custodian by the toast but on hold you know but I thought of he
see me I'm with you lot than see you on the most I guess is the home and that is the come get us woman tell you that was a guest on CNN or OK I'll look at that damage a several game Osage you. Seen all of the same ones when if you see Addison who went to grad It was a bit of ackee them and see who's going to see it on court under spot are we. Gimme the week went that is the Sega committee everybody's going to see what I will say they use their 100 in which you can handle a war is one of the I get a higher and you have a Rose Bay door. In here to form your message and talk I would say they're US in love or my case when she was in what they left but I was beside the book were there years and really that is going to Sonoma get on with their
list by this time you know. SIMPLEMENTE story done so look away year UK as the horn man. Me I'm with you lot and the uncle Lot Going to spell out as can many of us and are most of the U.S. as our latest list but we know the enduring format that we got on our legacy will sort of look at the time was the US Air is organised not be evidence of the stool use Holderness not be of them. Is it is our border Tony that was in a sort of almost good evil then there is hope for Tunisia. The man was this a legionary a sour look at the end of the ethical look at the NE a second or better the evil and those this is the normal get on top of each other to organise Ikea Natalee that more
is than in within a sara sara get on this. There is one other of the never saw prophecy Arness a mooch off your comedy or part from and they are good eye level. Do you get the needle no port in the latest us their home stop at our home I mean when I lobby they'll eat the numbers from the hamper or Arky. Here's billions yes you do but I'm adamant together the any thing in the quote that I knew mean declared Darius guest but insist as the new do as often as quanta of the input Guinness to get there when you take yourself only with a little thing going and get enough of the needles. This went up a soda Mrs. Betty and yes with every storm which will
come with another Ali look at society this will experience yet this the CSA was missing when you saw this by a stone book or more real than this with just the sort of thoughts that they say whoa and get these to get the gold to go get them get others elevator they need all of that almost 30 but I was holding this whiskey and noticed that I had done better or you're not up with the ethical wasit I'll go on my home phone not only on the whole business. My parents and they're going to get in the room but lead him home and leave you. OK. Spirit there is in their ass and I don't see
them as you only care when MBA going your way of Arras the whole going to getting better or is it better or see is more important than a book of them and you're not of your London who do I go home in the name Milo again of the mass. This will move when all this will be a thought up in Sunday if they open on the butt out there. Or honest them in the withholding to see me. I stick to him law but I think annoys them. Does this give me now in the new left the mouth is equal obviously is less so and they see this will delay the whole thing off and they're looking this up at all. Get on with this was in the way. Yes or single in the city the lost the support this was seen the lot of us want some pork barrel it was going to do that. Cause at them and in the US to start
this war because you want to commit a young man just don't call a hugh again you see is to me a bit of magic and makes us the sixth a little and say give the psyche. They went and did the star of the book. If so by your side I will not only see people suppose that me swings on to put the middle of said most instead only four million assuming both of them will more chill and my sisters the man will get out of the final there with them printed out that they might be on your saw. Fortunately they put ins and as they get a whiff of their biting while up with this. It is so Russell must let them get them on the bus and we put them in then on the familiar bit all their own specific a must that I call this Lee. Yes again I mean by that NO NO NO NO MA It is little question that mean propose
in the say when I'm out in the Alice was eagle I mean sort of way that he welcomed by the most critical bit of his own money at us and make the civic a mosque where the in there like us a ball that me in particular this question is one of our guests will get go different angles I'm going to get that I have done a lot of Lacy costumers settings yet and Bonser stamp on it sort of them like you want to see it told me so when you weigh it out a lot of Gandhi not me second that is if you just put the angle there that I said I meant in all but a set of some bogus was not put in rules. Mobile the mobility wanting a lot of me me a second that yes I did Mrs.. But all of this body against advice giver giving the support of the advice you get. And that you know that I'm not because I don't but I but a political later played out on me Judy. We're so glad to get away as it opens our other they gave us those who have been so your boy you're going almost by the end so I guess the
case may be still going as we heard there you'll see he thought man that you could see a cable to the middle that is I would joke that I had a brother you got on me Mama Tambien. I'm a set amount of mushy cause Monday out of the narrow camel that looks better our eyes. Ya lost causes but it's a good one Gumby and the me what might be inside of them Dan Quayle the veil there they be the B and E could OK it's more your border born already. Yes they're going to a lot of honest books that whistling that if you look at those whole cancer lobby that savvy and the organist are supporting me is more use of in the you know out of the Will bustle be gone which means that it's possible. He asked them to call them at their own up because you know this better OK. A massive thing but only in order to see the scale in this it's in a seat on a society. Yes the Yorkie she had just read the bite of the farm to farm you know what a mammal deal of a second thing for
me about I guess then seen as to the attic and they help what there was also so I store the all is there was good counting or in get more I'm a hoarder but as you don't get a list of you know I must get really good they almost say I'm a hoarder but I said you got to set out again. Before Do you recall Harold when will the lobby that Moyo masculist really but I mean like mass audience will be new on this that is. But as a whole when it's gives those on the whole so as to the put a little more they will they are look at us as bad as. Yes. Don't open up over there. Well because implement the analytical spoils them jumping on the stubborn it being a game up inside a name fatherless kwil of it up it will go more it up was where the front of the shop was a get away at the new model go buy it out of Ottawa you know set out with a course on more bloke and I keep it up but I just you know you're if you put it will disappoint your idea. They had also squared up with how they landed upon the bomb only than the trace your course
for there must be of what I was supposed to when I was one of those who are in a scale business which was the whole of the Opa-Locka look a meter away looked dollars the has been home an escape. Commission makers on the bin they know one of our classes is they look at the Tennis Channel of going to his dentist which I know someone who employs a but I used to see and read it out of the SE are an opportunity that the killer's DNA or they could use the we're noble when the winner of the letter you're going to get ahead is the homing. Under the law persona K.. Alice not that of the I guess to her saying which is this because out
of Iran and alone or the course of several courses when I want a persona home and she is better than you're going to say. Well over our local gettable Hovan there the governor so you see what I see will the most hollow Lecia you so there are no contemporary to the meat I see on well I'm normally scared thinking just as I had originally asked that of the US and that we are learning that the minister would have put it in the belly so to me that I see on it was a program of the program of the lodge and I was I guess persona skills here also solicit to poor lodge and they also supported the MBO. I couldn't say. It is 100 percent but I was there this poor there that I may not eat well when I get out of this. Commander Salem horse scene
barely seen the edge of their I said Rotha or trust only C2 but our solicitors will receive and have permanent their personel of the I don't think the mess is this was a case of Superman to me so important. He would just prefer not to live in Seattle so strange that messes you know Sampras and they were going to list all the Washington and folks like you know the least. But I say but as soon as you see it on so who really said to Elysium Superman. Yes his personas no one HUO to solicit to or else they would know pastoral but I sort of sense a better man and easily broken down on us are ya know. Your almost all the companero see you on the day care see unless he has run of it but I. Your personal mental image though I guess persona. Get Thin is a problem I can on.
So you do but a lot of sense are paramount and they're not they're in power through the airport as a rule the more the puzzle the MBO you Lizzie west of the men and women Josias paralyse Yes little as that is your poem of content on those. Bengal grass a all me me received NCA Betto Arcos can all at the end and if they get in an opportunity that they have. He says Hello Nick Upperton and I worry that you croak of almost all the música he wrote about the guy he can honestly come by at a horse and he used to think I see that kind of has this could channel with I got a level of domicile I can fancy the honest look at the end of that a Sandow came out of the sea and lost us when it was better yam and mostly they cannot solve it get so real DeMarcus thermostat on the well your most concern over the summer.
Didn't he know that he didn't get it. I don't think that anything you know it's up. To Daniel died in the book. Look at me like.
That me. Please come back. He said he'd be there. He is one of my list don't get I don't believe in the Lord for the better. But again look out of the way it is like he had any want to call or the goal setting here and I'm going to Mordor the me
that he can't be there. When I was the most I thought of that I guess once a programmer when I was not just. Now was body of body of their muscles so to so little law me let me see on Law square law. He I'll go I'll go the name of a home go beyond the commo. Power of the Laconia is they get overly sour as Brazil men did alone on the campus in New York at the programme my school see are meant to Parra balloonist was total total lunar says Purcell a programme about bottle compass in the car compass enough
he has which is there is gonna wear no serial campesino Elida And is there I'm just going to ask a sandwich you just get stamp of the CVS in Minnesota's compass enough that I see Amanda of what an amen to that of the compass you know. I kill me there are some messages there as I get there has to either so soon or so sanguine and last released by our local me that I get are one and not as industrious. He is Purcell meant a lot of requests. I am honest I sang Mr. Slaughter must be that I was is that most of us. Yeah this is our saddles and one of the most bizarre Kemal border fun.
And we're one of sympathy in a total US dollars those affect those young voters whose Compazine but as a gay Muslim man has enough but I think more were front when I'm not going to more than one commissary Mon. But this is their gas company know their media or their way they were owned and sort of alone in the compass you know they were in a sort of put Remember alone neons remember diva look well miss indoor we also look at our go not all be in Canal is perfect but all I can say me oh look at our own Look brother said to a more caves in a sea but out of all those mean most. But honest to see who's in and who to stay with us. Guinness thank Andrea and sort of mean most alone I mean but our St. Louis Chamas Bahaullah
Candia will endorse us but when asked who knew sing Sumant then sat there where most said Brasil where their souls who need us. But I've been here but I can really learn of medicine has come out how this has there this intolerance in those areas in source it would answer as Mary caused to be there in beneficial back I see Ornish or cause us to live in a fish and he'll compass you know not the NRA. Nor say I would need the childhood of the mentee as one of the numbers nother He never going to consume get it but it was dumb of course and really the sort of the normal I could buy your he was the put your sigil our historian is that there are two on which I had to
commute to compare scene of the world or the multi-lateral sic it had it. They were discourses I was pleased to see them which is unfair to man. He may want to not just double up but I was just about to say you were not just get this. So I sort of see that they'll see that you're not a REAL see that scene OK or put up in a sauna.
It is a persona ice the moment August mood your mood you will see that. So you consider in this time previous to easy to go in a car or have a nice time not to discuss. Too So either child work is more important than a good joke is that much of a replica on the last city you care system from will see that equal more AFAIK that poll of polls in most sources that they would model or throw it in this is indeed of the name was David near. So raise them from the second leg. When I leave there are six while investors know
no one yet and see on a particle model almost as I said that there were more there are no they were AP There are no not in a fim when I see em I see their own epidemic you know. No I could have your Medica initials momentousness to Atlanta again broke when I was 31 and this could tell us a lot of us in the east as their muscles could travel amphetamine like Collins and was a part of it will be its ok massive look at human soldiers there in a company that most of our present daughters and most of our live it is a local money that he sees a speech OK muchos no mass no nor not common in Syria that he gave. Display system which has to be and look at this constant the impulse the intensity I scootch Atlanta this and where they were at the ABC
honest I'm not sure that the living should represent that and that enemy and the recess and lot of the ABC and whether they would just assume that by New York I mean talk of moosic up again not what Guinness said when I made it as your one that reflects your own up inside. She is dissed by the familiar sisters bypasses his mama. See my martini horse or see who's domestic which only Solomon does when I'm asked to sort out this you want to see horse was used this pop up book is Bubo as they were dying every other so familiar. See given for me cause he was in Newport I give it a plug because I'm going to propose it but as this is more important because of the the more go opportunity that the community got the platic card one honest problem of mass into the centers must say deos most.
Missus says to this day they get no mas no they meant the SS or the community got to see implemented platic boneheadedness you are now the sorrow your. There is a list of pro-Yoko most accuracy in the calmest camp in sand saunas courses to the end is going to stand in Leicester Square last notes of a most see no eye platic I must have a most CC nor lost a school chum was enormous but I must ask which I have last seen a sort of muscle mass but I want us. Aquatic when no elite most get em almost mostly scummy almost by nearly as I was a Comair last I'm going to contact a few sequel lover has told me he will be away contempt reserved than than excelente by Mario sayas accuracy and honesty I can see
in the amount of that it buy this ticket when the seven A-list Quilla Paris is siesta with our no bias against a cover like America see on us. Bicycle as a child was on that Alice Quilla is almost killed my is through the canal and I think I will get it to a sorrow you like America's your Massey Massey as a menace. Glad it was problematic but can you know see and understand your blundering less E.M. complete guys that is that course is that with you on the bloody nose. Better bloody goddess either of em was the catalyst. The law said you know the law the laws the law relievedly guess you'll see that your trust must damn US them. I mean the last drop us lobby them to stand in West throw spread losin the truth virus in a square last. Most all of the yes and the second a lame was that television also since Ania and one of the personas
Ganci who are a status lost personas where through a consequence of robust iPad a second wife in Milan was good we were broke and ruckus a study of our more cargo area of the pending in get an active we will look the other day was dead calm up by my mother the horsey familiar and I started to get a new cover star. Want That is your point is that US WE who is WE. And this just into CNN is a lot over him as a lot in the sea on la Muerte good luck consequence a lot of us will see then tell mother started last year now go by me and I like be they drove us to studios which was to put away of NSA. One almost two years my ass. Get get get a competitive this anticipates the rest of the beast as it is yes it can travel how it can be seen us most proud then this game is even accused by the ecumenist rice it is
a song about how this company knows what my audience I mean motorhome and as much as Hovan has sold their US organise to your program in California and Oregon and Washington Capitals when as I lost we lost a man and as we now is a lack of said childless we now Lizzie. There wasn't around when he was come placer 6 while in my cheese mall a simple hazard is so messy that physicalism you know nothing works because an astonishing bit of labor that is Casey last in your list though. Say I say. Rap either meant to not be and some know stompin Sandow. Persona but at the noon hour lesson 6 one not not like apples are not in you know anti the others of a lawsuit. He well meant the Darla and fair game. The then does your Does your tour this is happen
Sandow in sudden alarm or was cando own Nero embezzlers or see that oil in the air I knew my pant doggy experimenting on a 6 x Well you know Guppy inside of our own. By not the never lets us get as your Madame in at in your last you wanna score not of us. Harris cannot as more hear this guy he says as a woman but I mean yes. Also then their mother suddenly. Yes so will you also look at it must always give this kid a Viendo Vito's vidos get Master out of the Kowsar. See there is so is so is this OS and see the. I see a guy up a sadder you'll see that Jaeger hour could really see her a cease impediment as
personas. THEY'LL SEE THE WONDER LIST of weirdos in their mother sang the productivity at 6 while wonder Nypro Pixie on. The stimulus sang we can I guess personas Kristan of the US it is in yet then as robust for love and used the same persistence persona. But cannot get a much better stunt. I mooch are hinting just personas However there are no sort of us give us the element this time either. I might just organise this can experiment POW one other over either splitting up with inside leave this arctic sea on a mass in mass in London in Latics Your Yes I think your last year are they must believe also I mean perilous a lot Bamiyan lost where they are called by air is same for me that religious am and see the story of limbo than see this for not you know
do the bloody guys that much and when I notice ill see the OT obvious and biochemist I want to land. They'll see the innocuous evidence in August I'm not sure. Sentence there are this concept comedy can't this is but for what is good use events O'Gara not serious would rather go on a locum be our business your musical Iraqis who saw you those askance in the limo seacoast a Nazi and killer music as my last in there. I leave it for my see on your list I was there not it I mean as a Mucho Macho a lot but I was there this stopped at the condo they wanted us to go sinus when they gave me insane you mucho give me a joke at me you go. Our complain there are scores of the most the most settle man know this the Nuestro money that they got more knowledge of ammo soon as I was so close they
call more than most in this that the year I missed the moon of the legitimacy of a city imposed on corporal. Get them pronto surpass a good fun of course I skip almost and sat a few summers at the employee and he gets one of us cause us to not send us a scrap and see no sign most of the employee in Tambien welfare wanted that we stuck him a while as though they were good. When an essential company this either complete or when I was a savvy persona I can even put a star of lava spine your eagle or persona Linea Seether persona up in Sunda course us they'll see there is that honest their own body in Portland. Let's get all these you guys Demento killer persona when a persona Cattolica
the leaker buy the ticket he is there that they gave Deniece either the law or public government video because he meant it is so we can train control model. If we want him experience here for one interview. Good okay muscle sinus you know this president of Easter is persona moody or this either as you suggest are not chickens this is good when they stop blood over content by the barrow. Davis said I'm OK. I enlisted the impasse so while my stand in as my nose then was struck the other guests allowed illo Nneka
supermarket with a who's got the most as we this one that we've the most insane NSA been thinking the persona in your stupor to understand not your mood your mood your mood your they'll see that if ill intent to compare to this is not an asset who's God. DAVIS see no chatter I want a persona. Prophecy on there are really heroes or equal or crass personas Ambien and multiple the need for dentist prophecy Arness was Doc taught us what he also is known as the study cause he put us in the most get him which took without a healer they were put in one go he says are locked in this year the who's got us candle is kindly saddles one door you are Muslim not common is active duty not at home in La La. LA post to it I like to do it. Persona
as a nominee is one up in a sauna sauna for your victim. I see that. You have almost as if I want a companion. Yes. I say come on yours. Provide only. You don't. He saw the opposite. And dances but I must go sign yours. Be gone on as I think would be that you all of you know that all about us about most of you see me you are in for my own. Person. Moscow man I was being fed all
this fancy and. Out of my last courses they were there in the north. That's nice cause I steep. And don't have the spending of money that lap I ever seen in Portland. I can Portman going on especially. When I see them. When no. One knew very X only one mentor. Examine us. For the momentum. That we had my problem of course is that's not all young.
And don't sit by me. Leave the part out going on me. No not all the up inside Anonymous you know like you don't even see that either. I want to see in Bob's way go I don't. Want to live in it. I said who are. You know you don't know that I thought I think you know. Peter. The markets have yet. Nor must you already be nice to get your. We all draw me go. And contest this week on this special Easter. We pray about it. Yes. He said the opposite. Eve all this Wednesday I saw the MC or a polo man or so below us and when.
We saw the enormous auntie in Wisconsin are good pussy even. If we don't know what vast. Corner vs go the next morning I've done myself a. Lot of noise. No no getting out of the hammock. And dance as we leave us a comment on that very. Moment they leave us. And. Single me. Like that live half an hour. On. Capitol where I go people mostly and that's it. So I would just say I weighed. 100 pounds by the time I was at the bottom. So I've been at it from the back of a
fight and back you know if I happen to see he made the New York people never like either like the men tell us don't think Parliament driving me home. You can ask that I will not draw guard experiment. In pay say I cannot leave it out. He also knows that I get to say me your style norm are busy commenting that I thought I am not your problem hire moved your. Daughter near Bastogne. Nap. And maybe at the. Time in the US was where.
I happily. You know. When or where or what on New York I said we called for an online store. So obviously you have the storm will be there. Live this was what I mean and don't disease nobody sees you on there on your part. Seeing
as I cause a boy from nowhere. And on this one me me see it on the north says diagnosis. And in place they can program a lot of. Men are men only for Media and other minor ones. Listen I play Portal a photo op of the year. Yeah. North side of the me me me papa and dances and out with a big load in your mind on and on. Oh more rapid our men will be our own army up or you. Know neither.
Better nor without live there so they woud large in maintaining their guard Larpenteur my email or my newest common like I live here most are glad of it to be and I are online. In the answer since they have a lot more Speak low or no other number that we should also not see past us. An article. In the advantage of you also your own lot of glasses of yours cannot. The more I think. Of the math by the. Bangle doing all broke up a new door so this. Isn't the most remote one at the. Top
that the. Indices not know some people Miss Breen most. Noise or I suppose are they all voice in that manner in terms of x you know I don't go on. How are you. That was their concern. How are you going savin article. I mean look. You know one of the sad LOT of course is we thought it was member of The New Yorker and that was my last month marks and you don't see any of the reaction and I don't we can't give all the muscles of. Your stomach when to go and. When you go in for me so very your own I forgot about the other sources we passed it up I mean. When I was out of the Alaska Washington Oregon Idaho you know
on. Our live blog from commenting on the sea on the island for me that he almost equally. And. He. Told us Dunham would just blast his poor esophagus. Support the war nor their school in the middle of it. The Escondido I mean you know post-Castro one don't know. How this is going and was born in a monastery all must be. In summit on the. Way to go for modern. Informs me as you stand there you are a glow on one set of youth Your They were bought out last salute them. Either. We.
Wipe of course they will spill or Greece is there something that you're important. E a r n s are there for your you their rights your lesson for my on this you know. Eat to get on our yard was Doris does medical science have not this. Particular this. Is serious this ppl need legal product and the thought of the nor' nor' nor' nor'. West going for years. Well I'm going to back and get the map out your place. They're almost human value. You don't attack me and for transcatheter ask I'll make it even more.
Guard forces even employ. Them in their care you are called to start protocol and pose as a pre-med to be a they my you. That I mean they've gone on to star as last Christmas card balance of evil. In those last year. We positiva no escape in the last either. No better or localised. Don't go. Yet either kill all of your most just called Yahoo and. So you know I'm almost there latterly that they love it I'm. Not involved in their own demons. When the. Market out of is going to. Come with a moment of. Horror
as I live here and we need back in Portland and. You know me someone else confess your own. This is this. Is CNN. Is Fosler conference out of Boston and commences to another guest going there. And see that. The event. Lasts from. Where you. Live. When it gets better and that is so grave you know also on almost all of the non-winning I are going to reveal. In terms of Esperanza. Last year. But I've gotten a sort of course either. Is there somebody can tell you what happened to some of that apathy is going to happen
and. That I can handle on campus you know. When I went back home when you got to watch even. When up I meant this sort of was in the north who experiment with. No noise bought me. Personally done. It's nice to be the. Right Thing and. Whether we ignore our troubles or the dark passage. And encourage my. Support group for their own more. Yes you want your persona on M M E and E
minor the most by this would be of course probably mass mistresses but I want to ask him almost I was going to. Turn this could be in the chart and concert. If you see it then everyone will not be too many. For me. Glad you're Yeah. No wedding. And. My my are you more. You know simply I will I will ask bender. Yeah same as it was I have no opinion on a lazy tea at the moment. In those onions must be one of their. Guns as me maybe that is sort of you know how much I care like what are you going to see that he got them and I don't see that on our own seeing where all the noise from the almost important as I said I'm. Working towards one of them will be here. Then I don't worry about
cholesterol. You know for a heart attack I don't worry. And then with me is my. Mother. And I mentor them with. The One. You so. Well and so. People that your said he. Passed he was not around no no no no but I'm also cool ill be you know when I'm out loud. When I'm out on the one going to another talking to our community that go into Parliament for the last year or six while the
poor of the raga Years Eve our. Own CV around. That and I was very near. With us like to do this. Flu last either cancer nor sun casting goes there your storm opportunely that is spot on also throws very near loss loss. In one hour that our luck goes on we might. Begin with this. I said like I did I thought I was christened. Isn't the mental part I like Riyadh. Can Move your system up and see. You are. We own a company and you could organise. Things like either. Rob live and. I'm glad I'm going to have been of
important development. Looking back at it. More than. That are not. Yet up on the things. We work on. That I love and be with and I think God knew this in. The gas is recommending not just what I was watching. It's good to have a
dormir. And those were my last battle goes. On but I just never saw on that score last year. This could be out of order. He just. Got a pass I'll ask him and ask people. If they're decent give us a full time job for tomorrow. It's important for them. Lar. I think most of them and I think.
They may experience a thought all. Part of the answer. Is simple IMMA. Buy one hope of me that. He that I will mourn we've. Lost some of the moment of not my thing. But then I want to get on with our. Constant. They. Are in my car for my. Own problematic you know scone the viewer was me in telling him
they can conclude that you are better with movies to deal. On Debian. And nonsense than men play one or more savage don't exist. Well we don't. Want to spoil him for example one chapter Yeah your style and your giving and all but after our last I mean God bless prostitute and whatever I want or need that I want on a silent C a year vital we don't normally see in court next year on whether our Savior. And those which was not not he asked have sex on top or so on his passing those sacks of on other persona on him. S up and so on I think so and those of the military personel with me
and don't ever go. There many people nor their parents out of the plan they are not gods men either. You are in the US so. I say have sex so clued up or some of this going to see the next you know those implementors the exact people this NG. Will be. In Also I mean most of you know whether then for the bottom of the sign you are not. Your family members and I defend. Myself. I'm going to mean all spent on. The pending lock on the sea on the New
York last infamy. That is more than 11000 that would have been recommended to unsaddle muse more or less see that light indeed died they will infamy that homosex while that annoying ass can win. We just bought it there's a lot Erica. Is that when you got the last one is pro-sex wireless. You know a lot of actual progress. The other way go global so I. The way Go live among them we have more on and means more money than me and also money. Lowkey I'm almost are AIDS related complex going business when you are.
Come on my last and I want to see if you see it it's cool that we. Not just what are ya gonna last you done. What are you going to Klaatu you spend you Cmdr. It's probably got up a storm and you fix you and then you don't analyse the vampire that lets you see aren't this prince I want to know it all more better or soon will the last person on earth case Unix quest on you know you want to reverse that or what are these and you know. That myopia will mean a youth hostel. By the defendant get up in the. Morning papers no news. From all of you about.
Your mind that's when you find the mythical. Compass. When. Informants. And without. Their own. People their movement called in federal government the noise will mourn still exist. Without our will. Seen waste is the sea of people they will sysadmin us cause us all they must put their. Own pride and if effect on men and men and dogs is what I want up a sore neck. Who sits. Around men to know why that would probably mean it's not a personal attack you know and. You know planning to be the. Boss who's
fantastic on Cornell with insight which once was actually a school of thought is that you. Do not have an affair. And might get found that might. Almost have a lesson in what is more or less. Right or lucky. Back to that six who are. Duty. We are in the same way you are. I would say he. Proves himself to be a man. And as long as people feel that. They're going to take risks they shouldn't.
So that apparently is going to happen and I remember that moment then went on but I was on this I don't mean a minute. That I almost called them for their lack of good I mean. Seem. Very obvious we all but. You know where you go be to walk it. We can hear the drum you know that almost next to it like I do what I will that then the NCI then most homo sex while people are checked it out and don't say it's not for their Morse satellites or activity by stunt risky risky. Projects you know. With a defunct I mean
you're in the home from your clock you see your coke you see. The sexuality that we eat. You know noise nastiness we see or. Look of almost like a serious set of laws of course is a problem of what I thought was said I mean he knows that are. No import import. I was back there lying on my time looking for someone. To listen beat than I when I left square last and it will. Be listen we've done what I can with that backing and have an equal or. Better than a graphic that I'm going to be going to. The movies. I wouldn't go. Through the whole.
Cannot have all been there would be an aspirant I value them. ENOUGH TO GET AN IMPORTANT THAT. Mark up want to see of course it is important that if you see the bookcase now most. Of the time know they will be seeing gloss that I put in with my experience here. No oblong was moved to a dense excell no oblong most moved very loud as this movie diffuse and better than ever about what he. Said Law School Law Schools my law schools us in the moment anarchy and effect on us or promises. So many things. A lot more
some of us like less and less. If I'm going to have learned nothing about what I thought I was I mean in my hand then dapat up your get out of Iraq and inspect decreases illegal be at NYCO my last least don't bother to cast your ballot I'm going to be most going with the norm. West looking like Lazio is packed in with a political party in Wisconsin I mean do you do yeah it was not about. Magnesium noisy as much cause as we. We be and we thought of yet vamose up in our
wonder visit San Francisco. Don't talk on our gloss persona's cannot see that you have grown from commander there are more of the body. I see the noise we see you going to see your kids see the noise we see oh it's annoying they got kids program is problem oh man. You can almost kill each other. It's the PC. Who is stored. In their story and we wind up better than you know this one news story. Run Come and be nice to me because they must. Do you think that's first on my part of the lever. That might happen at maximum and minimum.
Without while a lot of hotels probably less. Than mine. You see the noise problem up in the part of what I thought of course on does your clock at the very last you and I are all class rather. Than enough for me that I don't know I can't just be a one issue. Guy you know every time he preaches it's going to be about something or your coking no noise. North. Wouldn't be right. There are no way to the kid thing unless you know this is part of the library. As you know. As we experience here this is where. You have a problem unless you have parts of it that are presented as. One to him without any comment or misinform or
Libra what any of you guys gonna see that or thought. Going in is by its own source is nonsense from the. Dance tango. Also that we prefer that. We. Can have something almost in here. Historically story only model but I thought you know we. Are all pros. Like us cannot see a point in Arkansas. No neither. Neither. At least you're asking you about how you got in a spine you know.
Normal cascade project important thing is for your he see me and we go. Viral and you say you made your the SLR. You know where they are seriously when you make a Star year. Most of our front come and get. Me. In the morning. Me kind of. Mexican-American is fine and I'm happy and I'll get back and then I'm going to. Go ahead or join yours and we'll burn. We spinal implants is this one the soup you had on they mean saying you want to be sterile men think that is we're happy I'm in
this I don't mind that out of me. Maurice Ross or me neither. Yeah you look thin. Blood thicker is the persona. Your blood going to buy that Davis poor dental at least a guest columnist got into think that if they notice it's Cornell and there's a gay guy that are gonna say look we're not going to see Bill Cornell. I mean was he not this pretty much gone when Avatar so he misimpression as a persona is. Emotion mixed which I can pass you on. Which at least is. Where
I want to pursue an arc or more by the Davis and the content though are more are like me that consider We're the new endo is that for me that meant if you commit this in there we stop at every turn and the eastern and I want to impose then yeah get not get em. It may be OK. It To see the enormous A Scooter Libby Vester. Moment to sink in Dorset I mean that about the man the hour he saw this. Compared to the their value cardinal level gets the most he made your life. The phone experience he goes on to the west. Take a look honestly it was when the gnome asked by that recorder that it may be said of
course I don't guess that you know of course as they will guess it is a lot of your mistress in this to Castle he be in deed when they put Matthew on who got a multiple. By the lymphedema that comment but the government then yes was a seriously ill person that they have instead been stolen from and I know all kinds of in several. Yeah same as the one I knew your IEP segment in and love your ceases there. Portland Oregon for one a experience here. Be that. It is so is if we propose it all he says was this is when I get in AC then the persona you must have a murder they see that he says limo never limo never
deceive you up in their massive kind of cinemas. This idiot got equal money and that is a asset of the improper political can do we hook onto her title is quantum import but this is more important to solve where there is an unfit mother Savary models a pregnancy on. Somewhere up in their lives. CEE-LO as you see I support him when I hope to have of the old woman to less than six one gate. I can this year now have an icon does your novel Up in Sabbath the Maddox on the picture because I say that latter lesson 6:1 the Gay says a bloody candle in a moment though they don't pass your blood to God they were there were two of them were collapsed in India Islamic or Prince you want to see the lapse in insular 6:1. I will elaborate on a second Oscar cigar son if he cannot send it on to simple
know I believe of the place and remember now what it is. Must must be says the level of sexuality law I use Alice are you the Alice I cannot see and then go into the locked into the on the experiment are going to progress. His experience or Lazarus is ill and believe you must must grand to me who is this we will see cause they get they won't be empowered to think one thing cannot compañero accompanied at Elysium by most media. Ramos our provider is Totheroh Ramos. Back in medias gone with the US isn't that interest your move on because homeowners confront an easy kind of a time back when the Lawson is sick and don't have it in abit of Maddox yawn he moved up when Ben said mood too as much as much as what was not known. No loss and he carried gave them their drugs and we just
got so so long what does a motive I mean laws are fine as a life long goes to the lemma. Mom goes to the back on crack in the weather got better when I calmly get your own son I you that embraces it. Well you have got our here at the matter soon as I get my start of this European the marvelous Lee who are leaker Corell of the castle. Dollar Store. Last believe it was the one though one corner no one seater sink I mean I sat in the seat on the lot of us in my history I'm hurt my sister but I the listeners to see those are some of the photos your puppy lots of well a lot less heavy duty otherwise I will us say live in the comparative cost of organists a very competitive going to pop by law might be mentally ill I will look them in they were the very at the Mara source who pushes your broken life Amelia your soy Ill hear feel here for this stuff a million it is indeed a good
looking mirror and Castle. See Los M's are braggarts of CMOS I think that's what most governesses than just causes be the end of a castle or a set they simply never know must give more we frequently meant they sell a subpoena for me. As you get is that not you. And when to not just see the. I see I see Robbie as a sandwich as I'm just a minus us and will Mrs. Gano know when what Parama one and not just for what it was but get a lump or two near the port but the car and it's all about the government was a question of saving a life to live on as you haven't used as part of the CPP in years so it isn't with a low level of public mean uppercase is over a model what a model of the community what a model of this in given is good. See Valley to the Vista seat went to the vista. Yes is a property they went on which Yes they're not to know what to do. This
seedy competitors that they stop are going to want to leave. Explain. I mean if the going to dinner is the blood because Guinness the same for most us so when we import about this protest or complaint of the Nautilus will see that he has become sort of good talent. Yeah Graham perplex you on the instant you get Dominick's urine can give us a given and introduced this. Again no argument presented which IMO just a notch up in their promise Arkansas or I could power or my deceive this or not about our last call and by that it is that there is no more to me that but I'm so close to our to settle man how it operates on. For this guy your
big I'll beat us. You must see the consequence here. Yes I supported the principle the blood Tika this dentist. He must get a little low doses of Ghana's. Either say oh my nana in another fix your NEVER And now this is your move I mean not so lament in a stack with unity as you know both of us with you on this Guinness I think Donna was not what was PCP I meant There is however is a gathering contrail as are all of us. This idiot get good at most but but up on the noise impulsively lawgiver people and then the city a couple of the other my papa. Logorrhea they even said. There have been
said then and there a mass family as a participant in a in a salute are Muslim and the US has robbed us. Is that naive. Last July Arsenal traffic Oh I got Nancy I am going to answer the nettle I mutually near you then throw this over Nancy they never I mean I am which I went to personify modernist provide a consequence of the traffic of squatters persona squatters Hovan seat was an obstacle me up this time as catalysts of momentum at least you're honest. A consequence of the traffic will they last. Dealers are all of us. Yes yes the problem I see the. Loss Well those new combo. Last best to see this Lucas you are so over the last question is politique us alone. Last question is the Lumbee and the
worst of the good. And with that I dance you on a stopper to assume that I need to grab a cup Basle guess it was your guess a most and it's a big C on the biggie your I will not be finance you see me and will look at you I would if it interests me. Want to have Easter be put to the beast as when you also go more than be in what though is valueless. It got to go. We're going to step up because it is discourse was better what I was well what good did it them I thought you had a particular sort of see the healer must look at I know you about I wouldn't see that believe what you had to stick it to requirement by the Davis I see the sign yes. I know as a consequence of that see the one on not just us but a scooter. We don't expect Allison is the programmer. I mean I think the less opinionated they
Buenas Noches
United Latinos, Farm-workers Union, Awareness about AIDS
Contributing Organization
KDNA (Granger, Washington)
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Other Description
Buenas Noches is a public affairs talk show which focuses mainly on issues directly affecting the Latinx community in Washington State.
First episode - A call for unity among Hispanic people regardless of country of origin, differences in culture, appearance or beliefs with the objective of collaboration and work to ensure a better life and future for Latinos. An invitation was extended to all Latinos to join the Farm-worker?s Union to support the efforts being made to ensure improved work conditions and benefits for laborers. Education was mentioned as another source of improvement for Hispanic people. An interview included causes of poverty and lack of education among the great majority of laborers, and linked education to the citizenship application process during the approved immigration amnesty, which allows many opportunities to learn and enroll in school. Second episode - A call to awareness about the AIDS epidemic made through a pre-recorded interview with a Priest from Portland, Oregon, who was diagnosed with AIDS. Some of the subjects discussed include the need for all to learn about its causes and prevention, as well as symptoms, diagnosis, how support from friends and family members is essential to the ailing individual, and above all it emphasizes the wisdom of protection and prevention.
Broadcast Date
Public Affairs
Spanish Language
Priest Portland Oregon; KDNA; Union de Campesinos
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Interviewee: Davis, Peter
Interviewee: Araujo, Jose
Interviewer: Gutierrez, Salvador
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Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
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