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This time.
Why not just just that I just would just let me know but as we look back on Boy I missed that or what I want then I don't know what I learned on the compass you know this is such obvious to anyone with just their mindset which importance they're getting more this could be going to stand this include. OK stop us on the road in time like up it doesn't look like they will not let up West ought to be investigated and all that but I decide to get it used it but I put my other life in the studio that equal I stay home I love my sis and I almost out of money first. Because I said if the medical list they still can't there is that their mother I mean get in with a lot of the country know insects are said Porter in Seattle as they're MY there so then yes one last stop. Then there's a complainer could get a lawyer and I think I did get a lot out there like was that other lot less NSA. Most are a lot of time in they call mentality or their local money that they would equal I get equal I know their line does that equal at the county.
Look at bans on a horse but it's the part of the month just the month and it is the plant this close at the mice. I mean almost a lot of the stick is to block the gondola they were not at the about the ground good demo system. Implement that in a style that Washington gets so many Portland Seattle. But a compass you know and if the idea Porky goodness I most on it with them anymore. That's what I meant there isn't one of them which I mean almost I don't know the disappointment they're going to be in a book at the last at least go for us along the on the compass you know psyche than it was in office you know look I meant there and the Sony site. It was not just on a big system we army will come to see you know see what up I was alone on the compass in the marquee and I want to be
not the last I said I thought he thought of me to ask you know what it is that i can they will see the last time I had thought that almost were going to be some of them I said Look at me when I form other comments as young to my sister but cannot pay someone to go look at that by somebody Daquan is just a liberal twist of the lot of you and I said Olympia. Well I don't expect you want to because it's not nice to see you look at your little gizmo something put it down. But I wrote a book called The life story they call me why store means I must shop when I get the comb and saw it but I could I was going to turn a switch on the left side I said I'm not but I won't go mentality you are probably a model Smh it's just 11 I was like you know you got it or not he said there were no auto Sinco QUANTRILL brainteaser also being kids also you had to let her know or Cho Sinco Quatro or Normally they said Oh said oh he didn't show up. Come and tell us but it won't tell us about one contra told him Benito.
It's not that I was going to start work it won't. Can a sovereign better commence under one doesn't will be and thus go on always owes her a pretty little was done to this is around and bury all the callers Prensa that they receive on their new PASADO sets out all the implement their own program and I'll leave ya to love a man though the last guy says the US was compost and as worth us in particular meant in a serious our LA PROPUESTA land you seem to know when they see it they bet or second no possible way for a teleporter to go right now to Gary Locke. I'm going to order a large instruments are creating a whole new career OK. Star Les Pruitt law protects your own necessary are so rare. Last allude LSA woodies are the compass you know grandma's coolest other Washington player
said mooch on the horse. Claro initiative is a proper star look at their own condition a mask a harness since you lost your own scene that you see there are simple media neither the low bassy coffee scene coarse enough that I don't says there's just the import force in this quality to yours to most parties upon the persona of The Seattle. Then you now Max banish all that went on. Or autopen depend the enteric assume a whole draws. Lol troll group Independent a porter. Did he report only Laura Philips Kenny with the address you know Walter a little before Glenn passed called you at last. That's one of the Who but a little post Dalton was a 100 on one you insert the other when you don't come from Esau.
I look up. Good for you that's what this fight said. Learn as you can see that I don't want them you know you but I will go and I don't know my list will be the OK plot ideas but it went from simple to gross and it's not that anything like that and I don't know where to look at the doses but I say said on this that's just a couple of other what is there let's come to see No no it was our policy that is. It was company was going to learn of the complicity. You know that the more the loss of such you know that I don't know how to play you know you got to I want to wear a little except I'm a little yellow fiend then the process will you know if you see nobody here just a lot of loss on us but certainly Wi-Fi signal that was not going to last segments are accepted are good
because you see it on give and then you know look I don't want that Lisa said on my ask. And on the whole you know public on the one that I like and then off you say let's get your kids Daniel So you want to get there and get the net or casinos get than I get than ever that they see that I get than I get than it is on this globe many audience will let you know on this but I mean my best MBNA I also switch out on him as I can with what the gate get but all them other fidelity Viendo none of my sixth estate but I had to get in at that point I meant that it'll be a problem I don't want to get and I keep looking at like you know I saw that Washington you're almost at then the party until the last I'll hold a second equalise Yes one can place get a seat and I keep mine and that meant then all he get biased I can't get that you know you're not going to get on as a see that nor the fact that he and us. We said OK let's book a levy in the sky and we might ask when
this one is but I said when Duncan was it wouldn't cost as a local market. What was he does on that is unless you like NTV going on. They hold all this in the last course US Bostic us young oneto novels but up one letter so day we had about a budget by a lot of pork. We're not four million the middlemen take us to one camp or and really out there but I did it cost all day. There's almost a religious philosophical which was only in one thing with another can't get what yes but so not just on a month when I was an apartment will never come I don't know it kind of got up and went up by the sea and all that and I said good thing and I'm go go to sea and cause I mean what it is but it's just it's just a clue. It does not rest on us I'll run to see if I'm going to just see that I said oh not back you know said you bought us a little mother father end up I was going to get the new Act is there for the last bike as it was to be done. GARCES. Let's go back when you get on a bike compass you know.
Yes a look a look but it was long ago and I'm going to see only he's like even though they get on forms on all the metal I knew I knew what I knew about up here on US When I suppose I must get up and I thought I said you know I meant that because I'm about to get out I said I'm going to but it's about a program about the well I mean we just did the little one and thought it little he led Republican most Ambien. Yeah. Another little they care most tire soaker long on the compass you know sneeze or saw at last what I wanted. What was it a little compass you know. Don't isolate but it can all. No you buy an out of normals bassy Kaskaskia case as a kid in Pollock will show not ready to endorse either
accept tallow history on you. It's a part of the day Casey settles here don't book it all anonymous. Look at on this one though. No particular Sept and I want us to implement the Colac on the film that I got them in the narrow part I will be in the spare money interests almost callup almost kept when I stepped out to say it's a double standard a lovely Norma not coarse articulate critique us. Cannot comment on the endorsed Kay council and on the compass you know school more lost Janice tallow chandler untestable as 2001 you in-stock want us when there was a little the sea ship weather permitted bookit Ola Norma Minter no compliment to our loss they would regard it as a lewd campaign issue for media conduct on the show Nikki I go into the net of product we are we in this communal issues.
If you look at them as a serious care compromise her out there where most is tocome our own past or intermediary or when a solution intermediary idea means us gag I would marry Antal don't the Compazine also for media SU Ninos that thing on Wintel to tolo means us a crayon Omanis Alice said because the finance company lies on the put out yet and told Ricky to Sister Alice in the construct your own little restaurant. He left his economic Eastern and told me almost you croak tocome all those sponsors with younger tall skin SEP-IRA locus of coarseness apparel us but we're not going I want try when I asked by most Ok are our pro WHERE ARE own past winter Mary and throw down the Pearl I'm going through city we end up the tenement that your confidence will Aussie on its side although these are no again until rigorous e-tolls drag their heels by hordes of control shown is
better well I mean what the employee carrying around though. BBN thus Gagin and taller exceed those taken forth I will either move in quick kill the persona but I Kevin told meant there is a Class A process there bucko not a mass exodus. Did I say that meant they not open and then just how that equal law being Boston didn't last long. Then I will tell you what it's done it's done a plenty in the group list of what a little and a lark. There they gave us a we're not going to get bad guys I want but the look was don't be like us I don't know that you know is it going to cost us in this company. Yeah it is a puppy. Better let me not insist the U.S. see them but I don't want to look like once the dicks on the grass unspent money. Yes I noticed another launch I don't know but I don't want to have an open even though i still going to go on a Saturday
night looking at any of that of also say Let's not a lot of people get one and this one did not get in there was good luck and then he kind of just are less cocky in the state it is only your mother I didn't know who I am out of. Well no but I'm not and I'm not just I'm not a good thing so what I'm saying is I don't think I did understand the are you. Doing a good look. Mentally I got the idea and the committee was like us they were going on the hook and OK. Oh you didn't say. Is there. One don't I don't know. Learn the identity of the gun on the other you know once an idea. I look at it that it up but they don't really.
Is on my list. They doing something in the ghetto. Please go on Mr. Kenyon's And then finally I don't know about I don't know but I still didn't want to stand up out of goodness not what did I just see such a joke then I find out in you guys write about you know you did. I divine you done with your own attorney and I thought it was going on by then. My new thing is it's time we must continue and I think the end of the middle of. The day and don't you let us see I'm doing you know you're going in on not kick us off is this. Well just put it on and the study looked at me I'm going to get me on the noise. They also combine. Some of the men go Yemen them into the mix. So you can look at it but because I don't go.
Well you know if you're putting a lot of time in the day you know change the fundamentals so you don't you don't love him and I thought well you know I'm not going to feel like in the middle order to lawful then I'm done. You know he actually yeah I don't know you said yes you can tell us something. It's OK I meant well but I meant when I tell you take a minute and yet yes or no no no no no compass you know to stop and go you know you know what that on top of all that wasn't enough not all cynical enough but the mental what going to happen the mental math that's now a better place I think about them I think so yeah.
Yes I know it isn't a gloss on and I don't know that I know who these are not good I would not go that crisis but over the last one orange I don't want this lot and just by going on when you accomplish by government. Yeah that must be going to get by and I want to know what I will buy a gun but less concept will only be in the last couple. It's a local market on a monument that will NOT HIS also then and because he handle the money not by me and I just gave up with a song that I know they're going to see a lot of these are not the numbers of the US on the latest on the but only at a cost us but I think they're normally on the big island compass you know as an ideal. Who's still on the planet than yourself I mean. You're going to get them. Yes. I don't think that it meant they would have asked for a limit on this get them will be in
a cell acres at the open ended up going to so tickled us all the men to get in behind another mother conflicts but I can I do we will run truce but I thought it meant is he there when I say the next guy says it's a hollowness cake can stay. Better way I was told when this guy says crowned or not didn't mother used to hollow to sport cars that I hope and I says he's done. And by that I had it in me I meant day but so now there may he call or they would replace. So you know these are the mice and really that look I don't know and that's I mean this is the thought that I wouldn't know he hasn't been someone who's not going to say I want to say we just got in the windows which was complex but let us get on this not least as part of your council estate list but meet there will be a note that I had what I said was that I don't know how to use that on them when they met that was not what could be done up with it and I think we're going to look at this but I didn't like it either what really is that when it when we talk about how quickly I might see oh yeah
you know I don't know. You know you don't see anybody but give me are you going to get out of the one about the middle men and what is going this on his own account I mean what is going on it's not going to sound I don't know my son can see what I can tell I don't know I'm not content but I don't I got up again when I got off on a comment on what I'm going to do and I think the end really died on Monday and then came the end of a just so. You know I think it was a lot of talk about that I don't know going into certain meds although the main advice to learn a woman Nancy is almost like the concept of being a good. Place to get them done to you so you don't own the night. I don't have kids. Oh yeah. See me about most is that I wonder they're so particular almost at the net and I use it to proxy money of
course you have a dome sold out there so the name Portacio Boyata by there is a lot less in each at the US this is the new one doc I will. He couldn't talk about ever they be in the hospital whole world militia law invaluable to give almost a run the name port towns here I eat on the plane then Yamanaka to scope when I combine yet unless it's a person with her on the seat but I said really if you haven't taken levity. We went to him with a look that I don't know that they let me push you on all this is done you know when I leave the U.S. It was only my luck. Look look this will be CLSA stockpiling. But he's dumb about his compass ourselves on us. There's no buy in the one I Ching Torchy landaulette IATA Milan Italy.
The camp was into the rancho. Could Darwin impress you must convince you on s e e n nk either one no milk or look up I want Arnold. Let's call it a renter. Me up more than 1 0 in Chile land on there we are part of our resident party talk shit get a chuckle going to sound like a little what he thought I could write. Then he literally scored on Grint are almost no scored on rent a sentimental scored on Paulette's as he also wanted to set up a spar almost. Well now what our port of the that are. There are Sinco Dorris will have bent at all that is what reports on us. EK pilot this is all you wanted in on focus not in a color proxy on BNN an order go see Thomas or terrorist I mean I don't know what proportion of poor quality tall stories about our tallow. He score on television get annoyed are not as clear on vent our cynical Porter
lettuces are seen when thought I spot a person up or mass yet undersea endorsement courted all the almost DOS support Dorsay to support outdoorsy. Now what will be annulled there put out there doing. I wanted olive boosters you know the 10 year knocking I saw that I last Quantas from the canyon. Why didn't that but it's so nice and and I thought I'd try to say let's see what it was I'm going to let you live here on less Let's go don't drink our normal March but in addition I'll eat no more so we have come a bottle for course but out of what ends up at a store nasi lemak got up what I thought I was bored when I get up again Santa get out of the sport Maskhadov and back under the saw how does that I mean that I know that I'm not that I don't know the thought of separation or is that where you know you know I'm going to start like an Olympic you know Regulus not much I can talk to you on but we're going to be less guys I love my job was you know not
in the high school list on the list. When I get on with it I'm there no I mean my ass those it wouldn't really want to go without. It's different than how I like it then for them either they lose their speciality all courts are costly to look as they are no house is going to side will get which I had to get beans and look like gumballs and one has to get out of it I'm going going on I was out of the heart but oh no no it's because I think you know cause I go in for these sort of us time to look at them which I could to get placed them in there only in a bed you call the I Can my saloon a Tory I'll take on the only compass you know so yeah I'll go almost put it into a compass you know. Descend OK. Be interesting what I listen to in the spare money into some listen to suppose it didn't want to set aside their escape predicament delicious looking modest at them they seemed to until it up or sell or what I'll list other
watch intone yonder see the key be on their yakking up at him blow by now among burnin down to let them put all their life press and those reports as just for one not sure that until I said Yes I'll bet or receive then. Then throw that last dollar they watch and don't even know why I should be c interested in chess when US. Need minus I said we see in the broadcast and I might have seen a good month on Icelandair but I must say I don't want to skim bass you must get in on own ground for them up but I followed. He's hit them and they could handle it employed him up but let's see who else you know really I don't know if it is you at the moment that it has to cost us money in the custom what I learned a lot and you don't seem to get in the seat again. Going OK I get the last of the hardest on that money. What I was going to say to him I would endorse and I said as analysts of mine also that it's unlikely that not a lot but I
mean I know him better and really that I put it that I hope there's a bit of money and they're not going to him it's just that if they don't get what I said then I will but I can put my name on it then up I guess I mean Muppets when I get that I have I said yes I doubt that I have them which are as I said in a spot of oil or that I said yes and so I was quite the last I love I love piece got a lot of our well top pair Yeah they fit into that argument. I suck then I just get us get on. It's going out a lot on Genesis a about that I said it wasn't the will of undeceiving York and the board hit list but a loss of up that I saw him take any animals at Amazon I feel but I spittle by giving them what you know you're going to get is going to get a little bit north of me for me down a little bit will said you know it's interesting when they think oh I thought he looked in Madison Wisconsin I don't but I thought. The deal how you say there will be not a lawsuit is arms. No one is going to win you know this but I will. Even the
court OK by me honest companions by the man she had tacked on to the protocol that are how or better they must by a common bond on the part of the saddest part of the US. Bingo No wonder I see that you know can also really doesn't but I don't live in the most. So because I know you know couldn't know what can go from one to a line those didn't want this and was on your KNOW IT UP WITH HIM list but it will get them what I little bit I will give them what I know but Ocky not know it but the others that are close on that one of the last people that are WILL GET IT I KNEW IT ON THE LOW. Yeah but my skin a little bit pro-Yoko but don't want to miss it dimple I cannot guess who centers that are who are in control and those mentalities other Mr. Cooley noticed how come beyond or is dumped into a mass audience you want into the classroom the Mistral sea horse even which was theirs just barges could be a
Hyundai on your 9 you know which was that was an all star sign you simply set up inside a nostril. Nice to see her most done in new condo. Another more window the god and goddess town Othello it was come on the stylist says hypocrisy. Susi hosting ON THE WHOLE OF THE UNION. Yes those look at darkly under their care must see my ass. Mr. Clooney acetates tablets in the ongoing ice Comeau everybody the last race here is mostly what was Laos but we are going to handle that we end OK. Commit as it then will be under the rule that in the garden historical north tunnel come to see even at the nail I mean. Be that pay a US meter nothing and his opportunity like this and then says boost the norm day dominance by the most established said eat by a store last communion other songs are cornerstones of recalled forest NE I was stunned to be under the care the SAS law politica their mood as he got back from beyond or interim article
compass you know starlets you know mild weather classes will wear shoes that are tools so debate on the horse where those who are Peter hoard is going to soon as that are home. Yes look at that ground though. April a month early into star Greek will likely say no. Most companies techniques when I think I was kidding golly I'm going to school such as that article but I trust you I mean this little thought that of course I could get them in and well done I will look at us at this address is more now they care they will meet they're not going to get in because they get up a scene or get in get that I say I want to know you're safe here and there but all I said to them which is that they call an organist idea you know you know it was going to another cycle and I bought him a look at one million any when they got this get all of the angles aside when he's on but I don't know but I can look at that but I'm lucky in a way the argument of blood loss this they're going on the way the I.Q. market yes you know my only other like what he had come to see not only the surface but as it was it was I mean he got on and I had that one guy. He let you know in
particular going in on me a lot that it meant a lot of compass you know you're not getting there that I mean my bestest blood on them I see my when I see my assistant that I don't know what to say was that I know what I'm not but I'm not getting by that I'm not going to set up and so I look at it of course but mostly when i bet if one of you know that Arkie lost in a sea of them in his seat other than the Yes on his expense I meant the existing one and I did have aquanauts at the Nikkei to deny it but I had lost part of Nino's DNA is the template on all. Put it this glass is not going to be in a pop I got a is that put him there still stick with as many come up with it and Lycos a lot you know I just don't we just looked at it like in the East I got a finance you know that I call. We're still an uphill battle. I mean look at empire that is the point of course don't know the like and think it was at those that I guess I missed that game we just got us and went down the line and it's this that this was you know the fact that he and us
but now look the bombshell in the book it all they can look at that plus another look at us you incontinent distillate lake a proposal to go in or if they're you know new almost always had these folks put up on a little bed or Porter Cable in our house here that are not a mass their consul Sean Lowe. But our ability impulse often as he gave one approach where many more than only you and I said all of the support and you know comparable complemented or as a last needle Dold me on a spot on your support young are talking to me and me yelling at me on ice but on 3. didn't impact water Mendo. Seen embargo intellect a lot he doesn't complete the melody in the narrow I don't follow I meant their lobby in the US. Nor must bajas go but now Laurel you're going to Laura. Yet the U.S.A. So going to want to need OK. I suppose Top Model A Congress has been a
model Nguyen has already escaped but a little told me on this is one of us who are only useful to. The economy. He piles up romance or they kick his ass and they'll put the little one I see there's a lot of the new units that are running on compromise who are models. Not innocent then when I saw this when out of the industry I lost but I don't know what goes on but in my mind I simply allow they all these and get them of the seed again awesome. I mean if they meet that is I'll say that this is a compass you know it and I see it on my own mother's import but I'm going to battle to get them with us and they said you're not going to go and I won't put it gay said they're complying with the law I won't get one of the star not only his departmental star there is so that it looks a lot not much but want to books on it and it's complex but all it's the look I look at it down a couple ya know what the nettle say we don't know that I know what I
know but what I said he thought you know we can all get out of it when a lot of London OK get our catalog not by the cost of books on a single sample you put is what I was deployed honest almost up to a point in the day what that meant then I was the liberal left up a good Muslim. Gideon meant there is still that I miss you said I don't I don't know put up late I said BBM doesn't light up and look at the political side we have just about and goes on that way then I think one thought that I would in the and just sent in in an hour and they feel it doesn't need be as well that I will skip some of the time I had when I got there were a lot of on the not even a Muslim if I mean you know I just get the most what they meant there I mean is that a Western style a game clear estate of course what I list all the washing them. It does have almost almost a settlement money based on estimated political moments are not just among scientists in Olympia but almost never the hint they're not going to look at the list all the Washington
they love to see another one on the compass enough I was isolated when I got I analyse at the law my nana. I say it can be done most I can think is they switch on going OK. I look we see now. My Nana is the lowest or short the best Levy what's wrong never said what that s yes or no UP BOY ON HIS it almost got that I say it can't be seen on an Olympian almost edge on which will which is on your list. They do what is normally see him put it there was a little while we'll I guess I'll go put on your shirt that impact thought it up or to get a look it was wrong as they were both on which I lay a skip over it in a compass you know and want to help I thought. But I don't know what is in the compass you know Betto said Nessa Sita on that compass you know me and yes you can take a look at that in the Mobius but I'm OK. OK I got pissed off one episode I can only almost I don't know. The carrot in this post I saw I use are a participator but do not play are you talking but if you are the new mantra songs in the Paralympian got on you
better oh no not what I said in our solo presidential compass you know the luck of the injuries our DNA. Back to money or because a lot presented to Parliament epic tell us I will appear in this year's Now post a serious campus Union on Temple period where this no matter how long the pot I will put up on the wild campesino a look at TNA heirloom October there because I want to play there interpreting lookalike into the larger plot the guards look and say Oh dear bet all the presenters a compass you know you know more chop words or when you're hunting these are not those you look at when doing soup on either door when he has a macho important yes but I must give us to understand the yummy I don't own one I genuinely thought it was YOU ARE your brother yet. Yet in my all to talk about the stupid in S tell you that but it gave us and we important they set out that they care for not oppress your own. I cannot process tell a prosecutor Pasic
going to compromise Tony Kanaan and take a sip Royale the nettles but I could out to be unjust. I mean put a compass you know he had in the telly watching down ticket window and what is someone or not could not or not a lot LOT of here are not are aha. I said no I need new guinea said recently I want better dumped on google most who maybe don't know but as you'll see if you have the money and let us use those bins and get important and all that out of the best I've got is the Berlin my mother father brother sister can also and I think one of us must know if you're going to talk to us by Olympia port you see a compass you know no noise no habla no and not a lot of us which are a lot of Jo has done BMB I'm not going to follow your simplest I don't have any so I was there I say wouldn't because it gets a point though there is the settlement went on all the numbers going up and they had no sort of nor I said let me make or support again this did not wear them once a year I seen all season or is that
the latest I said. You're going to do that I'm going to this in a less you guys can all you know lawyer you know so the level as I can tell you why they're not bulky get us opinion that I wrestle orto Sinco QUANTRILL Binti Dawson dainties also healed the leper no single wattle. Oh no no way. Saddle saddle you could almost comment I despair when Tosh. Well I wouldn't want to do that or it's important to always open your own Mr. Pottle. Then a second one of the solo stuff because because I want to impose it on my sister almost almost I look them in the other it was like is that the mood or less when I know I thought it would be unless I guess a little buckles a lot even though because of my going to going to see an honest idea. What I love is you know what we don't I don't I was you know that I love you and I know but it's quite true but I want to give anyone the idea that when I see this
as I've said as I've seen the images I don't know the compass the most useless but I don't think game by I'm going to spike I want to add that aren't going to knuckle down yet but I guess I'm a topless orchards be on the list but on days when I see it on Crystal No they are going to be on the go. No not by I'm going to list by them and the template on the program but not the law but I see you know then and I know I'm not going to buy I mean it's there you know stop unconventional not one of us I doubt you'll be disappointed when I meant that you let me study up on the get I know you are cool or discovered that on the political will. So that we don't know right you don't know can organise yet we want this year to me Well you know you're not going to know the narrow look I'm going to press you on or losing you know if you know you know I'm going temple because I know how to live but they don't know it's course I could also but I mean no you know I'm in temples possibly Warsaw Poland I own
the mosques denied us you don't. Well not as fun now but again boy that's when there are whole especially fellow dog equal to it especially tell of it are pretty good and can I say Sutil which will benefit Montana put example in my you are among Thomas said Ted thought that there were not assess how many a speciality but I said look you know meanwhile up or the seat opposite of Messiah Paul the artist nor a fool telling you're going to see it was a good one. Youngster said our little months on and people saw them in their bed or say when Tim Bunker Last I recall Doris this year Nope was that Randy I thought him the most shelter all of them are fairly narrow. Yes I don't like a combative tactic us. Yeah aha I'll point to Cowra. Some things are not open to aspiring brought us with your toes and you put a lot of stress for the minimum and also the hunted up a gun under mucho minerals or you can look at her now on the screen seeing scientists you know the
Montana Lauter of course doctor you might be hollow on the to her pussy and tell on your own on their frantic air move when you put him in a piece called Amazon get him by something one of but up to scratch. Last but I don't know going to stop us all money on appropriations to the mass or secular control of on get on to pull young and upwards of a million loss in the mountains and again our brains it is there I wonder there's a time ost but I couldn't though. It's in the crowd tossed out there. They list all the watch and don't look at their composed dollars when your Mr Google saw Tracy until mid-May Ambrose want to want to know the compass you know saw This Is Us child biscuit I mean this part or this to Syndic theirs to see in the cutoff a subtle one I see less yes Protestant mental Easter looked at are not cut only cost. Undone silo when I need to give up at 11:30 or else will do minimal as well meaning one of the other Washington a squadron or renter
as for that I'll is single currency. Lennie said to you why is it your mentor this one too many more are Norman knows the singles scene went I would say Cinquanta let's keep it open but our singles at 10 samples that the lawyer said then the documents handle the pre-med or they narrow their minutes until now and they know every sister knew Kentucky area yes or prosumer from top C are nominal they say single into L.A. middle of the night of the annual meeting of course important is because they buy the land they go to monthly government for aluminum all say are the OP or one of the costly vs those as soon as he immediately important there is but almost like when he does not Solomon to compass you know as you know poll support or that I was very much a star who was there buckle swelled also because there were hundreds to run tests in a standoff the comida told us opens on a scale of parents who are mental for aluminum or
costly read about women under one you point I knew it all in a store surrender nor meant our consciousness job or their political but I've bought 100. But most men of course us can only compounds the new By solid state law so I mean I see him put it up on its own all of the N.A. there. Yeah I mean I knew what I knew then I meant then up again. We're going to sell an honest IMO sort of any settles down on that one like when you want to toss this I might add on that point but as your No I left Company ASI I said what I could get lied. It's whether Y up I knew what I knew a local as I say it was good but I mean less gas in Godhra was not that I'm in the company because you want to decide that I kind of like you need to ask that I am blowing up on him. He also knows what on your nickel say I'm not just going to have done what I knew. Combine your score like the Aussie ill
swallow they all just I do not rely on although it is your job until it is I want I'm not at all. I can't be seen on a stick and I had bought this dinosaur granny so annoying. Still only a couple of things don't get the NASL as well and many more that we're going to see get a second op way on how to minimize this weather many more no. He is there. But the company my jacket in advance annoys Les that's for the many more comments last I lay this all on many months as not I don't know who got by on my snow who not that would implement the import but it and Reagan will get on ripple a camel is a little odd what you on your skin all mentally is all your order last instance which I looked on with interest outlook on butter sauce on all of what he wants me to know you most. Again I am honest I am under no sorry asses comment that is cool but you know it was prudent to us most here know that I'm in the middle of what I call one of the law. I mean are they going to Austin on Monday I'm going to look at is what I can only see in both of those aluminum. OK you are now in custody your skin or is it than when I live in the US. Unless the Lebanese like it there is another guy that night or chill seeing what throw
Binti those being the last year or you'll sink a quadrille. Oh normally they settle said oh you know has been would you know we're going to have the name of the last. MICHAEL much as you want to see it as it is. In those it's not there but I don't know why I'm out here. It's good that I'm worried that I wasn't into this when I was just going to rest then let it come at you. Both of you. Thank you. It's big. She was.
Come on our gay guys are sent by you to squander I say ordered on his own and Cindy got in and there was a chill door going thing out. God not just any are you going to tell you might get Gary is one of your nicer Hill in there with a pet a little better because the dog was totally sorrow nor forsake. You. He is adamant that if you say you don't know about my home or thought of. I think it is.
Going to get their own doctor I will say. What about him.
It's a lot of money into the lip when I push it out on Chad. But the mental awarded is when you say said a part of that on your own. I said. It's compass you no longer Neil told him Popeye was here to quote a lot but the whole enterprise queso. But again there are independent they are meant to deny me a lot of money sort of see you simulate it. Mommy the Nonconformist gin and mellow combined you know better but only under Bendis will tell us media I mean million will still today Mandel Pando or lesson yet on the map don't turn Michelle cossetted all premed pursue an
RKC story and I started watching don't go Saturday darken up and shown that there are political two or three alley skip pasar bundle of this one me. So Michelle say what you want us to sip a little more chill but as you might tell how does a compass you know skin in own plunder Sallu must plan the plan. You have to plan their own ECUs explain it was jealous when I knew what I knew. You tell me why it on another side but like I'm a real hit the stuff I wore an awesome PSA like was a little book up local Not one single policy and about implicit How does get the run up a young girl is in the guts of what that meant the queen as a player said out rest on opening lead than a Muslim you don't know by then and on the star the Get get get get on I was in and what it is without only see me don't you and I had this think that it's not the hit I mean I got on my sister can dance I know I just got that book what book will
you. I mean a lot like that I mean this gift of my own will no not I want to control not just like Annika you're going to be entered alone you and I will run channel on the Internet on your own ranch on. Guys you want to know the loss that I just get get the animals that I would have done as people like my medical man I want to go but want him to look bored. Yes to look at the intimate look at the inn and Mussina just one of about three mentally disabled Paul my sister will not assist gets a look at them when they get in on my own on the potty as how many other single idea is that our horses and I say this is the night loneliest it does us is going to let my heart my head out they almost eloquence the loudest on all. I much admire gone should always come by here oh yeah
yeah yeah. As you see me post a total contended assault international news on by and I was shooting only on tell you in in a quadrille can say to be shown in print and I Kentucky sued us ace like I said let me use ACE in a crisis and I like the sunny side. Same time as you know where combine atomistic yet more or less said yeah we went out on my own on a point that I must go and look out on all of them but that's only thoughts that they don't get then and will not know when exactly that will it almost bust up what I you know is that if they know how to program was a lot going for that you don't see it when you want to see it all that
unless they see them already they don't like I'm buying out of any set the vinyl just as he passed up or LA you pull on your lip when I was I don't it's because you in my sin that I. Was going to fall in with that or something. Your own of course important to look at on how long those will minimise care is but almost a step in this are monochrome and Saturn are combined there around Denver sandal. Nothing less yes it would. Bhansali glass door. No ban are you going to stop it is your own. So almost at the most how wonderful realm and that is with the minimal Yemi important a good record in a study by a commotion in a style that watch internal what Found this is important take a supplement enough but when ask a song to L.A. it down to his task but I want to be modest and hit the EVA. She's telling you that I know you know just how to tell part I without the history say. I mean WALLACE But so was getting NSA initiative I'm not an informant but
already started but I was taught in the military among them that as you know when you want to know. When I was just done a bit I'm ugly. You know. When you know you want. You think of the book of the month. Yes I see it the amount of this money and the element of it as young as a loss and a limp and a little bit on us what the tone of him you know your goddy I want the money but that's only lonely when
does young bystanders recommend the most you swallowed up AK. See. What's good I want to talk about sound this does it out of any sort of I mean I can one better known by that which is up where I live the loss of life. You're just part of this is the quote that I would really sound independent this part of the US dollar watch and but I stopped because he said you know when he tells you I was down to compass you know. We don't know you. Also down we went I mean we had the guy you wanted but I don't know in about that either but if you and I don't know if they wouldn't then open up the tunnel on the sets and the legacy simply must not go mustn't that it's mental. Yes
they had to put in them when they put into it. Well yeah I didn't see him it didn't do what you will or jilt that is what the runway has settled that this Sea Org children love it wants remember settled to play in Miami. Under that you tell me on their you know support millionaire I meet they're going to steal from me and now I'm going to guess where they get on with Orlando that. They don't get the ground that it will be when we can which is you know yes I mean that's why they came I was implicit I'm not an isolationist but also what is trundled minimal care when I do that unless I put up a status to spit. It's been almost a crime to ban are little more than a little so he has one penny they don't post YOU TELL YOU LOOK. Because it's out there that haven't thought about some to
speed not to know what's going on. A little gamble day when you say yes this was not the mess that I see in the Portola startled see Seattle and not so much cocaine will strike serious Olympia I welled up when I get on the ice is good in some ways given what they know is that when they see me Don can get one up with when up by their mother in open support themselves a million was a lot to swallow Meanwhile when I went I want to. I just said yeah when I was on we went on I mean that's when I want to write him plan all the more when I like and that's not going to sell and Cindy got those and or any size you want to skip the lamppost was that it was a play I said I'm going to because you know they're not going to sell another player that's going on. The last bin if you look at the name Also he does a lot of port employee. There are breaks in Los Feliz. They put they want another place to see the saloon was calm though that's an also to say you know port a lot as well so not just in a play
or specific I mean telling on the campus you're not enough to sell your kids guess what I want to see you know the lantern oil I mean my best I mean I'm going to Sandal. He said on the money you're not Norgate it's Daniel dumbest man that I thought that I'm not a John but I guess if I got to put it on my next idea I might just add it up a lot on my lap by the way were they I was still my starter on the market I guess and that I'm a reporter my son but I want to see it not just that billion the portfolio that each of them is going to see an Aussie but I decided this was a play I said I mean look at thing I'm most equal but I see you know part of the puzzle that I think this is going to send me the most get by and I see that a yellow is you know the wing on the compass the north and east almost and it sent through the line. This will say though this sunny side no incident the Eglise alike like enough he thought a Kentucky they meet in a Muslim center they said he was on the dust almost as over the sea in those
yesterday. I was like when the Lincoln tax no it was not only that I listened but it's worth it if it is not the most the most people say this is why you know he said we saw his going to him there was he thought most insistent that I said no matter that I was you know the compass you know his or thought that is not a quite the wrong way settle this. But as I said I don't want to you know you know most people I scarce know this pay them off as I watch of the night shows. We in especially like after so much get it's you know ya don't care it will need talk or you'd have those commentators have a chicken landed on his desk which under oh it's also so I mean I said most thorough storm which is almost what should I just he kept us immorally but I'm not sure who they love and they were there but the look on the guy. Let's be honest but honest I thought this NSA program known as the city I mean 10 percent on this opinion is they instead me sorta also let me stress you know.
To loose cable Yeah. Yeah yeah. Kyra said the little royal CD considers liquid system on a stylus that is still the best and classiest for resilience. But I got to know that you know I got a bit of blue knowing that you look we're going to let it be over because we're going to figure the money and you're going to know to me you know what part of the book then you're watching the movie or the book.
Buenas Noches
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KDNA (Granger, Washington)
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Buenas Noches is a public affairs talk show which focuses mainly on issues directly affecting the Latinx community in Washington State.
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Public Affairs
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: Villanueva, Tomas
: Gamboa, Lupe
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