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They're not if Ayman Yakima. More when a nauseous fellow than the love that part of that a compass enough money though the list of all the Washington extending the 11 of us at the risk which handle lives us with every thought and uncle are going to hear that you know is that I am as he's been going to God when I go to the Albion beneath us a program other went on not just when I'm not as much as anything when it's not just an eye but I sent the lady a list out of the Washington dial that I thought about how the without a gun you sad to say but I know if people want employer the article know Scott that Noyce got a sponsor I believe that the Compazine know if porn is most intense the men think conductor will organise a special save the in the down going with that of either and that I must inform others as they most make order but about the S O C abseiled were no new on Islam that a chore like will see that one event cell main thing but often they get equal thought a score in football that a political land seem to be other than a god the wild but I like how
the order compass ino going to lay his Lassie on the meaning of the sea and by those. But I'll come to see not layout I saw double the sandy gather what I call the city put up a hit is that it. They'll drive a cargo to compazine I wanna go see at Beaver mentis wailed on is that there are a whole infant that all of them but there were not a good idea to give they have a say Adam West or a Plan B X and look at a race. I mean obviously in those couples they've had there without a plan and so they fancied the people the new wave I felt they were not the best product of US negotiator with us but I mean you know they see endos no end date that is say I won't get bullied become anti-social Manthey sandals receive guests equal the most loudly gets your name by guiding voice those exceed most of the laws that meant there was a standard but is in the other seat of it or that
Lex put a few on the lack of economic of it can be seen no. If one has with us your own nor I salute the other kind. But it does he pick on assault that also is this super grama show up in your own comment that he also bought a piece by a C on the air perform them in their belly this little being the they also being the those or largest single kuat there'll be a scene where this it also is the end of the last that I know that they are not then so but I comments that by most a lot of our companion me saying your insane for me until the last month of this affordable now those are sequels that a lot of them leave it to me but I would add Apollo's their mass for a case that's been a sin think other persona I use them yet the model responds I believe other people have either solo I see said I leave it I'll say that but I said What again and that I've either there or the data say they may own by this
scenes but OK your boy that of a hard core North little detail can't be left a legacy on live until a speedy too and that in all sorts of those egoless be to float iska he could escape. But I can say most in that no support of animals and the skank i.e. the host. But again a lot of fun in that I gather this would be that you learn of some modern eye when I last saw the people that animals can be added. Not me not the Los Campesinos will be available at the NRA anthem but other less in me yes. Unseen but other most out of all is for the young but I thought he left course a chef and missed this battle they Washington and of us they see the populace I mean they can call me that last wave a loss last week that this I learned a few Only the very first part of his a bit I mean obviously those no want the needle so if you see him to call me that but US was popular seahorse
they vote I mean pick a name with another need that they could be vital at the NRA. You'll recall had a law school say all movie me and or NO NO NO ONE is for to support a law that is to see no noise thrown up in a sauna or balls or that is seen or not media respond that I am will have really spun one is double the speed of thought They want the main pick would be banned but up all their article here supports a gay sail they've been nailed it is a fair article mostly probably he will then waste their Washington. Not by someone's will scan the Arvada Guinness are you there. But there was no problem I seem to be the wireless seem born aeronauts up and sat so loose you don't let the nameless in with my nose so long that I must come beatin ways through this border maybe a little knee on the compass ino say look at our going away throw the racial sample of the heroes who respect battles year. Yes if we all stumbles Bibi in the
end if the impulse that the model responds I believe that says up whether they be Satterfield maybe he who this the you know the guy you have asked that U.S. ship way they are going to be will they let me on that compass ino the list out of their Washington if Israel. We never meant they say am lost but I'll go see Guess who said the in the grass foot that ice castles that ice castle but it did but it can't be seen Sunni veiled of either knob or that I'm a hoarder and if you have guns that are around in D.C. So if you see in there but I've been sat in with the import ban picking the whole economy of use their compass scene we saw from media. Nice reckon they get a price in that out of uni on us. Lapar especially that last they would see that the GNI that you have a respite of a levy though I'll bet it's in there is that about how to compass ie no not the ANYONE FOR 2 an example see no contract of
union. No I say would do that in less than you do you are no way to record source either. No I back a few only saw vs 50 will know why I left but I believe that is their own plan made the comparison from me own Blanda who lets you on but a nor'easter will be a host if my ass seen him call him that out of you in your own orbit about how Gordon the theater needs to get up where they say they like horse will boss their model spit out those or they can if you want to skip on in areas bordered Gail get harder see where they see no one can get out of uni on Lost but don't miss the end in the way for they are going to see on is it that low me smoke at the inn door the way Paul that he control better but I'm aware all this by the death of simply owls and bully others but always people they are yes they control killers but their honesty in a lot the unimportant a lost that of a hardcore disconsolately
Lance you say low on the. Yes equal ways that are how old are the people they have a loss but they're honest a million Phillippe where they keep that bit of the Lamb in this standoff see Norm call him throughout the Union on a pro Mesa but all I got and all that out building your own significant Ono say edited out the dignity that you respect the portress Patronus my your of almost better the Saudis said. El born native that doesn't like Guy yellow skin that the stuff in my yard almost to a cause. I will see will see more of a lonely there said oh boy they're going to go Seattle. Well below the equator they're going to get this in what I thought they would add it to last leg of plywood ighly scalper the same Pixie's thin. Say I'm Terry Gross I mean the M4 sat us
Sinco gets a little outboard Tony that the Imp people mostly on is the arc where the horns with PM point is that Iraq who says that he says things that are hard or they say and not that of this baby the pork up but he chose solo put on a cow so horse. See at the Naval Sea at a port of an iffy feels particularly that I have thought it is a familiar way than be Vive or not even a must for Babli is if story look a significant drop of uni on me here in Oregon nice that they own it they are they new moves that it knows a lot that all but up all there so you know they land they laugh at us dancin Si yes OG both by feel they're off weight on fossil in a lie you know think that almost in the impulse Mori Fisi list you know same of
a spine a bust. I give that a little bit up or they just say it all the air yet they my nana blue chip or through that H will score next yawn. Let me in but I must think what must you want to call my service a member of a loan your own. Yep it ended up almost if in their shoes that a show's Yami or chill single wattle been you know sent by you know the scene of a lone young kissing quaint but in law grants without ocular Granger see in vain you know are they need a funny sight. I get most popular That is they Loomis of the Ednas seen call them up out of the lino be ye fun like it in fact than that are both of us but will they be the last this will be seen no. But I quoted on the most moderate ether sphere but if you've been like in the wild probing the those being the those who are low Show single quotes vs in the way that all say I don't
use them I don't know but it does fit the unknown. And CNN is busy I'll get it he got a CC astonish school channel the Yakima but enough for me yet still and when I can see the antigravity and leg in what's called the country on. I would. Love.
To. Love. Her.
Yom. Would be. Long.
I notice I'm also spent almost. Like an SEO Nicholas I don't quote us on this but there's a price on the scales there's a lot of it go matter the same way I went to him when I had the car window is the north that most of us something from a few on medivac equaling might eat them better with them in not saying this is a bunch of suborning up inside of it i.e. they like in those big compassing no map made Mitt but I hope over the border into Fremantle they'll Compazine know your business. Mostly I don't mean them be ensoul know those people took a bus and compassing jocosely and it's a moment that we lost a man up a father is one of those programmers that when I'm nauseous they add on this that we live in Seattle become boy you will see that. Ct this early since you know
that the name embassy is the program that I'm in the main thing for most units and see but I've come to see no better that he was in Maine. Listen up US of A north a program of the women or just a warning friend that every Sunday I smoke probably get. People inform us yawn if NCL but on but on with Compazine but at them you not don't like and begin with this guy and me both so express your own wonderful stuff your own bit of that is the point. Get a most of them wind up all that can be seen not as good and what I would give us a little compass enormous thing for most younger list some of them always going off to school. Let's not get this infamous youngest by needles and so for me but up all that I said yes.
So I'm basis in basis that they want to learn not know they want to be a. From Los Angeles in the midst of a deal in this day on your wheel on your bus I want the possible one thing I don't want that and people there they probably must sort of compazine. The Locust ivy in the pool not noice if you see any credible north any store lost come discus ever get in but those you know if you get a Guinness just program US dollar the same with amusement and those similar mean when the last big thing is the obviously not say the not being a me of the water board for again with striking the enemy of the gods have him a little elements like of the list that Ari is their
compass enough. Go the list though Washington because they must go to this with Iraq or any of that then. Course not then everything everything that Iraq had about Eilis meaning more or less percentage because they don't like either vinyl in the one they most I mean I told people they asked to get their music where they now say it can also Ricky. This isn't against Sean but a venue several example of the laws on your report that these wrote about be in the open air have worn little when no it was offense in CBS. They all know the more you want me to go to yonder by really about Iraq what you veil beo in those companies. Grandchildren will be in Iran using it as one prosperous almost on one hand you are liking the the Okie dokie gift say they have. But evacuate
the city get the welcome back. Remember the guy I could have let me through that get the name of give me a bit of my own point though don't they see the sébastien the tallest dog people they come you're so CLX they be the upper saunas DC in the baster. Can a Mossad woman hoarded but an Ostrosky horse already done know mass when I was a Seemed like a sincere can only say the last bang I was a little kid went there with a tin ear to call and say Oh man no girl can dig me down an inch of a whole lot of drama. Ok brother got a quater order still gives me no boss. We see personas common assault at a most. I used to
get interested vast contests. They don't live a lot Manono. I still want to know you have ended up where they were noise and so they go and if it there I mean on the shuttle for the mother that will inform us you don't know much as you know I believe it all or come all the hole is still big on what I caught us at the nick of this is the CCAR at whose thesea the nigger that I think that the NSA there are bored with because if you think you're not seeing that about your skin not at all and don't as you know they won't let me get a corner I can think bail is there not that the gun went off. If before say report Gail compass you know me you don't think the import not import be it will be any in seven years. They all throw these enormous elicit a compass you know cannot be in a local mental list that I am poised to be up and second are going to get it you know Yeasayer one thought although the VSC always pick a movie where you have a or
news client this Sunday that people get all the Compazine look at political compass you know bail. Again I think you see compassing office and Ghana's that people don't use. Being innocent I note on your list but I want to you stay with Iraq but I've been made and you want to throw it good stuff I used. They will also have up. Broncho the older they feel they get the most get them because they've been to stop being almost sobbing on the one hand will not be casting. Yes and I could do on your psyche or else you know it will get that Michael good make you who you have been winning but I think you've been a Muslim I
am a moment when I was just unlike you they want you for your company you know what a lot of them but I don't think I've been around when I got out of the front of a window it looks like if it got the crowd getting up we have to get a commitment that I met him I thought it funny how you wanted him you don't ever know what I mean. I got my feet with a tomato and got it. And I think again I think getting on with it. OK
we're going to meet you there even if you look at it made up of such a young. Age I don't think. I think both of them I mean they went you know went on the win. Yeah. You know one thing. They went up what is amiable but within a month.
Oh you. Your your thinking here. Look at all these and I'll tell you if a member without it. He would be. A grandmother that is a thinking BLM of the semi lee way you can bet that one of them a la final up with the local MLA oath or lack of it is this Point Man will see the whole me I don't know that the FDA did them all these are knowledgeable about the gala event all the animal Little percent are you ok. Your you and I want them all out though there is something else or young Alec. Get him to become a damn good they think they can extract them see exactly. Don't get us started up with everyone in the US with us going to succeed on their own chattel.
He will see will be look at getting a living. This will be that yeah this place but mostly to miss the better that yes this is gay but it's on us than in the front line is a See that's been so members get us out of this how to make it out of the end that this is just get and of course the biggest and most or all young totally honorable in most battle if they know what I mean isn't that I didn't mean much beyond that I also know I wouldn't also make what is below. Yes you can. I'm going to go there and then we can give it that good.
You know conform an already final thing Foreman is going on will not get us he can open with they can OK. But I'm on that I was looking to see if I might want to not just. Someone that I sent this well but I guess that in a second.
Oh. Yeah.
But I mother when the Mahdi thought they saw another with him one of them would love to get out. See which is going to get him off would know what was going on the much more that inform us you know on the one in the nice little bit of that or can also buy in the US in the form of the whereabouts of reckon with them also in so for me until the lacking thing in me of the left from Mrs. Lowder and shared on back the caucus they're all sad to read about. Get em all the days till I suppose muffles the local messing with us and she welcomed us here without a medivac you're been sick one in and essentially he either Ming Quintal when expander gotten me the call. Yeah but I link and at least you're going with that of our young people but get put on notice is it's seems a little better that is the
thought that I get but b c bomb of course Arkin thing. Been also school chat more than one little said it may hold or extend their little Amano but add a little bit of I know you have problems on the ice at last comes as a gaggle on the must eat better known as the hit was. But I meet the most expensive to most expensive go I. People allow them and compassing a souffle the ideal Forney be ideal. They they'll come Pacino is going to sit down with a school chat made a back and look at a mosque in the YA many get but those were still expanded. Innes but it's sad to see ackee and bloody gotta go no fault divorce is but I got along in England afforded me a bit of that is but there they had us but I've been there last if not all the same and second they loan you on the
CDC or not that I thought is that I will force it. And ranchero Yarnell signals. Yeah almost son almost at that I had a bit of him on those with that all black hole is there. Get back on the salt. What about his get away with Ellen what is that level is walk through those. Why don't the AC no way they said all say don't go to those thing is one up that phone that could be in and watching for must be an emotional chord us on it's there but I reckon the US is we want need though if I can be an AC on we want to fill your list that I am ever weather bound up with when I get your butt up in Los they impose their wonder you got on like you love this your stuff. They start ups in the pouring bearing yes they write you up at sauna case where they can let their name get out there is that. It's not going to look up at all in the US want them yet but
about where they are that is the case that rigs that are out on empty mommy and I let me point out at the mid-Atlantic but OK we're not good thank you. The North tree is thin. Some of these the better your follow up occupancy look it up at Sun I think is a bit of a look at the IQ that is going to be that is the broad am I thinking of the people you think is the one to bring the in they get to be on the porch effect you know if I get one more thought that I'll see ya block them when you go to bring your sister into his suite bill he went on you I see. We really see a California done a study from IA done the Nessie in Santa Cruz California the Salinas California i.e.. Which I had they can't be seen in their lonely heart.
And I rarely that kid even a Your see the lonely on the compass CMOS and sunniness see me at it give you little trouble Hersch. They stayed by us but they must have heard the word answer your hand take a course in your planning and I stress may says no he influences this boy stick me Saniel State University that in California down to Apollo he became very lucky. This voice said 130 has come on play other day service really got to say we're going there to name your basic rate that he has a stomach sick you know if he so they buy your clothing there.
No Both particular percent but it's me man. He unless some one of us and I were your poor lost Tri-Cities someone Vasco on the scene which a hand to give even a key to their land grant this day day to day has to mean for you no matter where they were not always Is it me to believe doorkeeper on the pure matter what you think become of a star in law in this same profit then best get in you know big gather before not get on the whole thing they say anymore are they seed is this me I you know you get Compazine will a guy look at compass you know me you don't think it company. It is neither out there was a little chap with you I mean the yes yes and the more you need that the US is a lucky dog
will buy you a little sense as a whole when both the world is this is you know a skid totally Indian A Sin City Royal City Matto up a school. May accept your if we have a class or class and which was nice try in the infamous yawn but a moment the last 100 is still a spot in my already thin and the train the loss in front of you on this was dead it was legalese. He simply made me talk. CVC done Alaska. Now this is no teeny teeny To be honest in front of you know I ski. Yeah you don't even simply stank on Salvos and mantra
that only men and other legacy of support infamous Jaan patter problemas leg pulling will suit of yours. But a Dallas response does but I see no more than a mouse and no suppose I'm on the sea. Bit all of that is dead CUMPLE in Minister. He's a swell. They keep us the fact that they buy new house. Father the little my sis. This program is a oneness notice in most Each of us will beto Si se puede AK had I in this together would they
investigate just as they are at that hour they would be living with their puppets. This bring them articulate I mean been there you know if there not be any CBN to me about that but if there are not being there is the sea of Eunice. You see in Alaska he has a talk on fearless and you know I say put their saddest ASCII has Anonymous had a king. Make an Oscar Kunis Casey day video you know you saw the baton for the Congress to be written or better that getting one friend to me is a soluble all gather all got a last thing. But about you see not lost the nickel or something. And if you know you're going on in the fifties or legalists is look at them in a basket the whole game and I've
seen your little way up in there and they're in. Also in top unusual animals could get I read about a lot of must quantify cancers but again dollar thickens as realistically. Yes the little they have that significant button with their hands. There they say are they able to get on with second thing are you not glad they got a Bentley thought they believe in all the laws. CHECK US laws so long as the chick you stay. Look at them. But I handle you look if you look at the Winter thing and then the chicken and the second big thing nor up anybody but about it that I have brought up with the North look I'm a busy one port the seats are porous nature they said By God
meaning a squatter to be single since I was born to you. Venom would show up when the last orders put do you wanna see if I said no they would of course there would be and the whole little scheme has de personas display seriously the last post or so to check is despite of all putting him down there Stan you know if he has a year to offer him what you're asking us all. Guy named me this countdown on which reported good and good out o the lost colony supported 18 Inc. Last August I had us you want us to reflect how that's in and tell on so I say won't be so loud your poor contract will sully me hort. But of course they want
to try to have in a step you although they came to check you baby do you know a ranchero. They might because some focal point Katie. Tell only Checchi ape. They feature school grounds is one of a. That OSU sought us day est Perry although they pagal put it soon marriage last August to have us in a state beauty other people got a little bored Quatro venti Cinco. The city yeah and salad your point is does want us to go to see a bit of everything. Or ask about our whole you they get up at our whole scene this is a look at this woman see. OK so when I see her concert check it but it stayed just the only man I'll stay
in a little less room and be less or does more to be rather put quite a decent course and I was in bronze as I am a clam on this well we'll see. They live by my stance on this. I mean I see stuff I don't know a salon you're meaning there is if look at the top of the phone during shadows and this could be an in. Always the also your own share of co-founder can look at it from there is still always flow those you left. Been either. You almost lost the spirit or real mental emotional mass unless company is grand this is gone they know undone lost or destroyed how support or no influence is almost nowhere does man ask you to our whole he
is obvious is in the last French speaking knows C standard part than a B and C so it is in my own apartment. BILL DE VOS many this person in Los Dos better tell me and I much as course as K.V. put him on this you only stick us at I me and you in a lot of the mesa. A report that probably missed a class a provino Porto patrón ranchero completed a ranchero can see at those days sunny point in the apartment when they saluted their stair style. Coming in there but I saw they must read better. The whole valley mass Yes when a persona regular Mundo. I see I must play enzyme us I must impress yon
rancheros have it all and so me and a colleague of media put it to me. They pointed out discusses me scantiness noting on mood I see. I told the people because you want to hear employs the gramophone split the candle. We don't get a lot of people see this Sunny that you know they support they saw they were sick and with the report of the border port take a look at the city you were not from me and you have a report though. Department though the other day I walked out on Martin when I wear them. Olympio see him gone to see about Assad A.J. he.
Seeing foreign mall in daughter of a hole in the seniority de la signora he is different. Honestly Rancho peening. Yeah not any in travel home no ma So you poured US citizen but a tonight in debt in a camp on the manual about Adama in bonuses company Ciena he won a whole quantity discount on Porter said his Sears wrote the hero and the hero and his stick us OS. Report the Ranchero you reckon I'm going to have the honesty and influences that brought them in the sea.
Stares in the industry got your day this creaminess you'll see your here. This beagle sized US persona support us and I can see leg on a most strong accord may be the point in Camber legal stuff and especially those in the auto us courses be the most unlucky in SR. And police are the last report there La Prensa So you and your so you want to spread your Because when you're out there. You go much worse ranchero say one and I mean I mean you brought them into the lab in front of us you're on their last regular say sunny then but I can't complain. Again the kid in gas was in like or think entre
went ok lost or injured as you have been. Canuck you can clearly establish that than the last so many sides of the last riddle set off because they used a lot of interest in them or not again or are going to be honest though on this one Phil. Is there that I read a look at some of the wealth that is the locus on the league. They have in the field but I will go to Bill Campbell and the niggas who say they don't have intercourse or else obviously it will be needed but if they allow money that. Not not cannot get if it is not told you why you must want a symbol of Arc. I call mostly for luck and this I mean most cannot and if not from me or do or if the flame the perfect got up in the end they were the only thing but we are not going to stop any entering the court day and guess it all is to see.
See the only thing that effect you get asked whether or not this is your guess that remorse that we don't give up in Saddam we be in there that they get out so you will get stung. But a boy yet unless you really heedless medivac anonyma when I received the yeah good idea of it never used as more important the buttock and with wrecking the profit making that loan but if you want to go I sort of believe I would give up my latest but I'm going no make that I mean you're there will be while you're looking at the name on the block the money that the case be put him into. But on normal more really Samuel we need a guy like him but US allow that kind of promise. No my system was like people men do yes. You know I must say I'm on this book but you're not going to
see us play want us you only thought it might. Good. Luck.
Cost. Me. My. Dog. And. Here. You. Go. With.
Some most of us about our mother when I'm not just get all that allows you to see if they get off beat us that North. When will fade a bit then people must know about out that I'm going to do is get an office is what I think we're going to land. We got up in front of you that gives a bit of eyes I thought both would be worth it but I thought they had bound up in Italy but most important this will set that up but he is getting it and I'm on it and we will meet up again. Say they are going to hold off an audience and I said. But the letters from their asses inform us you know they're not going to eat us but we know there are things that are meant they got us into being so good Biblical C and C and the amusement going on OCMB in the parking lot going to the end of you me but it won't post there. Their compass enough oh I can see you gloss over to the US there we see a boy that busts out of the get the
Indicus will say there but I can say cancer this it explored battle gets a cancer the last thing I like a secret the built in levee that the compass Ino I guess they can say they love the screamin AC on because they assay the state's case of it. No I haven't. No silly or you say it apple seed. Guess who got the innocent but if a team with a set of corn channel sold it got me no but I mean what I had left going to hear on this and got busy know that Iraq is a long low get out of 60 when I was out of it that I mean a lot of camp. But I may go see it leave it equally be the Mendip when they loan you in this who will still go see out on a limb or the while a while. Yes was that I'll get out of the hand signals that it be ample Nevis mass of lobotomy that they've got of course there is. Yeah I mean what the impulse
was there this image better meat than lunacy. But I mean the bullet they got if they want to call me Uncle Bill out of the domino that they come up on a high stand they have before Seattle or if you get to see horse to see when they see me the girl. It must be annoying fixie on them if they seen this US of A no so who is it. A horse people have been getting He said your kitty says more yawn but I know one of us had a posse really gamey local if you ever fell out of the narrow particular through these through the media. No that was done to set a man knows to moderate to race except their Except their Except their bellies had a narrow but I guess eligible
man that the bundle he made only like them in pill may go but I do mean unfair move. Wonder when I will be my skill as a he's good to see horse lost service iostat don't understand to see who's feet is revealed. All horse skin or when what I saw on CNN to see horses even all Horse Cave in order to see and they say I won't bother to respond sadly so sequels are good in Swear you the financier. C'mon Is it an element of this new year. Or as the approximate pass and when and when it's not is and. But I was against was gusty posse but I would not buy and I love you but you also at the end but I mean that is something
almost all of the people that thought though that I must get my way have a lot of good luck on that I'll see that they will say when you in you know said I know that I look at any of us that are more your most You're not they see they cannot buy ins What have you. Yes but in the park at the time agony that bus but there's a list of them. Almost all you'd most like up the metadata in Thailand I'm Young thank you. Yeah.
Day has a birthday is a good birthday. They say more than me love you bro. I say they do they has a guy with a high and low key guy a guy. Morning guys listen to their feet more. How's your new car put a polka to go live money. Don't look at the end without thought I'd be this big ugly of a good day higher day to day.
Look to me where they figure out you know you're going to get your guy boarded a lot. You're in you're really you're in a movie. But the guy's game.
It's good to see you say OK I got it. When I'm not just the Muslims who program out the year I mean beat Dalla brain gives me hope. It's almost like he is they have almost they're very sad you know almost the idea of the Magen Brewster
ethos is a spot the only one he doesn't need to get on by stunt this buy sandals ransack at their Gus I owned the fatal in this area. You drive all of these years they they your spouse there this hypothetical most other line fixie on their way to go see the one mile and not the CEOs. Yeah OK I'll get that one handle a scene of the same mana I see in the stock less evoke I see honesty in the last month around the Oculus does your annoyance with yet almost a seed that meant the battle bus. But I thought that they also they stay with us. So you're going to see endless personas a sea going effect than the year it meant that if we had thought I had gotten it but they all of those the US you meant that even when the NPC it there on us said I guess us would be a set of US Army truck on this
to get us all muddied. He did use that but I mean I read on the persona that I had seen this but I also seen a lot when they were nominated. But we go there to see that this is one I own I've been up here mostly they say I'm not being honest that the whole audience their sourness their blood is that mortal jackets that they cannot make their laws a sight is a lot richer. On this day week they must. If he was wealthy we're meant to look at those sleepless in Louis endorsed in this and when I expose for them at this your program must be an honest promise on the vehement I mean personas get that
aren't they in if that Lava Hot on the scene. Listen because I mean I can I will import the live finals to live almost on a single what they're going to be last year. What they don't want to know ever settle said oh boy is that on the ball keep all that although he being of a dick that meant that they'll come out and not been sick and sad at the impulse. He's right then when I but I miss a lot less percent of muscle specialists and maybe the audience that's honest knowingly gave us that oh yes Alice is about to see it when it's not just this is me being in Iran you'll see way instead of a single one US but I want that's when the it almost seems to separate your particular humor program on that idea the same I mean that almost any I mean I'm not the guy and Gaddafi is a curiosity. That's why you that this is excess in the school they're both. You're going to make up a lot because Frank I'm in his presence but you're nice. Now you've
written that you know they'll call either of us as it is going to see me. Yes that is on us. Your highlight that mean is this ain't that is a baller. He must learn to see when I got on my side I meant the MENC known I must say I want to profess thought I could still not but some out in C and that I may be a but I suppose if I see that this is me this sounds a little I think I am at best I mean to but all of this is your fee not is a number that you cannot get a sequel more you almost want me you're going to say is like us in a moment thought said Mrs. study. They stole those bothered us but I see cause the cell will let us cross with me at those the moment the numbers get but they got a mass they must get ahead of so it was so level the seed I know you're not with a lot of this discourse has gotten me seahorse but good leave it alone so some look a must have must been also is sad. You know this does but I must get him to be most of them will have it at once upon us give him a note of this and that mostly
the God of the cedar He crossed to the lot of the Secret Service call most of the US made their service lemonade of it but of a needle. She looked almost as he saw us. See you're almost at then a lot worse than what they say the Gaghan Benoist that after me as the effect though almost I see it for you. Beatles there see that people at the gate when they look when they come on a level where they still buy some of. Next event that a person is going to find it there must be a bit simplistic it only seen the lady because if what I see in them with the model. I see that make honest a little Beatles and see that this is almost famous they cater to say they me that is the wolf in the same forks she says and one of the local personel My only other ME truck one of those for some of the SEC at their best but all I seem to have a whole day. The court that be most relevant in the ESM which one we have but it's also
the Seattle in mass you're not because it went up but I guess someone will need it all in that I hope for us at present that you're less likely to take up the account by the way maybe though if we get sort of any soap but I can beat that make a foot out of my dues but that's your lesson like when you gonna eat that is the mental poor little noise thermos Sunnyside that must. You see an embedded Well yeah you see it the better sourness effect than us going to see that Mr. Bolitho body so maybe that won't be in the neon Grant method empirical but see on the can I not be in my yard on the stock lesson for my seat on the butt on the saddle nothing and I think Alice by now but I doubt if the split in the CNS you maybe thought on him if we can we for me I mean my new secrecy but I don't want the end of a hole in the eye with a look in bland but even see one when I was little charges and went on at the handle. You will know as they are as I was on the local park alone
a carrier stone could be in and as we know the same mana e you picked on the same thing in that I let you in as a Brit the US gives us the meanest and in I went to Leslie there also there all the skills but in most areas as you think you are still going to spot it want us and I mean that but I gave the case they get out but I want that only a up and was astonished that a set of battle the list up at all get OK I'm at the least be honest I never will go they'll see that I know you know so that we are not going to talk on what they see in this gone dormant made US Army as that unless present the sooner they see that allow him to be in but get this enthusiasm for Iran. Again if anyone is Miller's play yes. Is there talking in which will be a boy or young woman now let us that they call their land. Their money how did that get consequent dollars Holderness but I
get some of that model called the world cycle but I use. This by her to get a Latina. I said I'll call masseurs. Most just causes are said that the man. Their party jealous of their man as a masked man has crossed this passage and have either gone you know. But I thought mandala what I thought was common. You know I don't know. If they love you sort of some of us spend more Chaz chose the better psionics going to Amanda but I can see that my mother mustn't Gasol now launches the baloney he said By the time I meant they though seen this in my bitterness and I'm not
sure who That's at those unknown car uses when i'm would meet them on a budget but the lack of big media back who in fact the NBA put it bluntly got going but the one I use I said it I mean it's a little much much and we want to talk a little in the toilet for me as Gary on this one though you don't want bang at the time but in buying us together. Yes a political me that's selling we want out doesn't that make it better than what I thought on Iesous will not will not when I might have a lot of money and that will put a school bus and all established there miss than the Beatles. And we also see the lottery when he was just a little boy is still a little boss and can ask the dentist when ohmic are you just the window can I when you buy those little balls the seat those Maybe you don't know what he may have but I. Global economic losses your Pakistan in Trundle more
in more went up like the guy is gone but it was your own Adam went that is Santas at the thought of the loud cheers at the thought it was me she owned at the thought of their colleagues most of the Bio Effect of their goalie that all of us can see on the most difficult dawdle as let us be then the gap in common is that they don't all those born in the US and that this year only last year but I want that moment as a part of the following. The single one does use this block the kind I see almost empty at the chemical me go con. mamma dear and so will eat that you wouldn't be seeing color on time on all seeing it is a loss almost see it that I must or sadly and this and I know the government will normally not for the most about the guy going to this does cause a little bit of your point I said my mother was there was they let me see if that gets my muscle but we haven't seen him but it was time to get my secrets they're not going to say most musical number to a city in which I must one meet Don't you know you're your lawyer particular suppress your call more so by
sandals the name alone must cause because dumbass saw me said a man most there. You know because we spotted a listless on the get a look at it. Miles must go by vehicle mustn't that is get your book is also spotted Lizzie what are you there sent us as was leaving us yelling cause I'm on my support file this discourse as well as give me something on the mommy I will not be in a lot of good and McHale's when I thought that it was Makoto Asbos thought oil is one a lot of proper prints I mean the tricky self was there is no law on the you know he is mortal much and we want we want to go there I hope. But I'm not going to win. Even though going through the gift shop which I can want to go see on the rails by the receipt of sequels by Yukos because it gave handy there was none among the lucky guy which was an Open the bus alone he will give us and his gang. Among those is the norm except for monocytes Naveh me what to see in 2014 all of the say in the ME NOW IF I SEE IT IS say it's lucky your we got going less as they want. Let the woman
of the scene as you see them eat a minute on the block because the obvious is known that by the way you know they know me or the I meet us in that way or you do the same. Same place I was called more the basis point on what I've seen on the market or your way and I don't want to see hospital but I use in a sentiment that's only what a fantasy you thought that it was one of the people at the cat there said. It was one of us gain an equal but because I used although it's OK but a secular You know so not that they don't you happy they look at us look at it on Monday at you but go away a lot of the affair the other side will kill us getting beat that are all those moments at the metal mafia. BMB a moment that the military muscle on a saddle never Musk is Daniel almost at the nadir muddy almost at the money he made on the list. This quote immediately but I can see an e-mail and I han't the list by sadness by some a semi-truck on the Colima that my yeti missed by sadness but I added some ways but they'll see me a name when I'm
on the field plus mi familia. He gets having that bus that ABM wanted to be in there to fill you up with a product that they called me via voice still difficult. Best Buy stores at all when I'm feelin compass course alone was up a Saturday morning. But you said phase it when you and sees a whole new Guinness that I know that you're gonna get almost And besides a menu of the last thing you did I mean that was a circus in Mumbai and thus less lost that one no want to know so it was like you almost that effect where you send a lion. He listed the most giving them good ones we see them almost all you want to continue might that but if they see any members that are going to lose that money actually that list. OK.
Lol. Lol. Lol. Lol. LOL
LOL. Lol. LOL LOL. Lol. Lol. LOL LOL.
Lol. When much is the most since a program I maintain is that less I mean the oil well. Yes the most is the one most of us have Lundell the body. Cause I love this is the broad I'm out of focus the program I saw a lot of said a lot. No sense either.
Personas go on and on but somehow a lot of this an open door policy but we could only get given up isn't that you don't see him but it does mean must but it won't pass it on us that get along me small is more important than the receiver noise low me small. But I still feel sailor for sale not when I was almost in fact. But then thought about it but I collapsed when I was hurt or you give people the scene Thelma. I physically well it will just burst on us. I'm watching spits on us but ghastly personas in fact the US idea is this is a must in a gondola the Yakima part of him but then I'm mostly into the especially on us funny flick Dallas better ideas versus my dismissal must but I want to get no Simon must get an effect your years on the front is that believable that you're going to be normal and fix your own. Thought of accuracy in the moment of this by moment dandle in those
stories he thundered probably thought the forks you see see it that bit of sourness around that moment of the body as personas and then they list Ali much as Person of the same one up at a populace that I thought were going to respond in a lack of sense and an effect on the US is the free S.. But when I'm here it is. Is there not the woman he gonna say is it is there a source is don't know me at all many analysts saying yes we want to eat their body and see and we wanted to not be in a scene from was it that made me want to lessen the fixie on the bus you don't want to but we don't dare let you know it's going to be same or similar they only got I'll throw it away yes. You have basically is the effect that one sees in that medical spin and they said unless your cornea but cannot savants who feel they know something you know. No because all of us are a little bit of those who see them
noise kill more pleasant for me love is something I will on the TSX were meant to go on on the top. Liz on TV article you see I leave you know going to stay Beatles Yeah they say yeah they must use a yellow says Sally. Thought about what he has on us and so it did affect the ACA in most that I've seen to mono in the present if it bit us on the good of us it is my belief he gathered that a company that was moving all but what the respect for being so good at the numbers yes that more children back home want to say what he employed me thoughts. Those who said they were going to six WALLACE Let me just have a socialist but I want back a glass of it but it goes you honest almost don't but I know in fact that the good people there are mental and fierce excitement that they reduce you to see some in the hold up is honest almost like the guy they they they fit into the laws that
prevents you on this in no place your thing. You say yeah. I also got a semi to this and I must look at a sauna. So not a lot of the good a stickler percent is the effect that one uses when it rolled more you could end it but I'd be going to the middle of a limb on honesty in fact that will not see DNA got time for mental Mathias experiment a good thing and bottles. Good thing they are good thing of course they will get a mother said yes. See a lot of there are not big oil beetles is you know what I had none of this has cost us but also a spineless persona noice dying in the interests in love a human a persone now but a little as he is a killer mentally mon Lizzy Orkin noise when mental when oh I mean it but I see us that many will say maybe it's a mental effort another meant there's a bustle a pullout is it
but I see this and open the mosque only wanted to go but one of the fact that all know each noise one metal about us I read a little later this of it. As is the case he's got just as they say no we have a sea of numbers around the muss. Not with the employer in this that are women. Is there almost. But it must have been and I must be on your spittle. They still are backed by a lot of fomenting of their brain that is the way that but Archy. But in that way than those that they love Call us that call that the US is the legal go to spill and who
spoke to us. Christie has been pretty good that they don't want to see him. If they see more you brought them to your group you look at that the most hideous K I must go Monique us young woman and other this illness as I like you but I want then you see knowledge that a lot of us but I guess there is good on one up but I want that given by him plus the impulse like he was gonna sort of astonished you keep us going to play with an asylum a mile and they've been alone yes. Let's play let's see when your IQ wanted to yes if you live only I mean content that want to sort of spice that in that the ample not be at the letters personality when I said I'm a horrible beat on that most but I keep them a lot but it won't dawn. But all what I am going thought it was believe it or sequin like the ABC on not just blood because case good journalist Quilla going dumped us with us cause us killers One is that when the fact is going on and on all Obamacare IQ Valla let us but the law must frankly if I meant to give away the most on the list I don't want to but I want upper him floor is whole simpler but I want the livest
I used to have it but I'm beside acidic of it quite a lot of the focus may not come on arsenal Davis forces as close as he could and me they could use their knowledge in let's call it I know you got that as he thought as he went. Door That's my goal most them at the look out and I thought the Lamont call is that more young boys on a school is from a young girl's been an imp illegal. He has them up and you know let's go those dollars if you will cover us all sad know this but he is a killer to see. But up any anonymous civi you know but a bit of an ether I mean autism for Mr. the guess experiment there but up anyday muscles they could block they can cause you see course there must be something decent to make or a CA must I mean. OK they can Melissa Long at the listener but I cannot but I want them to get a butt but we all want to formalise video as I log the Internet 1000 thought getting that get a medal. But I learned how to be Stossel.
Now I must but I leave it be it's own trap they'll be in and cheese does the embarrass or CNN logo to get a mass that is a Ouija Yemen also e economy will all. I mean a lot of them if you know about AK Yemen Ah yes it's all not just those who know what they don't want to or not but I was a lawyer but I was out the door but if they get the memo so my your mother. Is there. But I find that I was to get an if that and so I'm also to give that in the light. But it's akin to pursue anything on that and I will see when I'm not just where you were last month. Everyone. Is gay so I was against the law to guess that a guy there like you said the US made that up. Yes that is the is the same yet many say the same noise most at that they'll
see that he said that it wasn't that he would not have been mapped on the excitement there but a sauna. Get it because they think Bama is so much of the particular Beatles and even less bass. See you know what I may be seen because there is a young when I was a bit amused as he says that you must look at something and see that but I see. See see a stick it went up in
the German miles but I said Oh and by. On the night my humanise Martens and you me in on out city of the Middle East is there was one of those misses a block because the more joint that is the use of force and the more just cost us about their lives. Going to see a Muslim especially on us. Yeah and I was like when I see you all of these with their eyes that they say. Yes they
think that they love you with a program i.e.. I mean he was I needed but still no was done a lot but the final list I want to be and I think that the less obvious but one of those thing you see good or good also you know on the set of the bosses of course I get both of which have been with us said that me and you so many ways that the West Bank this is still the at this but you don't want to see because he will see this. You're not supposed to see him but at the neon but get worn out and there's a lot you're not but I wear this boy's love and develop I think I'm going up I want to see him again I love it just as you don't Casey say it and you know said trust me. And what the weather but some of them are so angry. Sauna no civil law as I see is it on Monday. No I'm not I get
that but I see that many women at the post in fact that author list but I want to get the main part of your mutual I han't they're still supposed to go by the Home Minister. It is going to be screaming that it went on a data you're going to list all the Washington C.S. contrarily this could mean that I want to reduce or can see that I see as a game but a less percentage that's good thing and I will not but I won't use the list. Just get us there so it is still a bit of a salute and say horny and we give our last. Little silly document a book at the start which I had the no longer in that grassy bank notes a given like that's like a movie set in a ring and I would say by little the cycle service Sunnyside a group of Old Glory go.
Then there were obvious one I mean when I meet a lot of our in a single but I'm me and by lot less nearly thank you for the Lahey that Raima is there with sunny side. When I Feel Like Going to my you u when I read about fun to us but then he must be locked up in a little ball there while on the way. Me know my candidacy and will be the go I love you more than No. But that was also going on then what would they call Mossad. Your supper one of several yellow yellow most programmable in for yet for the most part of the list below but again a C-SPAN. They aren't the same. There is the one of what was in the guns on the bodies but doesn't make it because the AMA got us on Iraq thus we talk and we want to grant that being a nomad was my one and that they went back to see America out of a chair is so silly is they but you don't want to see it from the US the global the most high is the
most Leica the lot though is that we would see on get all settlers Savage get boys that is about peace not Island So a lot of you gotta tell us at least us know said they so the notion that US you're almost at peace as a group I hope and mean it was delicious but also is an adult those dollars that we get to see on living alone but argue there was going to say the Viet Nam young men want the ample as soon as that they reduce stomach. We could and make three things or you know they'll come out and also sell a woman's game is that good general soap on them so come out. I haven't the persona seen Dallas in must be needlessly in the movie it was Mrs.. Guess I'll go visit. I love even incentivise is the real small basically mean is that the Muppets on a bus but you don't know this it might buy a whole lot of this is that almost what you don't like guns you don't use but almost all
that I am on the body and want to present to get banned in Parama. Yeah but I guess the spam ally for any of us I look ill sais it when you'll see him he was up on that front boa. Must but not an academic in your profile.
He went on the feet. See. We've. Been making gains on how we think we can do it. Yes yes as they make comment is that as Santa
Ana said it's that letter that I'll be bumping the musky let me know what them and I get they want and I mean to spy out the way I bet. But I guess ask me is that the media. Most of them oh yeah I'm almost enough I mean. But outside a lot of must me that one just but in the good enough that I got the stomach there was that song meant to put up a make a US is going to sail Udall must fantasy's body of the U.S. I'm watching the news that there was excitement there. Yeah that's cool. But again when i bet on Akiyama went to the gritty and the early when as much as. OK but as you know your own home and see those currency does that say about the care so much of us as long as he's thinking almost. No salt left he may have been a minimum psychic of almost almost alone was each of us a
square less and less as quite as placebo meant a Yankee if any will promise as well as on the no law most muscular Lapsley Nancy I will say what they meant they know that even to this day we don't know now among us this is more than so you know they all have MSM in this experiment. You put a Vienna time in him but us will not get much of this is is me. Yeah this pesky little nervous persistently wanting to spittle the couple says to us but I don't know as we thus to see those they may be that they read about Muslim must import banter but I want to see is that like the waltz experiment they can or not so this will not fall obvious almost all muscle obvious the end of that stick honestly that is that I must plant the spittle. Has that effect on the base of the go unless they want to get us the Ocasio and the Korean the and
so a little model went thing along so that both the lobby and honest getting prayer vigil will highlight you almost at the top. But again let us present the soonest but here we are less and less of the top in it let's give us Daniel is this Yankee when 8 percent US in fact ask you an economy where you came out of the Seattle Post that was a simple in a way. Better you must you must present us as the CB in the eat but it is to say none of us at the balance going to reduce yesteryear in the corners and the bottom of the particular currency the LORAN bank out of Gaza is still OK is that I am one of the most they pick are going to be some of the senior. But obviously we endorse the persona. But even they stem from that. OK but mostly you know the land they want to settle in the UK is the percentage that the whole lot is Rayna. Well when we got a list of us a little bit more to it but I see
only when I go there supporting us have a new trailer for the US to look good look I must say your militancy on the other side of your Dan Goldin theory I'm an old man I see. OK OK if this were all now women stock in particular spot. He could have the seal of the brain if I may be a secular threat on the scale of the UCMJ analysts they're going to spend the money on a statement that uses woman will molest more people is a more just baseless family as its root then must be and they will now be only on the Royal Court. But casino still seahorse these and get a C A K A lot of color vs.. Am in need of a set of what I see on Losar persona being there you got us there on the sauce that I must but I was going to put in the butter that you know that there are still a sunny most simply as an upper level of specialness that Dallas offense us e with
vile by them they are in the much of calling us all of us want to use that for you as you know where the net author parameters us dig out of the body account and see that I am also certain Paramus but she had better get a percentage that was is that it was as though I'm on the lookout on the Latinos controversy of a Seattle woman though look at the moment at the narrow stump of a stunt this personas to monasteries he said God is the grand grand I pay them you see that. You know my sis was enormously big those more years but Cialis could get almost the next almost there this most of us has done in in Sunnyside and le supplementals village square has done a Beatles song to beat those who are not yet thank you this is about the mentally ill go talk with us one of those. They didn't get a muslim persona as it happened in the US I guess present is going to switch on the top and ish percent is going to switch on the map done in fim their motto was. But it almost Grandview Granger brain to reckon most of us give a
90 percent to get by then many of us of a bias because he says this quote I'm in for I'm up but I bang bang bang I know you don't mariachi Stuckey thought than I thought that was it then and I was frisk us. Yes their little porky the minute I see him up on a voice the butt of but you know so this is in the game. Get in there lookin one thing and get off the net. If that was in see you see I guess would be in and out of this hell when I get on a sailing and stuff radio as hell don't want to get I need almost that I am less risky. Personas to be single in my cellar. Even the most illiterate when I was 11 I met with minimal a syllable of the most the most used the most knowing Ficht I was gonna say reduce the secret ammo so you could almost see it. Santa was going to say you re in the sand all these sort of tan not
the Fadia is is a bit of an S. on is a the one about the we can but we want to talk. See not seen progress is there almost But in the result that was the case but I guess persona as a misspelling anything good and making a study of the sea on norms he CBN with unknown noise but I seem to get almost given any facts and if it goes No we're not going to respect that. Seeing a woman this even a solo performer or is that an Aussie in the water and as a must personas get more used the same fix. But alas the noise in the bed is young men get along with those who either don't get out of the scene
that he picked battles at the Newport American I want to stand in a spit of the three of us and went to a place and really that's been sad because Anthony in the middle of this was get the name must be this but a family that was so scared and I was also I knew I present to see even if you're not saying you're being so obvious as being focused on Yandel being such a suit in one episode this is spit on them with the mythical is this that I see in the review nonuse is that was put on the force else either they get that call and we seem practical. He thought just as courses for them also for the most part of any less than the most were not as was her wont but I will hold me in BND Fisi cares not for the last three medal went up in it almost But I quit I'm almost out of and I felt that most Better
must be an Alice could be in any horse was could be in any of us can we all meet Ariana. It often also that of us say it at that. But of course they meet that gave the effect then they want the money or the author almost at the net effect and even a lot of money to split the bill to get the gun he was involved in the last game is the look I see on the train as it was dark on the temple. Well one bit or less percentage beat than no meant there to serving on an effigy of the salute. It will be a no but then there are colors on the left there Nana to see you know submittal skinning me is they see him pray when the stain we've seen on the most boring conference or Lizzie that are lending us money about one source opposite but a semi in a separate telescopes at them that we said when Lizzie US was by I mean I said we were there is they or the length of the lamp This is so the same way one must in this though a good legacy and funny part a fan thing
but important they became much our business looking at all the minuscule on the most horrendous symbol went in the organist Oh look I am an English peer education. It will last is more you pick the one we have picked the will put to you by the IIT But but the local rock hard for the effort but the ones who know me don't think you can see on that I hope by the what but the way when you say you have it under control there for me love is but in many to expect those better I used to ask of the most common is evident that was thought by some must have a lengthy much of this it was Communist born in more chart than xian must have been in the rails means most. As it is called as it was going to stand. Well LOL to my own look at the way he acts but it's obvious there was a better say in Mr. Lucas You only get a lot of fun on the sunny side is it all not to see and toss. Do you know what they don't know not this year. They sunny side up that I see it there. What's on sale. But is it the numbers when I am either. If they're almost over to get it by
satellite any better than the most of life video this a little less than a mortal much and we want to you know mustn't That is something that John is about to see the numbers so that I am I need to see when I'm not just going to see. Give us a look at you as a sort of a.. But I want that see that good for you. And place is less active with others and for us a little more we have a much higher you get to see on Morsi can be she's jealous by all of the girls got us on a lot of it. All of this a lot of that was a sellable and watch over me. Likely make up a compass CMOS but I don't voice thought they conceal me grant that a lot of money for must be on the US you see that your rant at the US informs you on a scale that prevents your own bias that
boys thought or CEA force that can double Bento Franklin. When I need a moment there. But it starts with that we see us we're OK by start of Bamiyan is there live but the one person who they yank your man Mr. Samuel Roberto better call and get them in is the same bus stunt that went black hole in local money that was when I started is going to post that on that I mean when I step on the globe was but a last minute on a stone was it because at the end thought that maybe in the Ninos he bought it but this was voiced those is they never see that the man likes to see on the nose the other Washington. Most of them the most as I said call me that must have a lobbyist but I read that if the attackers that got us on the first US Course of us that I mean this or see that you can set money aside and I mean what dawning on us that on the bare listening for must be honest. He may be the only woman bias that mortal much of time in one part and the many that put us up I mean is
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akin noise fantasy is that in fact when I say you must be known. It's going to pursue not going to them I don't even miss that the No. He says going to one of the list I would say most of us don't think you know as much as more and more to get that he was into what I said about this and us that day. That's the same. Thing with. Your son being given to your son. Or daughter.
Buenas Noches
Contributing Organization
KDNA (Granger, Washington)
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Other Description
Buenas Noches is a public affairs talk show which focuses mainly on issues directly affecting the Latinx community in Washington State.
Broadcast Date
Talk Show
Public Affairs
Spanish Language
Campesinos; KDNA
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: Ollien, Margarita
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Identifier: BN303 (KDNA)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Generation: Original
Duration: 00:57:00
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